Urgent! Meditation for Iran daily at 4 PM UTC

Since 2018, the Jesuits/Rothschild backed faction in Saudi Arabia, Israel and USA have been trying to engineer a war with Iran, with the Knights of Malta. They are trying to exploit the energy signature of the Roman-Persian wars that are the underlying basis of the Shia-Sunni conflict.

And from May 2019, the conflict between Iran and the United States has been escalated to a new level.

Unfortunately,  new developments happened within the past 2 days, that pushed both sides much closer to a major war. You can read the following article which explains these new developments very clearly.

The Cabal is trying to use this war as a distraction to divert attention from the Epstein scandal.

Therefore, we are or…

New Daily Emergency Meditation Focus: Monsoon flooding across South Asia

Over the past week, torrential monsoon rains swept away homes and triggered landslides across South Asia, affecting millions of people and claiming at least 180 lives, officials said Tuesday.
The monsoons are crucial for irrigation and replenishing the groundwater supplies and also for bringing relief after the unforgiving summers. But the downpours from June to September can turn deadly and have wreaked havoc again this year.

Nepal appears the worst hit so far, with at least 83 people dead, officials said on Tuesday. A further 29 have died in the northeastern Indian states of Bihar and Assam.
Flash floods have also ripped through Pakistan and Bangladesh, which border India on the west and east, respectively. 28 have died in Pakistan, and 16 in Bangladesh …

Partial Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday, July 16th at 9:30 PM UTC

On Tuesday, July 16th/17th there will be a partial lunar eclipse. This will be the last lunar eclipse of 2019. This lunar eclipse can be visible from Australia, Africa, South America, most of Europe, and Asia; very southern and eastern parts of North America can also see this eclipse.

Astrology of this lunar eclipse suggests that many dark secrets can be exposed, especially those related to sexual abuses, and this may have already begun.

At the same time, the astrology suggests that with the support of Divine Feminine energy, such disclosure can help to create lasting changes for humanity.

The maximum of this lunar eclipse will be at 9:30 PM UTC, right after this we will reach the exact full moon at 9:38 PM UTC,…