URGENT! Peace Meditations for Paris at 11:11 & 16:16 UTC on Saturday, December 8th

Since Emmanuel Macron became the President of France, most people in the country have been suffering from his fiscal measures which are in favour of the rich and elite. There are less protections for the working class under his administration, and tax contributions have increased in several areas without commensurate increases in wage.

With people from rural lower middle classes and working poor already being hit hard by various measures from the government, President Macron's proposal to increase the fuel tax has sparked a wide spread uproar across the country, which is described as "Yellow Vest" movement.

It is worth noting that while most of the protests were peaceful over the past three weeks, and successfully made the government abandon the increase in fuel tax, 4 people died an…

Meditation Update and Reminder of New Moon Meditation on Dec 7th at 2:45 PM UTC

Here is an update on the following topics:
Meditation for France
California Wildfire Fuego volcano eruption in GuatemalaOutbreak of Cholera in Yemen due to civil warEbola outbreak in Democratic Republic of CongoOther situations that no longer need to include in Emergency MeditationReminder of New Moon meditation on December 7th at 2:45 PM UTCMeditation for France Since last Thursday, we have been doing a special daily meditation for France to provide energetic support for achieving a peaceful solution.

Although the decision to increase fuel tax from 2019 has been suspended, protests at various locations in France are still ongoing, and turning into wider protests against the French government.

Therefore, please continue to me…

Report on the Meditation to send George Bush Sr. to Galactic Central Sun

We would like to thank all who have participated in the meditation to send George Bush Sr. to the Galactic Central Sun.
This meditation was a success, as reported by Cobra in the comments section of his latest Short situation update about 2 hours after the meditation.
''Thanks everybody for successful meditation. George Bush Sr was captured by the Light Forces and is now facing consequences of his past actions. In a few days, off he goes to the Central Sun.''
Victory of the Light!


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We Love Mass Meditation organizes Mass Meditations aiming to help to achieve the planetary liberation as soon as possible and as smoothly as possible.

Please join our Emergency Meditation at 2 PM UTC, Key to Freedom Meditation at 3 PM UTC and Buddhic Column…

MAKE IT VIRAL! Meditation to send George Bush Sr. to Galactic Central Sun at 11:11 PM UTC on December 1st

As reported by media, George Bush Sr. has passed away at 10:10pm local time on Friday.

You can read his true life story here:

As requested by Cobra, we are going to do a mass meditation today (December 1st) at 11:11 PM UTC to accompany George Bush Sr. into the Galactic Central sun.

This equals:

Dec 1 Saturday
01:11 pm HST Honolulu 03:11 pm PST Los Angeles 04:11 pm MST Denver 05:11 pm CST Chicago 06:11 pm