Key to Freedom Meditation - Every Sunday at 3 PM UTC

CORRECTION: The timing of the weekly key to freedom meditation has changed to Sunday at 3 PM UTC. It will replace both Breakthrough Meditation and Weekly Ascension Meditation on Sunday. As a result, Emergency Meditation will be moved to 2:00 PM UTC on Sunday. Apologies for any confusion. Further changes to meditation schedule will be announced in the coming week.
After the Key to Freedom meditation on August 11th, the Light Forces have requested for us to continue with this meditation weekly, thus we will be doing this meditation every Sunday at 3 PM UTC.

As a result, there will be NO Breakthrough Meditation and Weekly Ascension Meditation on Sunday, and Emergency Meditation will be moved to 2 PM UTC.
You can find the playlist for guided audios in more than 30 languages created by Smaly7 in the link below:

Here is the Facebook event for the weekly Key To Freedom meditation:


Final reminder of Key to Freedom meditation on August 11th at 9:11 AM UTC

As many of you are aware, there is going to be an important meditation on August 11th at 9:11 AM UTC.

As the name suggest, this meditation is a critical step towards the final liberation of this planet.

During this meditation, the Light Forces will have their focus on Novaya Zemlya.

If we have more than 144,000 people doing this meditation at the same time, and hence reaching the critical mass, then the Light forces can ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to resolve the deadlock between the Light and the dark forces.

The energy of Light will come down from the etheric, astral and plasma planes, then finally grounding on physical plane, and setting humanity free.

Therefore, please join it if you can and share it far and wide.

You can check the time…

Emergency Meditation Update & Lion's Gate Portal Meditation on August 8th

This post includes an update on the following situations for Emergency Meditation:
Earthquake along the coast of Indonesia’s Lombok islandCalifornia wildfiresProtection for Corey Goode's Father and Step-Father And an announcement of the Lion's Gate Portal meditation on August 8th.
Earthquake along the coast of Indonesia’s Lombok island
On August 5th at 11:46 UTC, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake has hit along the coast of Indonesia’s Lombok island killing almost a hundred people.

Currently, Indonesian Government officials are trying to coordinate a massive relief effort for residents and tourists on the island.

However, there are power and communication cuts in some areas, as well as landslides and a collapsed bridge blocking access to areas around…

Physical groups for Key to Freedom Meditation on August 11th at 9:11 AM UTC

Due to the importance of the upcoming Key to Freedom Meditation on August 11th at 9:11 AM UTC, it would be very helpful if you want to do this meditation together with other people in your local area.

Physical meditation group can provide energetic support and protection to every member in the group, and strengthen our support to the Light Forces.

If you are planning to do so and you already have at least 3 people willing to join, you can send your group contact emails and the city you are planning to gather at the time of the meditation to

Your contact details will then be shared in the list below.

Currently, the following groups have confirmed that they will meet physically to do Key to Freedom meditation on the day. You …

Key to Freedom meditation at solar eclipse on Saturday, August 11th 2018 at 9:11 AM UTC - Please share far and wide

This is a meditation suggested by The Portal blog. 

We all agree that the process of defeating the Cabal and full disclosure are taking too long. Now it is time to take the destiny of our world in our own hands.

Update: Here is a table of all promotional videos and guided audios available now:

LanguagePromotional videosGuided audiosYoutube playlist 1 2 3 simplified traditional…

Emergency Meditation Update - Wildfires Europe and USA

Wildfire season is upon us. The wildfires in Greece have now taken so many lives that Greece has announced three days of mourning. Rescue efforts are still underway.

In Sweden, there are ongoing evacuations where the wildfires in Sweden's Arctic Circle are still raging, caused by the worst drought in there in 74 years.
Farmers in the UK are reporting 'tinderbox conditions.'

In California there are already fires burning up and down the state, with the towns near Yosemite National Park now evacuated, and there is a wildfire at Southern Oregon.

It is reported that lightning activity on Sunday remained over areas south of the Oregon/California border providing some reli…

Update for daily Emergency Meditation, protection for Julian Assange

Several media reports say there is a possibility that the asylum protection of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be withdrawn during Ecuadoran President Lenin Moreno's visit to the UK this week.

Moreno's visit is not an 'official state visit' -- he is there to attend a Disability Conference. However the case of Julian Assange living in the Ecuadoran embassy as an asylum seeker for 6 years now is a political and financial concern to both the UK and Ecuador.

Julian Assange requested asylum from Ecuador more than five years ago, after refusing to surrender to bail 'without a reasonable cause' when Swedish prosecutors wanted to question him on potential charges that were subsequently never brought.

There was concern that if extradited to Sweden for questioning, he could then be handed over to the USA. His media organization Wikileaks embarrassed and angered the USA by publishing classified materials provided by USA whistleblowers.

Although Swedish prosecuto…