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Meditation for California wildfires every 4 hours

Since early October, there were many wildfires in California, which led to the evacuation of ten of thousands of residents. At the time, we included this situation in our daily Emergency Meditation to provide energetic support, so that these wildfires could be brought under control and contained as soon as possible Now, these wildfires are mostly contained, including the Saddlebridge fire in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, more wildfires have erupted over the past week, with the Kincade Fire in Sonoma being the largest one of the year. This blaze has already consumed more than 75,000 acres, which is about twice the size of San Francisco. Also, about 200,000 people need to evacuate their homes due to the Kincade Fire.

Goddess meditation to neutralize dark rituals over the period of Halloween and Samhain

October is generally the month when the Cabal and dark forces would perform dark rituals. In particular, more of these dark rituals will be performed towards the end of the month during Halloween and Samhain. These dark rituals would usually involve human and animal sacrifice. For this year, the actual time of Samhain is NOT between October 31st and November 1st as widely circulated on the internet. This is due to distortion in the gregorian calendar. By definition, the actual date of Samhain is the midpoint between September Equinox and December Solstice.  Given that the September Equinox for this year occurred on September 23rd and the December Solstice will be on December 22nd, there are about 90 days in between these points. Therefore, the Samhain for 2019 should be 45 days after the September Equinox, which will be on November 7th. There

New Emergency meditation focus: Super typhoon Bualoi

Less than two weeks after Super Typhoon Hagibis dumped more than three feets of rain on Japan and shattered the country’s rainfall record, the archipelago nation faces the prospect of flooding again. Not one but potentially two drenching systems are set to affect the region, with the threat of gusty winds, landslides and dangerous flooding. First up is Typhoon Neoguri, formerly a Category 2-equivalent typhoon with 95 mph winds, currently paralleling Japan’s southern coast. The storm has been downgraded and reclassified by the Japan Meteorological Agency as an extratropical cyclone. Nonetheless , Typhoon Neoguri remains a potent system. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center estimates sustained 45 mph winds exist near the system’s core, and it has already unloaded 3 to 7 inches of rain in southern Japan, according to

Meditation for Lebanon daily at 4:30 PM UTC

In an attempt to end government corruption and economic hardship, people in Lebanon are holding peaceful protests across the country for the past six days. Many peaceful demonstrations have also been held by Lebanese all over the world. A nationwide general strike has been called across Lebanon on Monday. Later during the day, the government announced reforms including reduction of salary for former and current ministers by half, a vow to not impose any new taxes, and the establishment of an anti-corruption panel. However, the people in Lebanon continue to hold peaceful protests. They continue to call for the resignation of the government, who they accuse of widespread corruption and related crimes. These protests were sparked by a plan of the government to introduce a $0.20 daily charge on voice calls made through WhatsApp and oth