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Time Change for the Halloween Light Meditations: the new time is 1 PM UTC .

As reported in the last meditation update, we are going to perform the Light Meditation for Halloween everyday from tomorrow October 30th to November 2nd.

Originally we stated that the time of this meditation would be at 1:30 PM UTC. We have decided to do it 30 minutes earlier at 1 PM UTC so that it is more convenient for various Lightworker groups in Asia to join.

This means that we will have this meditation and the Astara Meditation at 1 PM UTC for the next 4 days.

You may do either of these two meditations as you feel guided. You can also still do the second Astara Meditation on the day at 7 PM UTC.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused. Asian Lightworker groups wanting to participate in Mass Meditations requested the time adjustment.

Meditation Update

First of all, thanks very much to everyone who participated in the New Venus Day meditation at 2:16 PM UTC yesterday.

Here is an update on the following of topics:
Light Meditation at Halloween between October 30th and November 2nd at 1 PM UTCImportance of Buddhic Columns MeditationUpdate on Emergency MeditationDaylight saving time - be aware of change in meditation time in your areaMass Awakening book Light Meditation at Halloween between October 30th and November 2nd at 1 PM UTC- Update Oct 29: For better coordination we changed the time from 1:30 to 1 PM UTC -

As we approach the end of October, there will be more dark rituals performed by the Cabal, especially on the day before Halloween on October 30, Halloween on October 31, Samhain on November 1st and All Souls Day on November 2nd, which is also the Day of the Dead.

This is a period when lots of human and animal sacrifice…

Urgent! Meditation for Hurricane Willa & Typhoon Yutu daily at 4 PM UTC

Hurricane Willa is nearing the Pacific coast of Mexico as a potentially catastrophic Category 5 storm, after experiencing what the National Hurricane Center called "explosive" strengthening over the past 48 hours.

Willa's maximum sustained winds, as of Monday morning, were 160 mph, making it a top-of-the-scale hurricane. Its current intensity is slightly more than that of Hurricane Michael when it made landfall in Florida's Panhandle less than two weeks ago.

The storm has supercharged at an incredible rate since it formed over the weekend. From Sunday morning to Monday morning, Hurricane Willa strengthened 80 mph in only 24 hours, and went from forming into a tropical storm on Saturday morning to a Category 5 in less than 48 hours.…

Reminder of Monthly Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing, Full Moon and Syria Peace Meditations

The monthly Remote Healing Session with Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays provided by International Golden Age Group and Prepare For Change Japan to help people around the world heal their inner being and mind will be Monday October 22nd and Tuesday October 23rd.
This is a gift to everyone and is free of charge.

There will be two remote healing sessions: the first on October 22nd (Monday) and the second on the 23rd (Tuesday) at the time listed below:

First Day: October 22nd Monday from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC

Second Day: October 23rd Tuesday from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC

You can find the time for this healing session for each day in your time zone here:

The First Day:

The Second Day:…

New Venus Day Meditation on Friday, October 26th at 2:16 PM UTC

Venus, the Goddess of Love, has been in retrograde since October 5th. This retrograde will last for 40 days.

This happens exactly at the end of a Venus cycle when Venus shifts from an evening star to a morning star.

The new Venus cycle will begin on October 26th and last for 19 months. At the exact time when the new Venus cycle begins at 2:16 PM UTC, she will be at her closest point to Earth.

As described by Untwine, the first 20 days of Venus Retrograde from October 5th to 26th are especially dedicated to inner work, shadow work, release, let go of the old, finding love within and universally.

The New Venus on October 26th is the turning point, the actual beginning of the new cycle, and the best time to hold the ceremony and set intentions for the next cycle.

Therefore, we suggest doing a special meditation on this occasion…

Daily Buddhic Column Meditation at 3:30 PM UTC - Please share far and wide

A Buddhic column is a permanent column of Buddhic fire, linked into the planetary network. It is a very useful technique to create a Light vortex in a location which assists the Light Forces to liberate this planet.

It can be built when a person is present at the location, or remotely when a group of people is doing it together.

It can also be made as large as is necessary to cover a specific location, even a whole city.

It is requested by the Light Forces via Cobra that Buddhic Columns be maintained daily at the following 13 locations:

ContinentCountryCityAfricaEgyptGizaAsiaChinaBeijingAsiaChinaChengduAsiaTaiwanTaipeiEuropeEnglandLondonEuropeFranceParisEuropeGermanyMunichEuropeItalyRomeEuropeSloveniaLjubljanaNorth AmericaUSA / CALos AngelesNorth AmericaUSA / CAMount ShastaNorth AmericaUSA / DCWashingtonNorth AmericaUSA / NYNew York
You can also maintain the Buddhic Columns at the foll…

New Daily Emergency Meditation Focus: Hurricane Michael

Hurricane Michael is currently a Category 3 hurricane, with devastating winds topping 120 mph. It is expected to make landfall over the Florida Panhandle on Wednesday midday or early afternoon local time.

Impacts from Hurricane Michael along the Florida Panhandle will include a dangerous storm surge, flooding rainfall and damaging winds.

It can also bring a damaging coastal storm surge as high as 12-foot (3.7-meter).

State of emergency has already been declared in Florida and Alabama.

After passing through Florida, Hurricane Michael will slowly…

Meditation Update

Here is an update on the following topics:
Outbreak of Cholera in Yemen due to civil warAttack on Palestine by IsraelMeditation for Brazilian general election on Sunday, October 7th at 4 PM UTCNew Moon meditation reminderImportance of Goddess meditationsTriangle Groups of Light Meditation
Outbreak of Cholera in Yemen due to civil war
Since the current civil war has begun in March 2015, the living conditions in Yemen remain critical.  It is one of the poorest countries in the Middle East.

Currently, the country is experiencing the worst ever recorded outbreak of the severe diarrhoeal disease, with more than 1.2 million cases and 2,500 deaths since April 2017. The outbreak began in October 2016, then declined before leading to a second wave in August 2017.