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Shielding and Healing for Corey Goode and his Family

Dear Light Warriors and Healers

On May, 28th 2018 Corey Goode requested urgent support for him, his family and his colleagues:

Corey Goode: "Calling on all light warriors. My Team, my children and I are being hit heavily with a mixture of spiritual and technologically enhanced human psychic attacks. There have been a number of energetic attacks as well as intrusions of "Shadow Beings" in our homes/rooms. These same types of experiences are being reported right now by various Alliance affiliated contacts, some of whom have had "Shadow Being" intrusions in some very sensitive and protected locations. The Alliance briefings have been extremely rare in recent weeks. We were told that all Alliance assets are operational. Information has become so locked down, that I have people that used to brief me contacting me asking for an "Intel Fix". It is crazy how addicted you become to receiving inside information. I am supposed to have a meeting with the SSP Allia…

MAKE IT VIRAL! Peace meditation for Syria and Remote Healing Session

As mentioned by Cobra, the real occult reason for the Syrian conflict is the battle for the Syrian goddess vortex which is one of the most important key energy points in the planetary energy grid.

At the moment, there is another wave of military escalation taking place in Syria

We are going to do the Peace meditation to counteract the negative effects of the military escalation that is now taking place in Syria, at the exact time of each future Full Moon, until the situation improves (updated Jan. 2020):

Full moon daysh:min utcJan 10 Fri 2020*07:21pFeb 09 Sun 20…

Breakthrough Meditation every 4 hours for the new Black Alert

As there is a new black alert, please continue to do the Breakthrough Meditation every 4 hours at the following times if you feel so guided:

2 AM, 6 AM, 10 AM,
2 PM, 6 PM, 10 PM UTC

Here is our facebook meditation event:

Here is our page with countdown timers:

Victory of the Light!

Meditation Update

Here is an update on the following topics:
Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of CongoMeditation 'Marathon' by Discord on Sunday May 13thWAVE of Love - Goddess meditations on Sunday, May 13th at 7 AM UTCNew Moon Meditation on May 15th at 2:45 PM UTC
Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo On May 8th, it has been confirmed that there is a new Ebola outbreak in the northwestern region of the  Democratic Republic of Congo. Unfortunately there are a number of casualties already.

This is the ninth outbreak of Ebola in the country.

And most of us reading this blog would probably know who is behind this horrible virus.

Therefore, please visualize this outbreak to end as soon as possible during Emergency Meditation at 3 PM UTC if you feel so guided.


WAVE of Love - Goddess meditations on Sunday, May 13th at 7 AM UTC

Sisterhood of the Rose and We Love Mass Meditation are going to hold a special meditation to bring the Galactic Wave of Love into the planetary Light grid on Sunday, May 13th at 7 AM UTC. This is the exact time of the Ascension Conference in Taipei when Cobra is going to talk about the GALACTIC WAVE OF LOVE.

We will be doing the two Goddess meditations proposed by Cobra

You are very welcomed to join us if you feel so guided!

This is also an appeal to all existing Sisterhood of the Rose physical groups to unite at this time and do those two meditations, as well as an invitation to all Lightworkers groups, twin souls and individuals to join us and bring the Light and Love into the planetary grid.

The time of the meditation is on Sunday, May 13th at 7 AM UTC.

This equals 3 PM CST on Sunday in Taipei, 10 AM…

Meditation for peaceful transition in Paris on May 5th at 1 PM UTC

Today (May 5th), there is going to be a protest organized by The National Transition Council’s Supreme Court in Paris.

As mentioned by Benjamin Fulford in his weekly update dated April 30th;

"Removing Macron may be the next move. Here, “The National Transition Council’s Supreme Court, which is the only legitimate justice authority in France, has issued an arrest warrant for Macron and his illegitimate government,” and they hope to enforce it on or around May 5th, according to the Council."

Now, people in France has seen enough of Macron and are peacefully demanding for him to step down.

However, it is very likely that the police force is going to use brutal force to suppress the free will of the public in France, like the police force from central Spanish government during the referendum organized by Catalonia demanding independence.


Kilauea Volcano at East Hawaii Island

Over the last few days, there were 250 quakes occurred at East Hawaii over a 24 hours period.

Since yesterday, there has been a lava breakouts on the East Hawaii Island as well.

Now Kilauea Volcano is erupting and caused lava to flow in residential areas.

Therefore, please add this to Emergency Meditation at 3 PM UTC to visualize this tectonic activity to flow through as smoothly as possible, and not to cause any significant damage to residents at Leilani Estates.

Victory of the Light!


Guided audio in English for Astara meditation for those who wants to get healed

Below is the guided audio in English for Astara meditation for those who want to get healed:

You can also find all the information about Astara meditation in this page:

Victory of the Light!