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Reminder of full Moon Meditations and International remote healing sessions between August 29th and 31st

Here is a reminder of full Moon Meditations and the remote healing sessions between August 29th and 31st, as well as the Divine Intervention Meditation on Thursday, August 31st at 1:35 AM UTC. Monthly International Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing Sessions Every full Moon, the International Golden Age Group and Prepare For Change Japan Official offer remote healing sessions that can help people around the world to heal their inner being and mind. This is a gift to everyone and is free of charge.     For the upcoming full Moon, three international remote healing sessions will be held at the time listed below:  First Day: Tuesday, August 29th from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC   Link:  https://ww

Meditation to dissipate Hurricane Hilary every 4 hours

Hurricane Hilary is currently a Category 4 hurricane off Mexico’s Pacific coast and could bring heavy rain to the southwestern US by the weekend. Hurricane Hilary had sustained winds near 220 km/h (140 mph) at midnight and was expected to continue its rapid intensification on Friday morning. There is a possibility that it would start to weaken on Saturday. Tropical storm conditions could begin affecting the Baja California peninsula late on Friday. Hilary’s projected path threatens to make landfall in the middle of the peninsula by Sunday, or it may stay just offshore while heading for southern California. The area potentially affected by heavy rainfall could stretch from Bakersfield, California, to Yuma, Arizona, as well as some parts of southern Nevada. Here are the links to the trackers for Hurricane Hilary:

Meditation to heal the damage caused by wildfires in Hawaii

In early August 2023, a series of severe wildfires broke out on Maui Island, Hawaii. In particular, the wildfires hit the area of Lahaina City and Kula City. As of August 15th, there are at least 99 casualties and at least 1,300 people still missing, and over 8, 700 people have been evacuated.   There are also reports that thousands of animals, ranging from household pets to indigenous wildlife, have been affected. The burn areas have an extension of almost 5,000 hectares and the fires on Maui are not 100% contained. The wildfires burned much of the community of Lahaina, where more than 2,200 structures were damaged or destroyed.   Unfortunately, there are also reports that while the survivors of the wildfires await rescue crews to deliver food, water, and other necessities, some people are growing desperate and are looting and robbing people at gunpoint. https://

Meditation for healing the flood situations in Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, and China

Last week, widespread floods affected Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, and China. Slovenia has faced the worst-ever natural disaster in its history after a month’s worth of rain fell in less than a day on August 3rd. This triggered widespread floods and landslides, with damage estimated at half a billion euros ($550 million). The floods caused rivers to swell swiftly and burst into houses, fields, and towns. Two-thirds of the country had been affected.  Road and energy infrastructure were hit particularly hard, as well as hundreds of homes and other buildings. Thousands of people have been forced to evacuate their homes, and many had to be rescued by helicopters or firefighters in boats. Slovenia’s army has joined the relief effort, with troops reaching cut-off areas in the north to help. Photos from the sce

Meditation to counteract the 5G and scalar networks

According to Cobra, one of the monitoring and mind control mechanisms used by the dark forces is the scalar network on the physical plane. It is created with cell phone towers, cell phones themselves, and Wi-Fi networks For example, it is possible to map human bodies through walls using WiFi signals. Over the past few years, the dark forces have also been promoting 5G network and try to create another layer of electromagnetic fence to prevent the veil from dissolving and to reinforce quarantine Earth. Furthermore, Chimera-controlled US Space Force wants to use 5G network as a defense line against positive extraterres