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TIME SENSITIVE! Buddhic Columns on members of Black Nobility families from April 1st to June 8th

Update: It is important to put up protection before doing the Buddhic Columns meditation on members of Black Nobility families. You can use a protection technique described here if you wish: Here is the link for the protection protocol guided audio playlist: Goddess energy on this planet has been heavily suppressed for more than several thousand years. One of the key factions of the dark forces that are actively suppressing the Goddess energy is the Black Nobility families. As mentioned by Cobra, the Black Nobility families that are associated with the Jesuits are allergic to the Goddess energy. They would like to wipe it out from the surface of the planet and have tried to do so many times. Members of these families such as Pallavicini, Orsini, Massimo, Borghese, Aldobrandini, Colonna, Pacelli, Odescalchi, Ortolani and Luzzatti are receiving their orders directly from the Archons and are at the

New Daily Emergency Meditation Focus: Severe Tropical Cyclone Veronica

Severe Tropical Cyclone Veronica is currently a Category 3 hurricane bearing down on the West Australian coast, bringing destructive wind gusts, flooding rain, and dangerous tide surges over a prolonged period. According to weather reports, a significant storm surge was predicted for parts of the Pilbara coast, with a high risk that properties in Port Hedland could be inundated Movement of Cyclone Veronica has slowed down significantly since approaching the coast, causing prolonged heavy rainfall as a result. Also, wind gusts of 110-160 km/h (69-100 mph) can cause damage to even well-built homes and down many trees. Coastal communities could be left without electricity or water for several days or wee

Urgent meditation requests: The Key to Freedom meditation, the Cosmic Central Race meditation and the Goddess Meditation

In the last 24 hours there were several codes messages, which may show delays in the process towards planetary liberation: To help resolve these resent setbacks as quickly and smoothly as possible, we suggest to all who are guided to do so, to perform the Key to Freedom meditation, the Cosmic Central Race meditation and the Goddess meditation as frequently as possible. Here is the link to the Goddess Meditation: Guided audios in different languages for the Goddess Meditation are available here: Bellow is the link to the Key to Freedom Meditation : Guided audios in different languages for the Key to Freedom Meditation are available here: And here is the link to the Cosmic Central Race Medi

Meditation Update

Here is an update on the following topics: Reminder of March Equinox Meditation March 20 and 21st (depending on your region,) the Full Moon Meditation, and the Monthly Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing Daily Emergency Meditation Focus: Cyclone Idai Reminder of March Equinox Meditation, Full Moon Meditation, and Monthly Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing Here is a reminder for the upcoming meditations   and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing sessions during this week. March Equinox Meditation on Wednesday, March 20th and 21st at 9:58 PM UTC March 20th Time is fast approaching to the March Equinox on Wednesday, March 20th-- for some of you this will be on March 21st. We will do a meditation at the exact time of the Equinox at 9:58 PM UTC March 20th. Please check the Active Meditations Page for the March Equinox Timetable for your region. As mentioned in a previous post, March Equinox is a powerful moment for

Daily Emergency Meditation Focus: Venezuela power outage

Since March 7th, the people of Venezuela, already suffering from political unrest, shortages of food and other basic supplies, are now also suffering from the worst power outage in decades. It has affected 21 of the 23 Venezuelan states. This blackout has caused crises in hospitals. Schools and most business activities have been suspended, and people are trying to cope with the situation in whatever ways they can. There is a tremendous amount of unrest and hardship across the country. This long period of blackout left food (already scarce) rotting in refrigerators. The hospitals are struggling to keep vital equipment operating. Although electricity is being restored gradually across the country, the situat

March Equinox Meditation on March 20th/21st

March equinox is the Spring equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Autumnal (fall) equinox in the Southern Hemisphere. It is also a powerful moment for Goddess energy, and a time of balance between day and night. Mother Earth is balanced between summer and winter. Night and day are in harmony. On the Northern hemisphere, the aspect is manifesting in the Light part of the cycle. On the Southern hemisphere, the other aspect is manifesting the Dark part of the cycle. So the two hemispheres mirror each other. When we recognize this beautiful symmetry and allow ourselves to FEEL it, we can comprehend the Wholeness of Being: the truth that we are ONE. For those of us in the North, celebrating the Spring Equinox, there are now more hours of daylight to propel our souls to move forward, and make needed changes. A time of renewal and rebirth, resurrection. It’s time of transition allow your soul to let go of the old