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Urgent meditation for liberating all hostages from underground bases

As mentioned by Cobra, the Light Forces are in the middle of the main offensive of clearing Chimera underground bases.   Since 1996, the Chimera has captured many Pleiadians and Resistance members, took them underground, and as their last line of defense, the Chimera are now using those hostages in dark sacrifice rituals, then capturing their soul essence and forcing them to incarnate again in another cloned body which is captured as a hostage in a Chimera base, repeating the process. This creates an immense amount of suffering and thus generated loosh is then gathered and projected with scalar technology towards the surface population. This is a very difficult time for the Resistance forces and for the Pleiadian fleet, and they need assistance from the surface population. They are asking for as many lightworkers as possible, to meditate as often and whenever they feel guided, for this situation to be reso

Reminder of Full Moon Meditations and International remote healing sessions between May 25th and 27th

Here is a reminder of the remote healing sessions and the Full Moon meditations between May 25th and 27th. Monthly International Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing Sessions Every Full Moon the International Golden Age Group and Prepare For Change Japan Official offer remote healing sessions that can help people around the world to heal their inner being and mind. This is a gift to everyone and is free of charge.   For the upcoming full moon, three international remote healing sessions will be held at the time listed below: First Day: Tuesday, May 25th from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC Second Day: Wednesday, May 26th from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC

Urgent meditation for peace in Israel and Gaza every 4 hours

Over the past few days, the tension between Israel and Palestinian has been escalating. The Israeli police arrested many Palestinians at the Al-Aqsa Mosque in East Jerusalem, which is the third holiest place among Muslims. The police raid had left hundreds injured. The Israel police explained that this is in response to a report that thousands of Palestinians had barricaded themselves into the Al-Aqsa Mosque overnight with stones and Molotov cocktails in readiness for the Jerusalem Day Flag March. Palestine responded with rocket attacks against Jerusalem and Israeli military vehicles on May 10th as the request to release all arrested Palestinians has been rejected. There were over 200 rockets fired at Israel.

Meditation for stopping the Coronavirus in India every 4 hours

Since the beginning of March, coronavirus cases in India have increased exponentially. Currently there are more than 400,000 new cases every day.   It is believed that a double mutant variant is the contributing factor of this new wave of coronavirus in India. And the election across different regions in India may make the situation worse. As a result, the states of Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat have the most active cases. Therefore, we are going to organize a new meditation to help stop the spread of coronavirus in India. We will be doing this meditation every 4 hours at the following times: 1:15 AM UTC 5:15 AM UTC 9:15 AM UTC 1:15 PM UTC 5:15 PM UTC 9:15 PM UTC The table below