Command 771 testimonies, resources and feedback to the Pleiadians

In the post "Music of the Spheres" written by Cobra on July 21st, 2020, we learnt that Pleiadians have finally developed a protocol for emotional healing.

If you wish to receive emotional healing from the Pleiadians, you need to repeat three times “Command 771” (seven-seven-one), and Pleiadian medical ships will assist you with their healing beams. It helps to lay down and allow 20-30 minutes for the healing process. 

Below is an interesting testimonies from a person who had got very positive results by using this protocol

"After Cobra in his last interview at 16.06.2020 reported about the development of a Protocol for healing the emotional body, I asked the Pleiadians and offered myself as a "beta tester" for this Protocol. The result was very impressive. At first night in a dream, I saw some people who was traumatized me emotionally in the past inviting me to go somewhere. It was a narrow passage between two walls. At first it led straight, and then sharply turned 90 degrees to the right. When the walls ended, I found myself in a room where there was something important. I think this is what access to emotional trauma looks like in the subconscious, a 90-degree turn to the right indicates a transition to the 4th dimension, where emotions are. The entire healing process took about a month, but I assume that everyone will have his own timeframe. During the process, there was some emotional instability, mood swings, strange or anxious dreams. You need to know about it and just go through it without worry. This way traumatic emotions are released from the subconscious. We experience them for a while, until they are gone and the associated emotional body trauma will heal.
A very noticeable result of healing is that almost all painful reactions to unpleasant events or unpleasant memories disappear. Traumas in the emotional body reacts painfully each time we experience events or memories similar to ones that caused these traumas, even if they are happening with another people. This is a big problem, we live with it all our lives, and many people get used to it and don't even think about it, it becomes normal state. We know that people become more or less negative because they are mistreated, especially in childhood. But healing this negativity has so far been difficult and slow. Now it is possible to significantly facilitate and speed up this process. By myself, I can say that previously present painful reactions have disappeared, this is what was impossible earlier, I have worked with it for a long time. This new state is a real inner peace, previously almost unattainable.

Thank You, Pleiadians!


Olegs Demidovs"


Similar to Command PB Stardust, we have opened this page so that everyone can provide feedback to the Pleiadians. Please feel free to provide your feedback in the comment section below.

If you have created any flyers, images or videos for Command 771 protocol, you may contact us at if you would like to add your resources to this page.

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  1. Command 771 has immediately calmed me and I fell asleep like a baby in his/her mother's arms.I actually slept through the whole night! Full moon keeps me wide awake. For two days after I was an emotional mess, everything came to the forefront. Now that I'm over the emotional breakdown, I feel the healing and I am much more at peace. Thank you for command 771, I have used the PB and RCV stardust command often and all 3 of them work. Is there a command out there to straighten old fractures?

    Kind Regards

  2. I explain two experiences

    I tried this new protocol 3 times, but it worked "weird", the first two times I felt "something", then the following days I had strange pinches in the stomach, I tried one last time and something really strange happened. mentally) what looks like a humanoid with really dark eyes and bigger than normal, this humanoid had completely white skin, his face / head had very pronounced angular shapes, in the suit he highlighted that his shoulders were reinforced.

    Later I was in a place where in front of me I had like a square table of about 40x40 centimeters, there were like tubes, although they could be like minerals, there was no liquid, (4 or 5) or similar of different sizes, one of them emanated a color between orange and yellow, it was about 10 centimeters high by 4-5 centimeters wide.

    After that third "command" i started to feel bad and a part of the body is sore
    Now someone else's experience:
    I did the command as you told me, after a short time I saw how all black things like "parasites" came out, I have done it several times and I had no negative effects

    1. You've mentioned color between orange and yellow which reminds me of second and third chakras.

  3. بسیار عالی من استفاده کردم و خواب آرومی داشتم ممنون از شما

  4. I'm still trying this protocol. I would like to say at the beginning like in the above mentioned experience by Olegs, I had a dream. It felt like a healing dream. I felt the most loving energy I ever had. My Etheric body felt healed but since then my emotions became stirred. I'm still going through rough emotional healing process and I believe it is the beginning of the healing process offered by this protocol. If I may put it into a metaphor, it all feels like when you use the power wash to wash out all the dirt, mold, algae, dust and mud stuck in tiny little cracks, and surfaces. As I'm still in the process, this experience is feeling like a power wash over me 😆. I'm grateful for this help. VOTL!

  5. "Command 771" has immediately calmed me and I feel a great serenity.
    Thank you, Pleiadians. 🔆
    Catherine M.

  6. 🌟You may want to use [Command 771] this way: after you identifying one mental programming, you may want to repeat three times [Command 771] to ask the Pleiadians to heal the corresponding emotional state.

    1. It makes sense that I would consider trying this command this way. Thanks.

  7. 🌟You may want to use [Command 771] this way: after you identifying one mental programming, you may want to repeat three times [Command 771] to ask the Pleiadians to heal the corresponding emotional state.

  8. How many command so far is give out for use and if they are more than two, what are the other command ?

    To me, I can see that all the command are certain initiation to the energy of ET world, Pleiades

  9. My experience:
    I felt very bad, general malaise throughout my body, heaviness, inexplicable fatigue ... I had a bad week, my pet was seriously ill. that day I asked for help for him and me, my vibration was dropping and I was worried ..[command 771]

    I decided to lie down, the discomfort knocked me down. I was awake, but my eyes were closing on their own. Still conscious, and with the light off, a buzzing came to me, an electric buzz like energy that entered from both sides of my head, and suddenly intensified, and for a second I saw between my two eyes a line of about 1cm of light intense that was accompanied by a vibration that placed me in a state of alert and fear not knowing what it could be ..

    I opened my eyes and I realized that I did not ask to move, sleep paralysis, I tried to scream and could not, the second time I did it I only made a minimum sound my relatives could not hear.

    I tried to look, and I managed to feel someone, but it was like a transparency that multiplied backwards, it was distorted .. I couldn't see more ..

    Instantly, again the buzzing, louder, more electric, invaded my entire head, I felt it vibrate throughout my brain, and the light was much wider, but it did not completely invade all the darkness, it had the form of psychophony [does not come the word to me] as when recording an audio, the image it throws ..

    Immediately I could scream, my family came, but I no longer had any discomfort in my body ...

    I was stunned, in shock, with a strange feeling in my head ..

    But I was able to get up without any problem, I was no longer tired in any way.

    I need answers..

    Original text
    Mi experiencia:
    Me sentía muy mal, malestar general en todo el cuerpo, pesadez, cansancio inexplicable.. tuve una mala semana mi mascota estuvo grave. ese día pedí ayuda para el y para mí, mi vibración estaba bajando y estaba preocupada..

    Decidí acostarme, el malestar me tumbó. Estaba despierta, pero los ojos se me cerraban solos. Aun consciente, y con la luz apagada, llego un zumbido a mi, un zumbido eléctrico como de energía que entraba por ambos lados de mi cabeza, y derrepente se intensificó, y por un segundo vi entre mis dos ojos una línea aprox 1cm de luz intensa que se acompañaba de una vibración que me coloco en un estado de alerta y miedo al no saber que podría ser..

    Abri los ojos y me di cuenta que no pidia moverme, paralisis del sueño, intente gritar y no podia, la segunda vez que lo hice solo hice un minimo sonido mis familiares no pudieron escuchar.

    Intente mirar, y logre sentir a alguien, pero fue como una transparencia que se multiplicaba hacia atrás, se distorsionaba.. no pude ver más..

    Al instante, nuevamente el zumbido, más fuerte, más eléctrico, invadió toda mi cabeza, senti su vibrar en todo mi cerebro, y la luz era mucho más amplia, pero no invadio por completo toda la oscuridad, tenia forma de psicofonia [no viene a mi la palabra] como cuando graba un audio, la imagen que arroja..

    Inmediatamente pude gritar, mi familia vino, pero yo ya no tenia ningun tipo de malestar en mi cuerpo...

    Estaba aturdida, en shock, con una extraña sensación en mi cabeza..

    Pero pude levantarme sin ningun problema, ya no estaba cansada en ningun aspecto..

    Necesito respuestas..

    1. Hi Unknown ! First of all. somehow you have taken healing, but your ego is sluggish while fighting with fear, but the next time you should definitely ground yourself and ask to the Pleiadians to control your physical and energy bodies with the 12 21 command to clear the dark energy and beings with low vibrations around you. Or Call the simplest Arch Angel Michael and ask him to cleanse his protection of you. Grounding and protection are very important. With love and light.

  10. I had a severe back pain due to overworking my exercise.. i couldn't sleep at night.. i did the command 771 and within 10 mins i felt immediate relief.. i couldn't even believe it myself.. i slept all night and the next day it was gone. I have deep gratitude for the healing I received. I do the protocol every time I am out of balance. It calms me down instantaneously.. thank you from my heart

  11. I am going to try this I have shingles, very painful, I want to be he

  12. Danke an Euch, Ihr Lieben ❤️
    Habe das Protokoll bereits ein paar mal angewendet. Was ich vorher als persönliche Angriffe von Personen wahrgenommen hatte, tangiert mich jetzt nicht mehr. Ich verbringe keine Zeit mehr damit, zu überlegen, wie man mir diesmal wieder schaden will. Es gibt für mich keine Feinde mehr.
    Ich bin viel gefasster, ruhiger und ich fühle täglich ein Gefühl in der Magengegend, die sich anfühlt, als wäre ich verliebt.
    Ich kann mich wieder vermehrt an Dinge aus meiner Kindheit erinnern. Dinge, die ich vergessen habe. Alles ergibt plötzlich Sinn - die Kindheit, die enorme aufständische und rebellische Jugend mit unermüdlichen Kämpfen um die eigene Freiheit. Dann das Niederlassen und die Geburten dreier wunderbaren Söhne...
    Aber ich bin auch müde. Aber freue mich auf den Neuanfang!
    Meine Kinder haben mich geweckt. Ich nehme an, sie kommunizieren untereinander mit ihresgleichen. Das ist für sie selbstverständlich!
    Ich freue mich auf eine Welt, wo liebende Wesen Platz finden, miteinander tanzen und singen und das Leben feiern...
    Mit Liebe und Licht ❤️

  13. Πονάει ο αριστερός όμως ποιο προτοκολο να ζητησω

  14. Na noite passada solicitei aos Pleiadianos a cura emocional pelo Comando 771 e fui logo me deitar,por volta das 23h.Em seguida,senti uma forte energia atuando no meu corpo como um scanner entrando pelos chacras coronário, frontal, laringeo, do timo e cardíaco.Mantendo-se forte nos ouvidos, regiao frontal,cardiaco (regiao anterior e posterior),plexo solar e, principalmente, nos membros superiores. Palmochacras e membros inferiores também. Acredito que o atendimento durou mais de uma hora.Me senti um tanto dolorida,devido a intensidade.Acordei por volta das 3horas e voltei a dormir.Lembro vagamente de ter sonhos confusos dos quais não me recordei.E durante o atendimento vi flashes de imagens e ouvi sons e zumbidos.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Hi guys :) First of all Thank you Pleiadens, Thank you Cobra from my hearth. I had severe migraine and i repeat Command Pi Bi Star Dust and my migraine gone into 3-4 minutes. Also 771 working well making me calm.. And also I am using RCV commad for just in case. Love and Light.

    2. Hallo Star, it's now 5 months later, and you may be out of the woods by now. I'm giving you my feedback anyway, you may leave it when it's not to the point, and relevant anymore, okay? While joining massmeditation for Syria, I watched the testimonies about the triple Command 771 protocol.

      I was sort of exploring and pondering to make use of it maybe. I laugh about myself, for I'm a typical DIY person, not quickly open to ask for support. That has positive and negative sides, for it's not necessary to be hard on myself, when support and comfort is offered, free for the taking.

      Now, here's my feedback, Star. What struck me in the first part of your comment where you mention that you don't get "any real benefit from this command", is that you have nightmares at night after,what I assume, you have used these commands for yourself.

      Nightmares tend to be a detoxification of the emotional body, just like perspiration, or crying, by day is a form of release, a detoxification of whatever the physical or emotional body doesn't need. Tears can leave you with a feeling of relief.

      If I may suggest, I realize it may not be necessary after 5 months, I recommend taking time out and write down what's troubling you. Also, when you write down your thoughts, whatever comes to mind, just after waking up, for 15 minutes, without controlling what you write, and when you try to describe your feelings and emotions as well, you'll create a deeper communication with yourself, on paper, that can help you to become aware, realize, and open op to your inner sensor. Discerning what works for you.

      You're a unique human being, with your own unique interpretation of reality, with the right to declare it to be as you wish, and as you work to make it so.

      There's a course, created by Julia Cameron, called "The Artist's Way". Here's a document with explanations:

      Personally, I believe that when healing is offered, energetically or with medication, massage or hand-on healing, there's a helpful element in sync with it, where one moves in communication with oneself, and apply honesty, welcoming truth as a friend.

      Even when the truth hurts because it's an uncomfortable truth, or when it relates to painful past experiences, that may cause triggers, pushing your nose into what your higher self tries to show you about what's the matter.

      To stop wishing it to go away, stop wanting it to stop, dissolves the resistance that keeps the elephant in the room, see what I mean? Not beating yourself up, nor anyone else, like a loved one you mention that is in conflict with you, or the other way around.

      Accept reactions, thoughts and emotions as your children, your creations. Let them be in existence for what they are, without identifying with them, is helpful to hold on to an inner balance, and grounding. Use them as wayshowers to your motives and drives, habitual reactions is worth a try.

      Usually, we tend to do more of the same efforts to stop stress and emotional turmoil, or we try something else to make it stop. When even trying a new way doesn't work, we're almost forced to stop entirely with trying to make it stop. That moment may be accompanied by despair, as if the bottom falls away from underneath you.

      When you hold on to your affinity for yourself in your heart, that's the moment of surrender to what IS, without wanting to change anything. That's a scary moment at times, due to letting go of control. And yet, it may bring a sudden unexpected relief, for in a strange humorous way.... there's nothing to lose 😉

      And you'll be there to witness it, whole behind the pomp and circumstance of what you tell yourself, continuing the blame-game or shame. I hope that you're in less troubled water now. Take courage, blessed be 🍀🧡💎🙋‍♀️

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. I remember the day i used to beg a complete random person for "emotional healing" because i just googled in youtube and google given how desperate i was to find a Loving and Heartwarming Cure and Relief for my pain...

    I begged, begged and begged...

    And she didn't even answer me...

    A few months later, i kept researching many many many things...

    Enter the group of Cobra, do some meditations... See the cobras discord community on Worldwide meditations and try to give some awesome nit-pick ideas...


    I was just there

    Lurking at the discord

    And i saw


    And i was like


    What else is there?

    Am i missing something?

    There is a long time i don't frequent this place...

    Then i enter the site, it looks down...

    Google it up, it goes...


    After just taking a brief look...

    I realize, this protocol...

    And i simply can't believe what i see...

    Simply, can't...

    I've been struggling, with this issue... For so long...

    Calling for the Divine... Asking God and the Creator to help me...

    And what kind of ship, beamed down to me?



    "We are going to help you now"

    I just...

    Couldn't believe me eyes...

    I don't even want to remember what just happned to me...

    I just want to accept it, and get over with it already...

    I'm going to ask, for this help... On this very day...

    And see, what happens to me... If this, will finally help me, with the Issues and Aches present in my Heart...

    Thank you cobra...

    I hope, this protocol..

    Might've saved my life...


  17. Thanks a million to The Pleiadians, because I have the complete certainty that I was healed of my feelings, by the Pleiadians. I suffered from an immense weakness to fall completely in love with women and it made me very bad in a relationship. I cried inconsolably and felt that I was going to die. The last relationship left me in a hell of desolation. It was when invoking the Emotional Healing Protocol, I received Pleiadian help from the Universal Medical Healing Team.


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