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Age of Aquarius Activation Part 2 on June 30th at 5:48 AM UTC and booster meditation on June 21st at 6:40 AM UTC

June 29th/30th is another decisive date for the future of this planet. There will be a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction which is the turning point of the 2020 Age of Aquarius timeline stargate. In astrology, Jupiter-Pluto conjunction symbolizes great societal and spiritual reform which will bring abundance of spiritual and material wealth to humanity. The stargate was opened on January 12th with Saturn-Pluto conjunction, when we completed the first part of the Age of Aquarius Activation. The stargate will close on December 21st when Jupiter conjuncts with Saturn. As explained by Cobra, the purpose of the whole 2020 Age of Aquarius timeline stargate is to stabilize the Age of Aquarius positive timeline for the planet, and our activation on June 30th is the turning point of this process. This powerful activation point is located almost exactly in the middle of the whole 2020 process with 170 days between January 12th and June 30th, and another 174 days between June 30th