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2022 Cobra Interview by WLMM & IGAG & PFC Japan Official (Part 1)

We Love Mass Meditation, International Golden Age Group and Prepare for Change Japan Official had organized an interview with Cobra to go through various topics In this interview, Cobra answered many questions on the current situation and on the Ascension Plan. Here is the recording of the interview on our YouTube channel:   Special thanks to the International Golden Age Group and PFC Japan Official for their great support on this interview. Below is the transcript of the interview: Hoshino: Hello everyone. Today is September 16th. My name is Hoshino. And I'm here again with my great friends, Patrick and Jedi, who are the representatives of the Intentional Golden Age Group, as well as Terry-san from Japan PFC official. So welcome Patrick and Jedi. Patrick: Hello. Jedi: Hello, this is Jedi Patrick: And this is Patrick. Hoshino: And welcome Terry-san. Terry: Hi. Hi. Hello. Hoshino: And today we are very happy to interview Cobra again on various topics. So welcome Cobra. Cobra: Hello.

Meditation to support the peaceful protest in Iran

Currently, there is a nationwide-protest happening in Iran which has organized by women in the country. The protest has been going on day and night for almost two weeks across different cities and towns. As mentioned by our contact in Iran, the protest is much larger than reported in the mainstream media. Unfortunately, this includes the number of casualties. The Iranian government has arrested and harmed many protesters and has imposed control on the internet.   The government is also trying to portray the protesters as violent people, to condemn the protest. Following the 1979 Islamic Revolution, women must wear the hijab by law in Iran. The policy is largely unpopular, with Iranian women commonly wearing the headscarf loosely around their ears or letting it drop to the neck. When the rule was implemented in 1981, it triggered mass demonstrations, which have continued sporadically ever since. With the awakening of the Divine Femini

Meditation to counteract medical tyranny

In 2020, we began to organize a daily meditation to counteract medical tyranny, as the Jesuits tried to use vaccine mandates and vaccine passports to prepare for the Great Reset. Most countries around the world have lifted COVID-19 restrictions, and people in these countries can travel freely without vaccine passports. Unfortunately, some countries are still imposing various strict control and quarantine measures across the country, such as mandatory daily nucleic acid testing, city-wide lockdown, and restrictions on movement between different parts of the country. People in these countries may even need to be fully vaccinated to go to work and enter shops and restaurants. The restrictions may cause more harm than the COVID-19 virus. Therefore, please feel free to do the meditation to counteract medical tyranny to address this situation. You can do this meditati

Urgent meditation to dissipate Hurricane Ian every 4 hours

Hurricane Ian is currently a powerful Category 4 hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean. It is expected to make landfall on the southwest coast of Florida directly in the coming hours. It is currently the strongest typhoon on the planet, with a peak strength of 155 mph, just 2 mph below a Category 5 hurricane.  We are organizing the following meditation every 4 hours until Hurricane Ian is dissolved completely.  The meditation will begin on Wednesday, September 28th at 7 PM UTC, and then continue every 4 hours, for the next 36 hours. This table shows the interval times of the meditation for selected time zones: Please also feel free to do this meditation at any time you wish.  Here is the facebook event link for this meditation: And here are the instructions for this meditation (updated):  1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed

Violet Flame Meditation

The violet flame is an invisible spiritual energy. It revitalizes and invigorates our bodies and changes negative energy into positive energy. By transforming negative thoughts and feelings, the violet flame provides a platform for healing. The power of transmutation is a specific quality of the violet flame, which, when invoked into action, changes all that it contacts into a higher and purer state. Violet Flame meditation was created with the aim to purify any discordant energies so that things can be in harmony to help achieve the most positive Ascension Timeline for planet Earth. With the Light Forces clearing the surface of the planet at full speed, there is already Light shining through the cracks in the Matrix. You can help that Light by purifying the surface of the planet with the Violet Flame meditation:   You can do this meditation at any time you wish. Here is the link to the guided audio for th

Meditation for Pakistan

Since the beginning of the monsoon season in Pakistan, 33 million people have been affected by the floods, and unfortunately, at least 1,325 people were killed, including 466 children. The monsoon rains also destroyed 1.4 million homes. At the moment, Manchar freshwater lake in the southern province of Sindh is close to bursting its banks and flooding the nearby city of Sehwan. Local authorities are trying their best to breach the lake to prevent it from bursting its banks and inundating more densely-populated areas. More than 500,000 people are currently living in relief camps across Balochistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Sindh, and Punjab. However, they are facing a hygiene issue in that there is no place for showering or going to the bathroom.