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Super Full Moon Meditation - Sunday December 3rd at 2:30 PM GMT

Full Moon is a powerful time of gratitude, gracefully acknowledging the beauty of life itself and all you have brought into beingness.  You may feel a burning desire to express your creativity, bliss out in sensual activities & through fierce yet profoundly tender vibrations let go of any aspects of your life that no longer serve the grandest vision of your Soul.

According to Cobra, there was a big purification of the energy of the moon in the last decade. Now our moon is completely clear and a pure natural body of light. It is transmitting energy of the pure feminine principle to the planet. Therefore, each full moon is a wonderful location to connect with that energy.

In particular, the upcoming December Full Moon is the second of the trilogy of Super Full Moons happening over November & December 2017 & Ja…

Short Alert Meditation Update

Thanks very much to everyone who have participated in any of the Alert Meditations in the past 24 hours.

Since we are already doing 6 Alert Meditations in a single day by imposing the 4 hours interval protocal, we are proposing to skip the regular Alert Meditation at 3 PM GMT for the time being until further notice.

Therefore, we currently only need to do Alert meditation at the following time:
12 AM GMT4 AM GMT8 AM GMT12 PM GMT4 PM GMT8 PM GMT The following table shows the time of each meditation in different time zones.

Thursday Nov 30Friday Dec 1Saturday Dec 2Time zoneCity#1#2#3#4#5#6HASTHonolulu11/30 02p11/30 06p11/30 10p12/01 02a12/01 06a12/01 10aPSTLos Angeles11/30 04p11/30 08p12/01 12a12/01 04a12/01 08a12/01 12pMSTDenver11/30 05p11/30 09p12/01 01a

Alert Meditation Update

Since the situation is still very critical, Cobra has asked ALL the Lightworkers to perform the Alert meditation at four hours interval, in order to help the Light Forces to resolve the situation.

Here's the link to our Facebook event :

It will be held at the following time:
•    12 AM GMT   
•    4 AM GMT
•    8 AM GMT
•    12 PM GMT
•    4 PM GMT 
•    8 PM GMT

Time schedule:Wednesday Nov 29Thursday Nov 30Friday Dec 1
Time zoneCity#1#2#3#4#5#6HASTHonolulu11/29 02p11/29 06p11/29 10p11/30 02a11/30 06a11/30 10aPSTLos Angeles11/29 04p11/29 08p11/30 12a11/30 04a11/30 08a11/30 12pMSTDenver11/29 05p11/29 09p11/30 01a

Update on Natural and Man-made disasters meditation

Here is an update on the numbers of Natural and Man-Made Disasters we are currently focusing on during the meditation at 4 PM GMT.
Volcano Agung in Bali
Since we started focusing on Volcano Agung in our daily meditation two months ago, it has remained relatively calm. Then over the past couple of days, it has been spewing huge ash cloud.  The warning level was raised to the maximum level 4 alert on Sunday.
Mount Agung has been spewing volcanic ash with an increasing intensity for about a week now and the heightened seismic activity confirms the volcano is shifting into the magmatic phase.

Mudflows of volcanic debris and water (this is known as a lahar) have been moving down the volcano's slopes. The lahars can be dangerous and are expected to increase during the rainy season.…