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Meditation Update

Here is an update on this topic
Urgent! Emergency Meditation for Japan on June 20th at 1:30 PM UTC Reminder of the June Solstice Meditation
Urgent! Emergency Meditation for Japan on June 20th at 1:30 PM UTC

As mentioned in the previous post, there was a 6.1-magnitude earthquake which hit Osaka, Japan.

Now, there is a possibility that another big earthquake can hit Japan within the next few days.

Therefore, we are organizing an additional Emergency Meditation at 1:30 PM UTC to send relief to the tectonic plate so that energy can be released as smooth as possible and cause minimum damage.

Here are the instructions of this meditation: (Suggested meditation time is 15 minutes)

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to stabi…

Earthquake in Osaka, Japan

A 6.1-magnitude earthquake hit the Japanese city of Osaka and nearby areas just before 8am local time on Monday, June 18th. Four people have died, including a nine-year-old girl and more than 300 others were injured.
The quake, which did not trigger a tsunami, left more than 170,000 households without power in Osaka prefecture and neighbouring Hyogo prefecture, where an earthquake killed more than 6,400 people in the city of Kobe in January 1995.

Monday’s earthquake was of a relatively low magnitude but caused violent shaking due to its shallow depth of 13km. It registered up to a lower-6 on the Japanese seismic intensity scale of 0 to 7. Quakes of a lower-6 intensity make it hard for people to stay on their feet and can topple unsecured furniture and other items.
Officials warned of possible strong aftershocks. “There are fears that the risk of house collapses and landslides has increased in the areas shaken strongly,”…

MAKE THIS VIRAL! June Solstice Meditation on June 21 2018 at 10:07 AM UTC

We are approaching the June solstice, which will occur on the 21st of June at 10:07 am UTC. On this day on the Northern hemisphere, the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky, thus making it the longest day of the year and also marking the beginning of summer. On the Southern hemisphere, the Sun will reach its lowest position in the sky, thus making it the shortest day of the year and also marking the beginning of winter.

Whether you are in the northern hemisphere or the south, all Solstice rituals celebrate the Earth, the Light, and the Sun and are sacred occasions where we can connect with our seasonal and spiritual cycles, connecting with the Earth, the Sun, and the Cosmos. 

Solstice is a time for Self-reflection and change. Now is the time for you to look at the grander scope of your life and spiritual path and take note of what is out of alignment. What doesn't serve you? What things do you tell yourself or others that are not in line with what you preach? What thing…

Short Meditation Update

Here is a short update on the upcoming meditations:
There will be another New Moon meditation tomorrow at 2:45 PM UTC.

This is a very powerful New Moon -- as described by Untwine, this particular New Moon, the Sun and Moon will also be conjunct in our sky with the AN Stargate (central star of Orion belt) which represents the merging of all polarities into One, transmutation of duality and darkness, and integration and return to a reality of Oneness.
Please join us in the New Moon meditation if you feel so guided.
This blog is also preparing a meditation for the June Solstice next week. The details of this meditation will be published tomorrow.
Victory of the Light!

Healing for Andrew Bartzis

Andrew Bartzis is asking for healing in the Facebook event below created by his team today at 3 PM EDT, which is equal to 7 PM UTC.

Please also include him in the Emergency Meditation at 3 PM UTC if you feel so guided.

Victory of the Light!
About this blog:

We Love Mass Meditation organize mass meditations aiming to help to achieve planetary liberation as soon as possible and as smoothly as possible.

Please join us in Breakthrough Meditation at 2 PM UTC and Emergency Meditation at 3 PM UTC every day if you feel so guided.

We also organize different mass meditations regularly for various purposes. They can be found in this link below:

We also provide emergency financial support to lightworkers around the world. Ple…

Fuego volcano eruption in Guatemala

Last Sunday, Guatemala's Fuego volcano erupted at about noon local time (6 PM UTC).

This eruption has already caused a significant number of causalities and nearly 200 people are still missing.

At the moment, rescuers are facing difficulties as the volcano are showing signs of more activities.

Therefore, please include this in the Emergency Meditation at 3 PM UTC if you feel so guided, and purify the energy in that are, so that the volcano can become more stable for the rescuers to save as many lives as possible, and those affected can receive food and other essentials.


Shielding and Healing for Corey Goode and his Family

Dear Light Warriors and Healers

On May, 28th 2018 Corey Goode requested urgent support for him, his family and his colleagues:

Corey Goode: "Calling on all light warriors. My Team, my children and I are being hit heavily with a mixture of spiritual and technologically enhanced human psychic attacks. There have been a number of energetic attacks as well as intrusions of "Shadow Beings" in our homes/rooms. These same types of experiences are being reported right now by various Alliance affiliated contacts, some of whom have had "Shadow Being" intrusions in some very sensitive and protected locations. The Alliance briefings have been extremely rare in recent weeks. We were told that all Alliance assets are operational. Information has become so locked down, that I have people that used to brief me contacting me asking for an "Intel Fix". It is crazy how addicted you become to receiving inside information. I am supposed to have a meeting with the SSP Allia…

MAKE IT VIRAL! Peace meditation for Syria and Remote Healing Session

As mentioned by Cobra, the real occult reason for the Syrian conflict is the battle for the Syrian goddess vortex which is one of the most important key energy points in the planetary energy grid.

At the moment, there is another wave of military escalation taking place in Syria

We are going to do the Peace meditation to counteract the negative effects of the military escalation that is now taking place in Syria, at the exact time of each future Full Moon, until the situation improves.

Full moon times:h:min at UTCMay 29 Tue, 1802:19pJun 28 Thu, 1804:53aJul 27 Fri…

Breakthrough Meditation every 4 hours for the new Black Alert

As there is a new black alert, please continue to do the Breakthrough Meditation every 4 hours at the following times if you feel so guided:

2 AM, 6 AM, 10 AM,
2 PM, 6 PM, 10 PM UTC

Here is our facebook meditation event:

Here is our page with countdown timers:

Victory of the Light!

Meditation Update

Here is an update on the following topics:
Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of CongoMeditation 'Marathon' by Discord on Sunday May 13thWAVE of Love - Goddess meditations on Sunday, May 13th at 7 AM UTCNew Moon Meditation on May 15th at 2:45 PM UTC
Ebola outbreak in Democratic Republic of Congo On May 8th, it has been confirmed that there is a new Ebola outbreak in the northwestern region of the  Democratic Republic of Congo. Unfortunately there are a number of casualties already.

This is the ninth outbreak of Ebola in the country.

And most of us reading this blog would probably know who is behind this horrible virus.

Therefore, please visualize this outbreak to end as soon as possible during Emergency Meditation at 3 PM UTC if you feel so guided.


WAVE of Love - Goddess meditations on Sunday, May 13th at 7 AM UTC

Sisterhood of the Rose and We Love Mass Meditation are going to hold a special meditation to bring the Galactic Wave of Love into the planetary Light grid on Sunday, May 13th at 7 AM UTC. This is the exact time of the Ascension Conference in Taipei when Cobra is going to talk about the GALACTIC WAVE OF LOVE.

We will be doing the two Goddess meditations proposed by Cobra

You are very welcomed to join us if you feel so guided!

This is also an appeal to all existing Sisterhood of the Rose physical groups to unite at this time and do those two meditations, as well as an invitation to all Lightworkers groups, twin souls and individuals to join us and bring the Light and Love into the planetary grid.

The time of the meditation is on Sunday, May 13th at 7 AM UTC.

This equals 3 PM CST on Sunday in Taipei, 10 AM…

Meditation for peaceful transition in Paris on May 5th at 1 PM UTC

Today (May 5th), there is going to be a protest organized by The National Transition Council’s Supreme Court in Paris.

As mentioned by Benjamin Fulford in his weekly update dated April 30th;

"Removing Macron may be the next move. Here, “The National Transition Council’s Supreme Court, which is the only legitimate justice authority in France, has issued an arrest warrant for Macron and his illegitimate government,” and they hope to enforce it on or around May 5th, according to the Council."

Now, people in France has seen enough of Macron and are peacefully demanding for him to step down.

However, it is very likely that the police force is going to use brutal force to suppress the free will of the public in France, like the police force from central Spanish government during the referendum organized by Catalonia demanding independence.


Kilauea Volcano at East Hawaii Island

Over the last few days, there were 250 quakes occurred at East Hawaii over a 24 hours period.

Since yesterday, there has been a lava breakouts on the East Hawaii Island as well.

Now Kilauea Volcano is erupting and caused lava to flow in residential areas.

Therefore, please add this to Emergency Meditation at 3 PM UTC to visualize this tectonic activity to flow through as smoothly as possible, and not to cause any significant damage to residents at Leilani Estates.

Victory of the Light!


Guided audio in English for Astara meditation for those who wants to get healed

Below is the guided audio in English for Astara meditation for those who want to get healed:

You can also find all the information about Astara meditation in this page:

Victory of the Light!

Beltane - May 1st and anchoring Light through all Goddess Portals on the Planet

“At Beltane, we open to the God and Goddess of Youth. However old we are, Spring makes us feel young again, and at Beltane we jump over the fires of vitality and youth and allow that vitality to enliven and heal us. When young we might use this time as an opportunity to connect to our sensuality in a positive creative way, and when older the mating that we seek might well be one of the feminine and masculine sides of our nature. Integration of the male and female aspects of the Self has long been seen as one of the prime goals of spiritual and psychotherapeutic work, and Beltane represents the time when we can open to this work fully, allowing the natural union of polarities that occurs in nature at this time the opportunity to help us in our work - a work that is essentially alchemical. Nurturing growth Father Sun shines brightly Warming mother Earth Joining in creation”

May 1st marks the be…

Link to remote healing session at 2pm UTC on April 30th

Here is the link the to remote healing session at 2 pm UTC on April 30th.

04:00 amHASTHonolulu07:00 amPDTLos Angeles08:00 amMDTDenver09:00 amCDTChicago10:00 amEDTNew York11:00 amBRTRio de Janeiro02:00 pmUTCReykjavik03:00 pmBSTLondon04:00 pmCESTBerlin04:00 pmEETCairo05:00 pmMSKMoscow09:00 pmICTBangkok10:00 pmCSTTaipei