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TIME SENSITIVE! Meditation to Escort Henry Kissinger into the Galactic Central Sun

2023-12-02 update: Henry Kissinger was already taken to the Galactic Central Sun for processing, and this meditation is no longer necessary. Thanks very much to every one who participated in this meditation over the past few days. Henry Kissinger passed away at the age of 100 on November 30th, 2023 at his Connecticut home. Therefore, we are going to do a Buddhic Column meditation and send Light and protection to escort his soul safely into the hands of the Light Forces. Once he is safely guided through the plasma and etheric planes, he will be taken to the Galactic Central Sun. This will move us forward on the most positive Ascension Timeline for planet Earth. We are going to do this mass meditation from November 30th at 1 PM UTC, and then every 4 hours for the next 5 days. You may also do this meditation as often as you wish.   Here is the c

Reminder of full Moon Meditations and International remote healing sessions between November 26th and 28th

Here is a reminder of full Moon Meditations and the remote healing sessions between November 26th and 28th, as well as the Divine Intervention Meditation on Monday, November 27th at 9:16 AM UTC. Monthly International Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing Sessions Every full Moon, the International Golden Age Group and Prepare For Change Japan Official offer remote healing sessions that can help people around the world to heal their inner being and mind. This is a gift to everyone and is free of charge. For the upcoming full Moon, three international remote healing sessions will be held at the time listed below:  First Day: Sunday, November 26th from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC   Link:  https://w

Fundraising campaign for enhancing the Light grid in Europe

Cintamani stone is a sacred stone that came from the Sirius star system. Millions of years ago, during a Galactic superwave, a planet orbiting Sirius A exploded. Its fragments traveled in all directions, some of them reaching Earth after a long journey through interstellar space. Burying any Cintamani stone is one of the most effective things that can be done for planetary liberation. Cintamani grid around the planet is one of the major tools for manifesting the planetary Light grid. Whenever a Cintamani stone is planted in the soil somewhere around the planet, a huge angelic being is anchored in that spot, creating an energy vortex miles in diameter. A team of dedicated Lightworkers/Lightwarriors are planning to travel throughout various countries in Europe, carrying out important grid work missions. For mission security details about this work must remain vague for the time being. But the Light anchored through this work will surely be quite helpf