Shielding and Healing for Corey Goode and his Family

Dear Light Warriors and Healers

On May, 28th 2018 Corey Goode requested urgent support for him, his family and his colleagues:

Corey Goode: "Calling on all light warriors. My Team, my children and I are being hit heavily with a mixture of spiritual and technologically enhanced human psychic attacks. There have been a number of energetic attacks as well as intrusions of "Shadow Beings" in our homes/rooms. These same types of experiences are being reported right now by various Alliance affiliated contacts, some of whom have had "Shadow Being" intrusions in some very sensitive and protected locations. The Alliance briefings have been extremely rare in recent weeks. We were told that all Alliance assets are operational. Information has become so locked down, that I have people that used to brief me contacting me asking for an "Intel Fix". It is crazy how addicted you become to receiving inside information. I am supposed to have a meeting with the SSP Alliance soon and be further briefed on Illuminati type groups that have infiltrated our communities. I provided the intel from the original briefing regarding a Illuminati Cult that was operating and infiltrating the esoteric and ufology fields in a recent article that David Wilcock published on his website. We are thinking this group is related to the spiritual and energetic attacks along with the "shadow being" harassment and reconnoissance. Please take a moment to hold space for my family and those I am working with. We welcome any prayers or protection or positive energies you can focus in our direction. I look forward to seeing everyone at CITD in a few days.
Thank you,
Corey Goode"

Please Visualize a shield of Light around Corey, his family and his colleagues.

1. Call upon Saint Germaine and See the Violet Light Cleansing Corey's home, car/s, and all family members.

2. Visualize the Cosmic Christ Blue RAY clearing all chords from Corey and his family and home of all that is not of the highest good.

3. Visualize the White Light of AN Purifying Corey, his family and his home and car/s.

4. Now see Corey and his family in a sphere or circle of Pink Goddess Light, protecting and shielding and sending only Loving energies to their being.

5. Visualize a Mirror around Corey, his family, his home and see anything that is not of the highest good, dissolving with pure Source light.

You may also do this meditation:

"Dragon sources have communicated an effective protection meditation protocol. It is recommended to use this protocol once or a few times daily and maintain this protection shield throughout the Breakthrough phase to maintain the vibrational frequency of Light:

1. Relax your body, emotions and mind by focusing on your breath or in any other way that works for you

2. Visualize a brilliant white vortex of Light emanating from your Soul star chakra downwards throughout your body in a clockwise direction, purifying the energy fields of your physical, plasmatic, etheric, emotional and mental bodies. Maintain this vortex by connecting it to the source of universal Light and program it to maintain all your energy bodies purified

3. Visualize an egg shaped semi-permeable mirror shield around your auric field of your physical, plasmatic, etheric, astral and mental bodies. This mirror shield lets all positive energies into your energy field, but reflects and bounces all negative energies back to their source (return-to-sender). Program this mirror shield to alert you when any type of negative energy is directed your way and let it reflect it back to its origin

4. Visualize Light rearranging all parts of yourself and all parts of your energy fields back into state of balance and harmony. While doing that you can hum mantra OM because OM is the primaeval sound of Light and its resonance will restore harmony most effectively."


You may also call upon a Pleiadian shield for Corey and his family and for yourselves:

Or include Corey Goode and his family in the Emergency Meditation at 3 PM UTC everyday if you feel so guided.

Victory of the Light!

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  1. I'm sending love and protection to Corey, his family and all who are assisting the Light!!!

  2. From Corey Goode, 16 minutes ago:

    "Sphere Being Alliance
    Much appreciated everyone. Please keep Roger and his family in your thoughts as well. There were a number of very strange and similar things that occurred to a pretty wide number of people in our orbit. DW has been effected as well. He plans on including some of the details in his upcoming article. We are having to tighten up security measures through the conclusion of Contact in the Desert. We have also made upgrades to our local physical security as well. Thanks again for all of the positive energy and intent. CG"

  3. In the light, I offer mine to yours... blessed be.

  4. Affirmative Statements of Declaration From the Depths of Creation


    "Eventually doing mass meditation for the same affirmation will greatly help, you can setup groups for this purpose..."

  5. Hi the best thing to do with these kinds of attacks is fill your self with love resist the urge to feed the negativity fear or anger and ask your spirit guides for protection they only interfere if u ask them because they don't like to break free will also sage your house ask angels to help with that also and you can grid your house with black tourmaline and selenite


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