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Here is an update on the following topics:
  • Daily Emergency Meditation Focus: Tropical Storm Pabuk 
  • Special daily Buddic Column Meditation at 4 PM UTC to resolve dispute over women’s access to temple in Kerala, India 
  • Reminder of Partial Solar Eclipse meditation on January 6th at 1:28 AM UTC

Daily Emergency Meditation Focus: Tropical Storm Pabuk

Tropical Storm Pabuk is an unusual storm that is due to make landfall in southern Thailand later Friday, local time. 

It is relatively rare for a tropical storm to be formed so close to the Equator. Storm Pabuk is also the first tropical storm to hit the country's southern shores in almost 30 years.

Although this tropical storm is not very strong with a wind speed of 40 mph, it still expects to bring heavy rains and dangerously high waves to a number of tourist spots on Friday.

Also, there are two natural gas platforms in the path of Storm Pabuk, so there is a chance that the storm will hit them and lead to a more serious disasters. 

Therefore we suggest to include Tropical Storm Pabuk in Emergency Meditation daily at 2 PM UTC. Visualize the storm to dissolves completely and cause as little damage as possible, especially to the two natural gas platforms.

Special daily Buddic Column Meditation at 4 PM UTC to resolve dispute over women’s access to temple in Kerala, India

Last September, the Indian Supreme Court overturned an ancient religious ban on women of menstruating age participating in worship at the Sabarimala Temple, which is one of Hinduism's holiest sites.

On Wednesday, two women successfully reaching the temple grounds for the first time. However, this has led to widespread protests in Kerala.

This protest follows the historical event on January 1st that around 3 million females of all ages made a 620-km human chain in Kerala state. It was organized by Vanitha Mathil to promote equality for women, as a response to incidents that female visitors to the Sabarimala Temple was being attacked by male pilgrims since the ban was lifted in September.

Therefore, we are going to hold a special daily Buddhic Column Meditation at 4 PM UTC until all the protests against women's access to this temple is resolved.

This is the link to the Facebook event for this special Buddhic Column Meditation:

You can also include these protests in Emergency Mediation daily at 2 PM UTC if you wish. By visualizing all the protests to be ended peacefully, and that people in the local society able to openly accept female to access the temple freely.

Reminder of Partial Solar Eclipse meditation on January 6th at 1:28 AM UTC 

As mentioned in the previous post, we are going to do a special Goddess Meditation, to help preparing for the Return of Light Activation organized at Cobra's request on January 20th/21st.

The aim of our meditation on January 6th is to help anchoring more Light and goddess energy on the surface of the planet, and to build up the energy for a successful Return of Light Activation during the Lunar eclipse.

You can find the details and instructions of this meditation in the link below:

And the guided audio for Goddess Meditation in 14 languages here:

Goddess wants Light, and Light it will be!

Victory of the Light!

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    Thursday, January 3, 2019
    Return of Light Meditation Update

    Return of Light meditation videos have been created in more than 20 languages. Make them viral, spread them through your networks to assist in reaching the critical mass!



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