Meditation for Peace in Syria Update

Since Turkey has announced military actions in northern Syria, a peace meditation is organized every 4 hours to stabilize the situation.

The Light Forces are also asking everybody that feels guided to do this meditation as frequently as possible.

On Tuesday, October 15th, Syrian government forces have taken full control over the city of Manbij and nearby settlements, with the help of Russian military forces. This is also confirmed by the Pentagon that they will be moving out of Manbij. At the same time, Raqqa is also now back under Syrian government control.

At the same time, a number of wildfires erupted in southwestern Syria close to the border with Lebanon.…

New Emergency Meditation focus: California wildfires


Meditation to dissipate Super Typhoon Hagibis every 4 hours

Super Typhoon Hagibis is currently a powerful Category 4 hurricane in the Pacific Ocean. It is expected to hit Tokyo, Japan directly over the weekend.

It is currently the strongest typhoon on the planet, with a peak strength of 257 km/h (160 mph)

Over the last few days, Hagibis went through a period of rapid intensification. It went from a tropical depression on last Saturday to a super typhoon in 48 hours.

Super Typhoon Hagibis is not expected to be strengthened further,  and is likely to weaken slowly in the next few days as it move towards the south of Japan. However, the current forecast indicates a direct hit of Mainland Japan. Tokyo would have some of the most significant impacts from the storm, ranging from flas…