Message to Isis Astara & Cobra

Thanks very much for everyone tireless efforts in all the meditations over the past week.

The situation is still critical and we will keep eveyone posted as soon as we can stop doing any of the 4 hour intervals meditations

In the mean time, we would like to ask everyone for any messages you want to let Isis Astara & Cobra know. We will collect all of these messages and send them to Cobra.

Please feel free to leave your message in the comment section below. You can also send your message to us at

For any messages not in English, we will select a few of them and translate them into English before sending them to Cobra.


  1. I write these lines listening to the music of 144000 and it inspires me to first tell you Cobra that we are with you in the depths of our heart in this moment of separation from your beautiful and divine Ishtar. I did not know her but it was enough for me to see what she had accomplished on this dimension and to see her sweet face to feel a lot of gratitude, unconditional love but also to remind me why we are here. I am certain that from where she is and will be, she will contemplate the magnificent outcome of what she has helped to bring out: the evolution of earthlings in peace, love and abundance. She lives through you from now on, but also through us. We are One. Victory of the light

  2. My experience from last nights Meditation 11 PM UTC for Isis �� 10 min in that meditation i wondered if she is safe / ok - came up like a gentle soft voice up to right ( i not hear it but telepathic maybe - it felt real for me - voice a bit light in tone and, harsch - afraid or in despair ( Isis?) silently said "help me" , those situations i thrive on so i tried to squize to have Firm intention - I believe Angels �� Lightforces �� Assisted much there - i got a real firm blue violet, mostly Blue ( was like a carpet) I sensed it was good - after that - came up "Thank you" with a relaxed voice no more voice after that i felt now it is Ok, and i pushed a bit more to feel that it is good

  3. * 11:30 PM UTC was the Meditation

  4. I wish I could do more, I want it. But idk what's going on! All I want is New Powerful Vubrations to remove Darkness and Fill me up completely by the power of The Light.

    1. Unknown <3 you are doing what you can i believe :) i believe some of us more or less can be thinking like you / \ one common person here in Sweden has said " you are doing your best *right now in this moment * :) Thank you <3 for saying what is inside you / \

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    3. This last post was meant to stand alone and not a reply / \

  5. We are all one; parts of the whole. Remember, always, you're never alone. Love and Light.

  6. Dearest Cobra you've already done so much for earth and for us. I'm positive Isis has been a great support for you. I know nothing about her but wish for you both the stringth to go on doing this important work. We'll all find our way, away from materialsm and following you in unity.
    Love and light from my heart for both of you. Maria

  7. Dearest Beloveds...Sending Love and Great Healing Light from the Source of my inner being may the beloveds find the strength for inner healing support by the most high and benevolent forces of the Universe... For there is no greater power than Love,,,May love surround and support this command for healing in and all around our Beloveds..So it is ...Bless you in your concern...Bless us all as we traverse realms unknown and find solace in the Love and Support we have have for one another,,,Thank-you for all you do..and you have done,,,

  8. Aah was a therapy for me to write that recent long post here. now i got a real Beautiful Goddess Intention in our / my last Meditation maybe i change gender :) felt good and releasing to speak up. Thank you Mea Maa <3 for Inspiring me to have better Goddess Intention though i did not liked to recieve it from you in beginning ^ ^ omg :)
    Cobra chill with a good beer :) I believe Isis is safe though i can be wrong / \

    if you wish Alert Meditation is available for everyone / \

  9. I would like to send him 2 messages,thank you for your service and you are not alone buddy.I hope that I will meet you one day and that we will have a little talk so that I can tell you these things in person.

  10. Admin / \ is it possible you may put this post before and 2:nd the other that i sent to you some minutes ago / \ Thank you <3

    I believe some / many of us has been meditating for some time, some of you may from time to time feel tired or exhausted of intense periods of Meditations 🌱 i have been pretty exhausted in periods especially in these Interval Meditations. my dad use to say to me sometimes " speak up son(ny) " i liked that - i felt he wanted to me to speak from my heart, damn many times i feel when speak with others that if i come up with "odd" thoughts / views - so sometimes this cause a passive "no acceptance" - that i see it like " hold the line " so next time i maybe be afraid to " speak up " openly and think before i speak up, that is this person going to accept / believe me. I wish we more could be open like Children and also listen / confirm eachother - to assure i am loved from being me. In these Lightworker i feel its ok and we are supporting eachother but i feel it could be a bit more of this speak up - and we a bit more can cheer / backup eachother and have the currage to write openly what is inside - that goes for me too sometimes.

    In these meditations I believe many of you have Good and Beautiful Intentions that is Helping us all to the better. I have a flaw that I am not so much unconditionally loving all and instead putting myself in a " I am the Best - I know best and dont always take advice from others. In a bigger perspective i feel my " I am the Best " can be a Great motivator to carry on to strive for better / firmer meditations. All aspects in you and me can be helpful if in somewhat balance. I dont know but i guess some of you have Beautiful prescence in meditations but i guess that a more Willpowered " I am the Best " - All in mentality can be a Nice factor. And i have learned from you others, that an unconditionally love (we are one) is powerful also and i can be better in that area ( i am some better but could be better / \ )
    The Dark ones can have a (nice) caracter that their " Ego - I am the Best" approach give them a Very Focused Determination that maybe we others can also show - and let this caracter be a Spice in our Meditations. Sometimes Eastern food, Thai, Chinese can be so Delicious and in harmony cause of its stingy, sweet and other flavours composed together. 🌱

  11. Omg please dont put spamwarning on me haha / \

    I heared just some minutes ago this promo - CD of / about Isis

    and without asking anyone before i posting this of who the femal voice is in beginning - I believe it is this voice i heard ( maybe telepathic) as i wrote in the 2:nd post overall on this page. / \


    This is, beside of all, a losing and a getting out of the hand from the RM and Light Forces as well...

    At first was the Atlantis 26000Y ago, then in 1996, and many other unknown as well,... so on, day by day earlier or sooner, on a broader or a narrower scale...

    And all of these needs a reparation, a restitution to the original position, according to the times that come...

    People put here their, years along, and sometimes, their entire energy and life force here, on this blog... to welcome the energy of millions of RM members from behind of this blog,
    as Cobra claimed we can sense beyond of the blog.

    And people need to really feel and rely on this energy of millions of RM members coming from behind of this blog...

    So, we firmly need an official position or brief message as case may be, to come on this official blog of the Resistance Movement.

    This should refer especially on how the followers of this movement can expect a reliable solution of restitution in this particular case which involves the process of planetary liberation and a proper start of the post-Event era as well.

  13. But Cobra... give a promise... you bring Astara back!!

    It might be the first and most visible gift from you to your followers and humanity, as a start of post-Event era and a real prof that there is a real post-Event era on the way...

    We kindly forward to you.

  14. A call was given for lady Isis Astara to take in consideration to come back in a grown up form together with Cobra to their, most probable already planned, Cobra Conferences and public meetings in post-Event time.

    These calls are given responsibly to the situation, so to be taken in consideration among all other possibilities in concordance with the mission related to Earth,
    and must be considered to the extent to which,
    at the mean time, at least the awakened part of the surface population might be worthly able to value this kind of involvement...

  15. If you consider, Meditation with Goddess to neutralize negative rituals at every 4 hours at time of alert meditation, or sequently with the Alert Meditation.


    We kindly ask you, as a request from earthlings, to intervene in the behalf of lady Isis Astara, so that to take intact her higher dimensional bodies, as case may be, to protect her on this higher planes, and to assure the proper higher/trans-dimensional communication between her and Cobra and the rest of the team, until a decision will be taken.

    Do to our knowledge from this movement, we afford an educated assumption that lady Isis Astara has a particular mission on Earth, probable before and in post-Event era as well,
    so that her presence in the earthling physical plane might be still needed especially in post-Event era.

    If this is the case, then keep her safe on the higher planes, beyond the earthling interference, in order to bring her back in a cloned and improved version of herself asap after the Event.
    We learnt from Cobra that this is possible, so we consider to ask it for.

    In the case she has a particular mission even in pre-Event era, then find you the proper living feminine earthling person
    in order to arrange a 'walk-in' soul transfer, so that she would come back on the earthling physicality, and as case may be, should you also arrange the proper meetings between Cobra and the Walk-In to continue their mission.

    This is what we can ask to you, do to the particular situation we get now aknowledge about, in this case in which the earthling mission of lady Isis Astara was prevented to unfold,
    or, do you what else you consider at best, concerning your long time experience in similar cases, how to proceed at best.

    With Kindest Regards.

  17. Cobra, we are here, as we were also years along, the more now, the more the time sensitivity that is.

    But due to our long term of being here we are now speaking in multidimensional terms, not only in 3rd density ones...

    And this is the kind of discussion, in multidimensional terms and meanings, in which we are here to encourage you now...

    So,... do you consider, what you call 'in the highest interest' to visualize in our meditations lady Isis Astara coming back to your first post-Event Cobra Conference and speaking to the audience again as she previous did?

  18. We have to be informed in mean time in order for us to take a responsible position to decide, due to our meditation or personal actions concerning the higher realms,
    if there is opportune to call back lady Isis Astara
    to be together with Cobra, as might be the case for their particular mission,
    or if it's the case to leave to RM and LF to act for, if still classified due to sensitivity of the case.

    We have to be responsible participants in this movement and have to act in a responsible and informed way how our participation has to unfold.

    If that's the case, we have to know what may be their particular mission, concerning 'the new earth' or 'the new Atlantis'.

    Due to an educated opinion, now speaking in multidimensional terms, not only in 3rd density ones,
    if the answer is YES, then, to visualize in our meditations lady Isis Astara coming back to first post-Event Cobra Conference and speaking to the audience again as she previous did,
    might create a particular kind of breakthrough to the post-Event era coordinates, so to bring it faster into manifestation...

  19. You have my fullest support, faith, love and knowing that the highest timeline in alignment with Source is manifesting for you and your dear Isis Astara.

    Thank you for being a huge source of wisdom and inspiration in my journey.



    We learnt from the post that some 'physical action' and intervention are already possible at this time.

    We consider also that you have to intervene physically against any actions, physical or metaphysical, which may oppose the surface population meditation in her behalf, actions that should be counteracted using your force and technology as you consider at best.

    This is our request and gives you the full legitimacy of your physical or higher dimensional intervention.

    With Kindest Regards.

  21. I'd like you to know COBRA that here in Brazil we are firmly following and sharing the informations of your blog. We have many lightworkers here and we help the best we can with the meditations, decrees, exercises etc. And we thank you so much!!! We started meditating for Isis Astara as soon as you asked and we'll keep on doing this to
    help her path to the higher planes and she'll get there soon. We are ONE! Receive all our love and gratitude! Victory of the Light!

  22. We stand as One, whether formless or in form, our Hearts vibrate with a Love that is undeniable, our actions driven by the purity of our Soul and our Will an expression of that of the divine.

    We come here at this time on a mission of great importance and it is our work, both individually and collectively, that inspires others to awaken to their calling within this journey.

    I thank you both, Cobra and Isis, as well as all my brothers and sisters of the light out there doing your thing, for Being my inspiration, my drive, my strength and my love. For these qualities are not mine but ours, gifts we share that connect us within a field of unity that will ultimately lead to our victory in the quest for liberation.

    United We stand, firmly within our Heart of Hearts.

    Much Love and respect
    Kia kaha

  23. Cobra: You mentioned once how the RM encouraged you to continue your blog. You are the most clear person I have ever known, breaking through all the vague channelling-type mixed info. I encountered when awakening.
    If it weren't for you, and, by extension, Isis Astara - I would not be as clear as I am now. It is a very clear feeling straight from you and the RM that comes through. No matter my confusion/level of attack, I come to your blog, often re-reading the absolute, clear, direct info. and it does something to help get me back. So you both are doing so much - never mind that it is for many of us who usually don't ever leave comments. Thank you for being here and for persevering.

  24. I think people have been misguided when they're always sending Love and Great Healing Light from the Source/this is a one on one healing response from Source Energy! We as individuals have our own light, no need to send it, so please stop it, people

  25. Dear Isis Astara,

    thank you very much for all your hard work and energies, that you anchored on the surface of this planet. As a Great Teacher you helped many women, as well as men, to recognize their inner strength and taught them how to balance the energies of Divine Feminine with the energies of Divine Masculine. This is the key to our liberation. Female energy is awakening and represents the counterbalance to the dark filth. May the Light always be with you!

    Dear Cobra,

    we thank you for your unwavering effort in informing the population on the surface of the planet and for your invaluable teachings. The tragic news had touched us all very deeply and we express our sincere condolences. Even though they keep pressuring us, we will never loose hope and we will not stop until this planet is finally liberated. We feel that we are close and that these are their final moments. Victory of the Light!

    With respect,


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