Wandering Wolf

Don Alejandro Cirilo Perez Oxlaj is the Grand Elder of the living Maya. His Mayan name is Wakatel Utiw, which means “Wandering Wolf.”

Wandering Wolf is also the leader and a key person in the Mayan culture and an Ambassador in the Guatemalan government who represents the rights and wishes of the indigenous pueblos and people.


Unfortunately he was struck by a vehicle on the way home from a ceremony that he was leading in Guatemala on Wednesday and has sustained life threatening injuries. Emergency surgery was planned for a broken femur and hand today but, with his advanced age and weakened condition, his surgery is being suspended indefinitely due to the presence of symptomatic bradycardia as well as pneumonia. 

Reports are his condition is critical. His was supposed to have an operation yesterday but there are complications with his heart. They are giving him stronger antibiotics now to improve his condition for possible surgery on next Monday.

You can send him love and healing by making yourself comfortable, then visualize Wandering Wolf surrounded by a pink egg full of energy of Love.

In this critical time, it is also important for everyone to be more cautious. This is because each of us, including our family members and friends, has an unique way to help manifesting The Event.


  1. I sending healing energy and light Blessing Peace !

  2. It's now the middle of March and I can't find any more info about Grandfather Alejandro's health. Please, does anyone know anything???? Thank you.

  3. Does anyone have an update on Grandfather Alejandro's health status?


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