Emergency Meditation Update - Super Typhoon Mangkhut

As mentioned in the last post, we are currently doing a special meditation at 4 PM UTC to dissipate Hurricane Florence from now on until it dissolves, in order to minimize its impact on the southern East Coast of the United States.


At the same time, another Super Typhoon Mangkhut is due to make an impact on Philippines and then Taiwan until early next week.



Super Typhoon Mangkhut is currently equivalent to a Category 4 hurricane in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific. It is expected to strengthen to Category 5 when it moves towards Philippines, bringing the threat for flooding rainfall and damaging winds.

Although it is expected to downgrade to a Category 4 hurricane when it moves towards Taiwan, it would still bring lots of rainfall amounts should the speed of Super Typhoon Mangkhut slow down.

Therefore, we suggest to include this severe weather event in the daily Emergency Meditation at 2 PM UTC until it dissolves.  Visualize Super Typhoon Mangkhut being pacified and cause as little harm as possible to Philippines, Taiwan and all areas that it moves through.


Victory of the Light!


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