Emergency Meditation Update

Here is an update on the following topics that can be included in Emergency Meditation daily at 2 PM UTC:
  • New: Severe floods in Iran 
  • New: Flooding in the Midwestern USA
  • Existing: Impact of Cyclone Idai
  • Existing: Protection for Julian Assange

New: Severe floods in Iran

Over the past 2 weeks, Iran has been hit by three severe floods across the country due to intense rainfalls.



The first flood struck Golestan and Mazandaran in the northeast area of the country on March 19th, while the second flood hit Southwestern Iran in the vicinity of the city of Shiraz on March 25th and caused the highest number of casualties among these flash floodings.

The third one hit the Lorestan province at western Iran in the Zagros Mountains on April 3rd, causing damages to infrastructure and making communications with other parts of the country come to a halt. Many homes and even entire communities are flooded out and lost in this mountainous province.

Photograph: Ali Dehghan/AFP/Getty Images

Efforts to help residents in the affected areas are also proving difficult due to the continuation of the bad weather.

New: Flooding in the Midwestern US

The Midwestern US has been experiencing major floods since mid-March 2019.

Nebraska is facing one of its worst floods in history. Wide areas of Iowa, Wisconsin, and Missouri are also flooded. The Pine Ridge Indian reservation has been hit hard. Residents in the area have been stranded for two weeks, due to water-logged and muddy lands that are preventing people from leaving the reservation and making it difficult for emergency aid to get in. 



While some rivers have crested over the central US, other rivers continue to rise and may not crest until mid-April.


Source: AccuWeather

Therefore, we suggest to include floodings in Iran and the Midwestern US in the Emergency Meditation daily at 2 PM UTC. Visualize the affected areas to be cleared of flooding as soon as possible, and residents in all the flooded areas able to receive much-needed assistance.

Existing: Impact of Cyclone Idai

Mozambique was hard hit by Cyclone Idai two weeks ago. Now, some towns remain all but inaccessible due to roads and bridges being washed away. This has slowed delivery of desperately needed food and medicines. The country is also facing a cholera outbreak due to lack of clean water supply to people in the affected area.



Photograph: Karel Prinsloo/DEC

So please continue to include this situation in the Emergency Meditation if you feel guided. Visualize people in the affected area being able to receive much-needed food, medicines and clean water supply as soon as possible, so that the situation of cholera outbreak can be receded completely.

Existing: Protection for Julian Assange

In July 2018, we included the protection for Julian Assange in the Emergency Meditation.


Unfortunately, the latest news from Wikileaks indicates that Assange is about to be expelled from the Ecuadorean embassy in London. This may lead to him being arrested and extradited to the US.



© AP Photo / Kirsty Wigglesworth

Therefore, we suggest sending our protection for Julian Assange again. Visualize the situation can be resolved in the best possible way.

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