Update for daily Emergency Meditation, protection for Julian Assange

Several media reports say there is a possibility that the asylum protection of WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange will be withdrawn during Ecuadoran President Lenin Moreno's visit to the UK this week.

Moreno's visit is not an 'official state visit' -- he is there to attend a Disability Conference. However the case of Julian Assange living in the Ecuadoran embassy as an asylum seeker for 6 years now is a political and financial concern to both the UK and Ecuador.

Julian Assange requested asylum from Ecuador more than five years ago, after refusing to surrender to bail 'without a reasonable cause' when Swedish prosecutors wanted to question him on potential charges that were subsequently never brought.

There was concern that if extradited to Sweden for questioning, he could then be handed over to the USA. His media organization Wikileaks embarrassed and angered the USA by publishing classified materials provided by USA whistleblowers.

Although Swedish prosecutors dropped their investigation more than one year ago and there are no charges against Julian Assange in Sweden, there is still a British warrant that keeps him from leaving the embassy. There are also no known charges against Assange in the USA.

But although there are no charges against him other than the UK bail violation, he has been a virtual prisoner in the Ecuadoran embassy for six years now, as the UK has given no guarantee to his safe passage out of their country.



Therefore, we suggest to send our protection for Julian Assange via the Emergency Meditation daily at 3 PM UTC until the end of this week so that the situation can be resolved in the best possible way.


Victory of the Light!


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