Emergency Meditation Update

Here is a short update on the following topics for the Emergency Meditation:
  • New: Wildfires in Island of Evia, Greece
  • Existing: Wildfires in Siberia

Wildfires in Island of Evia, Greece

A major wildfire broke out on Tuesday, August 13th on the Island of Evia.



Although firefighters succeeded in stopping the blaze from reaching a nearby village, the fire is still burning inside the island's wooded nature reserve, fueled by flammable pine trees. Currently, firefighting-planes from the EU have been deployed to help putting out the fire.

As of Friday, August 16th, at least 28,000 hectares of pine forest have been destroyed,


There are allegations that this wildfire is caused by arson.


Therefore, we suggest adding this wildfire situation in Greece to our daily Emergency Meditation at 2 PM UTC.


You can visualize this wildfire being brought under control and contained as soon as possible.

Wildfires in Siberia

The wildfires in Siberia still continue to grow and expand.

Now, the smoke from these wildfires covers a bigger area than the EU.


Please continue to include this in the Emergency Meditation if you feel guided.

Victory of the Light!


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