Meditation at the exact time of Saturn entering Aquarius on March 22nd at 3:58 AM UTC

UPDATE on March 18th: Meditation instructions updated. Now we are going to use this meditation to build up the energy for the Ascension Timeline Meditation on April 4th/5th, so that as many as 1 million people are going to join that meditation.

On March 22nd, Saturn will enter Aquarius. This will be the first time he is in Aquarius again since 1994, and this time he will stay in Aquarius until July 1st.

According to Cobra, this is one of the more important astrological configurations that is going to happen in 2020.

In classical Roman mythology, Saturn is the god of seeds. He was also seen as father and founder of civilizations and symbolize social order. Famous rings of the planet Saturn that enclose and surround him reflect the idea of human limits.

Astrologically speaking, Saturn is the Ruling Planet of Structure and the Limits of Reality. He is is the traditional ruling planet of Capricorn and Aquarius, and feels secure, strong, and comfortable at home in Aquarius.

Saturn transit through Aquarius creates a perfect harmony. The energy of Aquarius is humanitarian. It is full of boundless ideas about what will improve the lives of others, and how shared efforts can make the world a better place. As much as this transit strengthens and deepens connections, it also has the potential to end that which is no longer serving us. This can also be a very auspicious time to begin or deepen a relationship. This transit brings people together to reach beyond the individual’s capabilities.

Hence, Saturn in Aquarius creates a perfect opportunity for us to connect with others and take action on our most lofty plans. We can use this occasion to have a mass meditation in order to strengthen the network of Light on planet Earth and help manifest the most positive Ascension timeline that will lead us into the Age of Aquarius at the end of 2020. In particular,  we will use this meditation to build up the energy for the Ascension Timeline / End of Coronavirus Meditation on April 4th/5th, so that we can go beyond the critical mass and have between 144,000 and 1 million people meditating on that day.

Therefore, we are going to organize a special mass meditation at the exact time when Saturn enters Aquarius on March 22nd at 3:58 AM UTC.

You can find the time of the meditation at various locations here:

This table shows the time of the meditation for selected time zones:

Time zone
Saturday March 21
05:58 pm
08:58 pm
Los Angeles
09:58 pm
10:58 pm
11:58 pm
New York
Sunday March 22
12:58 am
Rio de Janeiro
03:58 am
03:58 am
04:58 am
05:58 am
06:58 am
10:58 am
11:58 am
12:58 pm
02:58 pm
04:58 pm

Here is the link to the Facebook event for this meditation:

Here are the instructions of this meditation (Suggested time of this meditation is 20 minutes)

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to build up the energy for the Ascension  timeline  / End of Coronavirus Meditation on April 4th/5th so that the number of people meditating on that day will be between 144,000 and 1 million.

3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize that many people made the decision to join the Ascension Timeline  / End of Coronavirus Meditation on April 4th/5th and that the critical mass of 144,000 people meditating can be reached and as many as 1 million people participate in the meditation.

Here are the links to the guided audio created by Crack The Belief:

Youtube playlist short link:




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  2. The past night during my meditation for the end of CORONA VIRUS after having concluded the central sun meditation, I went to see (in my mind) the north of Italy: I saw a grey smoke like magma boiling out from the northern regions almost solid in his slow movement, bubbles of dark grey matter scorching the atmosphere.

  3. Thank you!
    Rio de Janeiro = 00h 58min. - Sunday.

  4. I can help with Spanish translations... hit me up


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