Letters to the Pleiadian fleet

Welcoming our star brothers and sisters

Dear one,

We are now here to witness a fundamental shift in the consciousness for all of humanity. The time has come for each one to envision how they can merge in a higher field of light. For each one to manifest that which many have waited for. A key connection to all Loving beings of light, here now to assist us in one of our greatest accomplishments in soul growth and breakthroughs.

Where there is a dream there is a thought, and where there is a thought there is an intent of energy, Which activates sound and light, which sends out a call to all vibrating on the same frequency. Once you initiate this thought and sent it out into the stream of consciousness, you activate that which comes from your true self which is also called your higher self.

With this key connection one is able to fully anchor light from the heart of One. The light and love that has always been within each one. What you will be experiencing while on this journey will bring forth joy, love and the embrace of the most wonderful feelings that you could ever have known or imagine.

Knowing that you are a Conscious being of light, a Co-creator and wisdom keeper through lifetimes of living, brings forth the wisdom and the knowledge for you to merge yourself and your consciousness with those who vibrate on a higher realm of existence. Within these realms there is unconditional love. Think of this as a key to enhancing soul growth and ascension for all on the planet. When we connect within, we are able to feel and to sense all who wish to connect.

All we have to do is ask and we shall receive.

So we ask each one of you to come forth and to visualize how you would like to meet with our star brothers and sisters. Think and feel how you would merge with this loving energy of light. How their light ships will manifest within the earth plane and how all will feel this as a welcoming and a big family reunion.

Envision higher light particles anchoring as you anchor light daily with the help of meditation, by being in nature, eating high vibrational food, anchoring light into all you do each day and bringing in the sacred light and love to all around you with the help of your I am or higher self.

Know that all that you are is pure love and light and once you come back to this realization you can activate the love for all around you. This will assist to create a high vibrational energy sphere of light and will be a key to invite our star brothers and sisters to feel welcomed.

Are you ready? If so, please share your thoughts below by making a comment on this page.

In the Heart of the One of Love, Peace and Joy!

Victory of the Light



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    1. Forgive me, I accidentally deleted my first message. I will try again.

      Beautiful message.
      Thank you very much, it is really heart feeling.
      I feel ready and have waited for this for a long time.
      It is TIME now!
      Welcome Dear Light Family
      Victory of the LIGHT
      LOVEBLISS to humanity and all living beings!!!

    2. Gratitude for your perserverence and your benevolant intentions to draw down our Pleiadian Light fleet for this most joyful Event. Victory of the Light!

    3. Still learning about this. Sometimes it seems odd. Other times it seems normal. Not sure what to think. I want to be ready for the event but am having trouble focusing. Especially when it's hard for me to absorb. Shouldn't be since I'm from Roswell!

  2. Welcome, my Pleiadean brothers and sisters of light. I have been waiting a long time for you to arrive. In my lifetime, I received the gift of pure, unconditional love to experience what it felt like. It felt like nothing on earth! In turn, I welcome you in my memory of pure, unconditional love to Gaia.

  3. Greetings to my Star Family. May all the pain and suffering of the world transmute into healthy lessons for each individual soul and may Christ Conciousness blossom in every soul.Thanks for all the support throughout the Ages. Meeting you will make my Heart Joyful and Blissful!!!

  4. I love this. I am Doro Lilly from Germany. I feel that I am a Pleiadian soul, but i'm still raising my consiciousness. Here in Germany are so bad energies that this is very difficult. I am ready to see and meet you, my Pleiadian sisters and brothers. Sorry for my bad english. Victory for the Light, Peace and Love!

    1. For decades I relied on Omnia, Pleiadian energies for guidance, see Mary Pompeo who was one of the channels now living in Ashevile, North Carolina. Her messages are exactly as this website shares - love and light~!

  5. Dear Beings of Light, thank you for what you have done and what you are doing <3

    When I visualize a public meeting, I first think about a progressive contact. I've got the idea of videos of you, done on the surface of Earth at places where you would be safe, that would go viral and prepare everybody to see different life forms. Maybe, when this time will come you will no longer need particular places to be safe. I hope so. It is not easy to visualize the following in the idea of a public meeting, since I haven't experienced no such things as the welcoming of our light family yet.

    For smaller groups meetings, it's easier to visualize. I think about having a nice time in the mountains or in any area fulfilled with Love and Nature, speaking, playing and pondering great things to manifest on the Earth plane, creating solutions and tools to stay in contact and work together for what we really want to do : a beautiful Earth, loved, and its inhabitants taking care of her. I see this situation, wonderful times, because there will not be anymore the illusion of appearance. Love and Light in bodies, no false things like the brand of the clothes. Working hands in hands, knowing that everything is well now, merging with Love and be fulfilled with the Elixir of Life <3

    I can't wait for it, be well dear ones <3 From my heart to yours, Victory of the Light !!!

    1. Authentic is the word for 2017, no false things
      Vibration of our own light is how we bring them into our world.

  6. Dearest Star Family,

    Although my awareness of being a part of you-being a part of a multidimensional family of light is new to me and came seemingly in an instant (in 3D terms), in my heart and soul I knew that we shared love, faith and hope for healing Mother Gaia, our Solar System and one another.

    As my consciousness continues to expand, I have been introduced to and now have a heartfelt knowledge and love of our extended Galactic family, Ascended (Master) beings, Archangels and the infinite love of our Creator.

    Serving and creating with a higher purpose was now exciting and full of infinite possibilities. I felt a strength and energy like never before. This I now know was my growing awareness of my I AM presence and your loving energy-the loving energy of our star family connecting through space and time.

    Our unity and connection is strongly felt during our meditations for healing, liberation, and ascension for all. Knowing we are manifesting loving energies and sending this out to you to assist you in your planetary and earthly missions brings out a joy, love and intense longing for our reunion…for creating together a New Atlantis, a Golden Age and sharing this with our extended galactic families. An age of LOVE.

    As one in gratitude and loving service.

  7. Eternal gratuity to Goddess Mother & God Father. Blessings to All, thank you for developing & providing this page & service. Greatly appreciated!

    Pleiadian family fleet & the Collective: WELCOME! Multitudes of blessings & thanks for answering our calls...

    Brother Kabamur: Thank you for your revelations & "shining the light on the unknown", ...Love, reverence & welcome to Atlas, Mother Aya, Father Ikai, & Brothers Neioh, Akatu & Laka...

    Brothers Biek, Osh, Shuka, Eipos, & Mos: your musical inspirations have touched, nurtured me as a musician/writer/poet & helped me thru the darkest times of my life..as well as countless millions of others on planet Earth.

    It has become much clearer to me, as to what/where/why/who I AM as an artist & person overall..I am forever grateful to my Earth family, Galactic family, & the Creators, for helping me AWAKEN. I look forward to being of service & hopefully meeting you, Family of Light!

    Something I wrote in the past, for the present & the future..a calling I made to the Light Forces...my poetic blessing to ALL:

    Tu Boda, Su Boda, Mi Boda...Las Bodas del todo del Mundo (Spanish)
    Your Marriage, Their Marriage, All the Marriages of the World (English)

    Aircraft approaching, unidentified
    Anatoly cleared for landing
    Right & closing, left & following
    Sharp the signals, from your body

    I KEEP CHANNELING, 1-2-3, 20-8-5-13
    KEEP CHANNELING, 1-2-3, 20-8-5-13, THEM

    Pitter-pat, your manner
    Almost comedy
    Thanks for relieving my loneliness

    Together, Ascending
    We reach a peak
    Of understanding & accepting individuality

    I KEEP CHANNELING, 1-2-3, 20-8-5-13
    KEEP CHANNELING, 1-2-3, 20-8-5-13, THEM
    MAKE "I", "US", "WE"

    When you're ready
    O'he'e (Cheyenne Tribe, "River")

    I KEEP CHANNELING, 1-2-3, 20-8-5-13
    KEEP CHANNELING, 1-2-3, 20-8-5-13
    MAKE "I", "US", "WE"

    When you're ready...

    1. I am following through with this meditation of numbers, will let you know.

    2. Blessings Carol :) Thank you for doing so, my call to the Lightforces.
      Meant the world to me then & forever will...

      WELCOME FAMILY, WELCOME, WELCOME!...saw the update thru Kabamur's post. Beyond joyful & excited, still processing your messages :) Love & Light Love & Light Love & Light...Thank you all for coming.

      Salutations, respect & thank you to your Lightforce Alliance counterparts, Ashtar Master & the GC, & the Collective...Multitudes of Blessings

  8. Thank you for the connection and I welcome you, E Komo Mai Aloha

  9. I Am glad you are here <3 At Last showing up for theEvent My Love to you and Blessings to All

  10. Querida hermandad estelar mi familia terrestre sufre mucho y quisiera su ayuda para todas las naciones de la tierra, su amor y sus palabras ya son mas necesarias que nunca. Yo estoy lista para ayudar y recibirlos. Para liberar y dejar ir todo lo que ya no tenga que estar. Gracias por su amor y su ayuda, lo necesitamos! Aho'o.

  11. I have connected with you my whole life. I have connected to you even more during our mission here burying the stones. I feel your strong presence always, guiding and protecting me. I feel you close by, in my home, in my soul. I can't wait to reunite with all of you, my galactic family.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  12. I have connected with you my whole life. I have connected to you even more during our mission here burying the stones. I feel your strong presence always, guiding and protecting me. I feel you close by, in my home, in my soul. I can't wait to reunite with all of you, my galactic family.💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  13. Thanks very much to all of my Pleiadian brothers <3

    I can feel your guidance in my everyday's life, and I feel with your help indirectly I managed to create this wonderful blog.

    I am looking forward to meeting you at the First Contact, which I always visualise that it will happen in the UN Headquarter in NYC.

    Victory of the Light!

  14. I will feel grateful to meet you. I feel connected inside. I envision this world finally healing, and coming together in Love/Light. I want to See a World of Light! Light in Every Glance, Love in Every Heart!

  15. Dear Pleiadian Fleet

    You have assisted me many times when I was feeling hopeless. I asked you to reveille your selfs to me, so that I would know for sure that this was all real. I look up at the sky everyday hoping to see you. my heart melts every time I see your rainbow cloud. This was a sign from my loving Pleiadian family shining there light, for my heart can rest peacefully knowing that you are real and all of my dreams will come true. The day I make contact with my loving Star family from above.

    Sincerely Yours
    Caleb Daniel Heier

  16. Dear Brother & Sisters, you've been the first Star Collective I remembered in this incarnation. The love I feel for you is the same today. I am so happy to work hand in hand with you for Planetary Liberation, for we are family :)

    I feel sad that peacefull people like you had to be involved in advanced warfare to deal with the Primary anomaly... and at the same time I'm thankfull for it. For who knows where we would be today without you ♥

    Great Communicator, Artists, Poets of the higher realms, our hearts beat as one as we are united within the depths of our mighty I AM presence. I'm looking forward to our impending meeting face to face - making First Contact a great success !

    Together we shall liberate this planet ! As citizens of the cosmos the doorways of the Earth are wide open to you and your fleet. We know who you are / what you've accomplished on our behalf, and for that I'll be eternally gratefull.

    Loving thoughts *** Adonaï ✡️


    1. Dearest Arbre ,
      It brings me no surprise that I see your inspirational words appear on this Forum. You have been two steps ahead of me along this incredible journey. We are kindred in purpose! My heart is full, my friend.

      To our mutual Pleiadian family,
      I send my deep & sincere Love for ALL our brothers and sisters, from here, our precious Earth, or from those worlds to infinity and beyond. I offer myself to serve alongside with you, our benevolent Pleiadian family, in this movement toward freedom for our enslaved humanity. In perfect alignment with all aspects of LOVE, Honor and Trust, I greet you, dear ones, and know our reunion will be memorable enough to last many days to come. I pledge my heart energy to purpose.
      Victory of the Light!

  17. Hello my fellow Star family, I'm Aquarius, Light worker and warrior who posess a Cintamani Stone and other stones for protection and Ascension, I've always hope to have met you in other Star Races in person and hopefully co exist by your side for better spiritual development and gain more knowledge to live a peaceful life, I meditate but i prefer to be apart of the star family in person to have contact daily if i can't live with you all, i was wanting to ask if we can make contact daily for a lot of important reasons? if so...here are my Coordinates to see me


    hope to see you soon

  18. Dear Pleiadian Family of Love and Light

    I celebrate in each moment with
    Knowing you are close. Thank you for guidance and light and for you are are doing for us here on the planet. Thank you for letting in the light towards the earth plane and for your efforts in anchoring Source Light to all. Thank you for your dedication in all you do!

    May all Hearts feel your light and love!

    May each one be guided to once again be reunited with each one of our star brothers and sisters as we celebrate the new Golden Race in this new era of Love, Peace and Light!

    With Love and Gratitude

  19. To reunite with our families is to see decades-long dreams come true �� To consciously experience contact means the truth of all what has kept us beating will come to manifest right before our eyes ��

    We hope to see our family changing hearts and finally look at us for what we truly are, and thereby recognizing themselves ����

    I invite you, my dearest Pleiadian family, to finally give a hug "for real" ! Lol!

    Much love and gratitude ��

  20. Show me your wings
    Show them in my dreams
    I will learn to fly
    With you on my side.

  21. Well, i'm ready, you can send me a pic for the meeting in dreams/visions or "coincidences" to confirm, but i can imagine where, the car is ready to travel too, like the movie "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" as you did (or another one) sometimes, the last one was 10 days ago :D and it worked

    My real awakening started 6 years ago, damn and was hard, really hard

    Looks is time for a meet, but more important, is time for THE EVENT asap.

    cu & thanks!

  22. Beloved Sisters and Brothers of Light, deeply in the infinite of my heart I wellcome you and feel ready to excahnge with you in order to join our forces for the Victory of Light.
    I send you all my blessings , 💜💗❤️🌌🌅

  23. Greetings Brothers&Sisters! :))

    I am ready for the Contact. 0010110

    with Light&Love,

  24. I appreciate everything and everyone. Thank you fot bringing us the Cosmic love. 🙏❤

  25. Thank you
    Victory of the light ✌✌

  26. My reunion with you, my Star ⭐️ Family, after a lifetime longing, finally is happening now which makes me happy beyond measures: I feel you... sense you in each cell of my body... see you all around me 24/7... the next step is longing to see you in real life!!! I love you and have a deep respect for you!!!

  27. My reunion with you, my Star ⭐️ Family, after a lifetime longing, finally is happening now which makes me happy beyond measures: I feel you... sense you in each cell of my body... see you all around me 24/7... the next step is longing to see you in real life!!! I love you and have a deep respect for you!!!❤️

  28. Queridos hermanos,
    Somos un solo corazón, una sola conciencia, un sólo espíritu, la luz de la luz, el amor del amor, una unidad múltiple perfecta de luz y amor incondicional, multidimensional y eterna. Llegará el feliz día de la realización de nuestro real ser interior, a través del abrazo eterno e infinito, lágrimas de gozo y júbilo se esparcirán por doquier y el universo vibrará con nuestra felicidad, que se expandirá sin límites. Alma de mi alma, ser de mi ser ... seremos uno solo y por toda la eternidad.

  29. Seeing your ships and knowing you are looking forward to meeting us is exciting. I am looking forward to meeting you all. Thank you for all you have done for us here on earth. With much love, respect and gratitude.

  30. I don't know much about how first contact is likely to look but I often visualize it looking like close encounters of the third kind. Being in both complete awe and feeling the most familiarity I have ever experienced. Despite being in awe, not feeling the least bit afraid. Being so grateful that I have been reunited with my family. That I can feel at Home, simply by being with them now. That I have been waiting for so long and Tha everything I have ever done is so we can all be reunited and feel as One again. That we can pour our love over this entire planet and infuse it with Light.

  31. Since the late 70's/early 80's I followed Colonel wendell c stevens revelations of Eduard Meier's ongoing contacts with Semjase, the pleiadian cosmonaut. I wrote a song called Semjase for my VinylEP "Brainchild" Having read all the channeling of barbara marciniak with you our galactic brothers and sisters. I can't wait to know you and especially your arts as a Musician/composer/writer and poet. Much love and blessings to you and I am so glad that you are back in sub lunar space pending the neutralization of the chimera group and the dismantling of the strange let/toplet bombs. we light warriors/lightworkers await you with open arms XXX

  32. And thank you a trillion times for your love !!!

  33. Blessings of love n gratitude to all. Wow i feel as tho I've shared all of your thoughts n feelings n loving intentions as well as visions for just such an amazing occasion so I'm left pondering what more I could possibly add to the beautiful visions already shared. Hmm only more love n continued shared visions n support for all shared visions n expressions I believe, that is for now anyway. I've been lost along time now n just these last few days beginning to feel the overwhelming n beautiful connection n love flowing once again so Bless you n sending all great love n gratitude.

  34. Я благодарю вас за всю вашу помощь нам! Готов к встрече, в любое время дня и ночи, даже во сне, я готов принять с любовью и благодарностью всех вас. Если нужно, готов побыть на сухом голодании чтоб поднять свои вибрации, чтобы вам было легче со мной общаться, если это потребуется. С бесконечной любовью и благодарностью! Жду вас! <3

  35. Hola mis amados hermanos mayores,hace mucho tiempo ansío este momento de encuentro,lo he soñado tanto,no dejo de observar el cielo todo el tiempo,buscándolos allí en alguna parte,en donde siempre sentí que es mi verdadero hogar, aquí estoy aguardando por ese tan anhelado abrazo de luz en nuestro reencuentro,muy ansioso, feliz y vibrando todo mi ser en el amor, bienvenidos sean hermanos.!!

  36. Hola , saludos desde colombia como lesath.salazar@gmail.com , con deseos de servir en lo que pueda con la ayuda de nuestros hermanos pleidianos , gracias

  37. Victory to you and all playing a role in the freeing of Earth and her people we are grateful to all the Love Warriors of Light we all have fought the good fight and look forward to seeing you face to face , sending much love to all....

  38. Sziasztok!

    Nem tudom kik vagytok, én az igazság, szetetet és a jóság oldalán állok, ha ti is akkor kérlek titeket lépjetek velem kapcsolatba személyesen. Nincs saját telkem se házam, de attól még találkozhatunk.
    Én meg tettem az első lépést, ha tényleg azok vagytok, akiknek mondjátok magatokat, akkor hamarosan találkozunk.
    Zsolnai Adrienne

  39. Hello My Pleyadian Star Family! Welcome to Earth!
    I'm ready for the first contact and I'm happy and gratefful for your enlightned presence here!

    Thanks for helping to liberate this planet and your humanity!
    Victory of the Light! See you soon in the EVENT!

  40. Hello star family!! I Am so ready to meet you all and bring forth our light FINALLY💜💜💜

  41. FR et AL : Merci de votre aide, nous avons hate de vous rencontrer et nous vous aimons beaucoup

  42. My star family,thank you for always being so helpful.
    I want to see you soon!

  43. Es ist so aufregend...diese Zeit...so stürmisch und so anders, als alles zuvor. Ich bin dankbar, hier zu sein, auch wenn es manchmal nicht so einfach ist und auch Danke! für eure wunderbare Unterstützung, liebe Plejadische Schwestern und Brüder. Ich freue mich, meine kosmische Familie wieder zu sehen! :-) :-) :-)
    Elexier verbindet uns.

  44. I love you. Looking forward to meet you soon. You know where....

  45. I love you! Looking forward to our first contact! You know where...

  46. Thank you so much for your help! You are giving me hope and a view to a beautiful future we still can have and forget all the suffering of humanity. Some of us really have a hard life, so have our animals and first of all our planet. Cobra said our brothers and sisters do not know how it feels to live with (or without) money, with health issues and our way of dying. I can tell you it is quite horrible. Some of us are able to deal with that in a good way, most of us not or more bad than good. We are waiting for you to meet you and learn a turn to a better life and full understanding of who we are. Thank you very much and we look forward to meet you. That will be a happy day! <3 <3

  47. Dear Star Family, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your unconditional love and support. It is an honor and pleasure to assist within this important time to free planet earth and support this ascension period which is transforming everything into light. I am looking forward to met you again after such a long period of time and suffering on this planet. We are creating a beautiful future for all of us in love, peace and harmony. With your support we will be successful. Thank you for seeding us and always supporting us. Deep blessings and gratitude, thank you, thank you, thank you. VICTORY OF THE LIGHT.

  48. Ihr Lieben, Schwestern und Brüder, wie wunderbar, mit Euch auf diese Weise in Kontakt kommen zu duerfen ❤ Ich stehe mit ganzem Herzen zur Verfügung. Hoffe, dass ich erkenne, wenn Ihr hier seid. Stupst mich bitte an 😊

    1. Brigitta, sehr lieb geschrieben! Genauso fühle ich auch.

  49. Liebe Schwestern und Brüder, ich kann es kaum erwarten Euch in meiner Umgebung persönlich zu begrüssen. Für eure Unterstützung unsere Welt voran zu bringen, bin ich unendlich dankbar. Meine Herzenswünsche: maxbe

    P.S. ich wohne nicht weit von Billy Meier und kenne seine Kontaktgeschichte mit Semjase:


  50. Es ist sooooo schön zu wissen, dass es wunderbare Unterstützung durch EUCH gibt! Ich werde alles tun und bin bereit dafür, mit EURER Hilfe dem großen planetarem Wandel zu geben, was wir ALLE brauchen: LIEBE! Denn....die größte Macht, die keine Macht braucht um mächtig zu sein ist die LIEBE. Ich bin stolz auf EUCH und ich bin stolz darauf, eine Eurer Schwestern sein zu dürfen! Ich freue mich auf ein glückliches Wiedersehen mit Euch!!!!

  51. Yes, Star Family, I love you and I'm ready.

  52. Waiting for You...

    Hear My Poem
    Energy of Love
    Calling All Brothers
    And Sisters from Above
    Shine Your Light
    On this Humanity
    Bring forth Goodness
    For All the world to see
    My Light and Your's
    One in the Same
    Beauty in the Truth
    For the Higher gain
    Of Wisdom and Knowledge
    With the Stellar Brain
    No more suffering
    No more pain
    Free to Live
    On the Higher Plane
    With the BrotherHood of Light
    In the Father's Name

    Little Sparrow

  53. Through Art
    Through Poetry
    Through Beauty
    Through Kindness
    Through Gratitude
    Through Sharing
    Through Oneness
    Through Love
    I Am

  54. I miss you all!!! Let us meet very soon! Much love!

  55. Dearest pleadian fleet everyday that goes by we grow closer to the event and first contact with you worldwide in how it will be beyond words wen earth is liberated frum the dark forces and all light is reunited in love ,till we meet on the physical plane I will hold you in my heart


  56. I am Cristian from Romania. I appreciate and love you very much, our galactic brothers and sisters. I will gladly expect to see you at the big event soon.


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