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  1. My system does not register PalPal does not accept passwords. Please send money to the Western Union system in my name and surname the country and city of Baranovichi

  2. We are working at a new financial system reactivating the Treasuries of the Creator RA bringing them into a banking system of new type headed by the International Treasury of Civil Society"Light Great Russia(RUS)"transforming the society up to the recommendations of VEDAS,structuring the community up to 4 main equal casts(1-teachers(gurus),2-defenders,3-enterprisers,4-workers)-main types of social activity.We are ready to finance and support all essencial projects of lightworkers with our Treasury Bills backed with gold(XAU).

    1. Dear Merle!
      Is this already possible NOW? we are all waiting for the RV and the GCR so that the redemption of the historical bonds can finally start and implement our projects!
      I also have some projects here in Germany that I would like to realize!

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  3. Thank you for your action to help all those who can not participate financially because 5 € for some, anywhere in this world, sometimes is a significant sum.
    We are moving towards a better world that gives me courage and hope, something I doubted I could ever see.
    Thank you to everyone who helps those who need it.
    Breath of life (Souffle de Vie)

  4. I am very sorry that no one helped me, did not send me money to buy silver. I am very sorry that they deceived me, promised help and did not give me. I am very sorry that my requests for help on the Cobra Portal! 2 website are also blocked and will not be allowed to access. I am sorry that the lightworkers are so greedy and unkind. People with disabilities will not even help with money for food.
    These are the two-faced people who write beautifully about good and light, and themselves behave ugly from greed and pride. I understood what your words are worth.

  5. Não recebi a ajuda, esforcei-me e comprei, Deus vai ajuda-me a pagar. Gratidão a todos, Luz e paz para humanidade.


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