Meditation for Hurricane Maria every 4 hours

Hurricane Maria has reached Catrgory 5 and is due to hit Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands on Tuesday evening.,15.39,2339

Therefore, those who feel guided to help more, can do the same Daily Meditation with major focus on Hurricane Maria in any (or all) of the 4 hour intervals as follows:

On Tuesday at:

12:30 PM EDT
4:30 PM EDT
8:30 PM EDT

Then on Wednesday

12:30 AM EDT
4:30 AM EDT
8:30 AM EDT
12:30 PM EDT

Here is the interval meditation time schedule:


Europe, Asia and Australia: 

You can convert EDT to your local time zone here:

Instructions for this meditation and the link to our FaceFacebook event can be found here:

Victory of the Light!


  1. Let's keep the positive momentum of planetary going and even increasing!

    Join us DAILY at 2pm, 4pm and 4:30pm UTC for the Chimera, Ascension and Hurricane meditations:
    Prepare For Change meditations on Discord

  2. Something is not right, maybe it's me, i don't know, but in the meditation (2:30am) i felt that this hurricane is more powerful and strong than irma, more more strong or maybe we need more people

    After the meditation i tried to "play" with the information and i get this:
    I saw the eye in satellite view, then i "jumped" in the middle of the hurricane, i was "flying" like a ghost, touched the "clouds", i felt the energy of the high-speed winds around me i get a reaction from this "hurricane" like he was saying "im angry and i don't know why"

    Weird hahaa

  3. I've been on 6 of the 7 meditations. It seems like Maria just keeps getting stronger.


    We have gone from Maria being Cat 5 to Cat 2 so let's keep going!

  5. what about 9/21 ? meditations for hurricane every 4 hours?

  6. what about today thursday meditation schedule?


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