Attn: Lightwork Today, Help Calm Earthshaking Shifts and Changes

Well, dear Light Workers and Light Warriors there's a lot going on here on Mother Earth and in sub-lunar space. We continue to hold the Light and Meditate. The next two weeks will be very interesting.
Please check the Active Meditations Page and join in as as many meditations as you can!
Together the Light we create is powerful! 

Our team is working on Healing and Protection Meditations, please make sure you bookmark this page and subscribe so you can get the latest updates. Much love and healing sent to all who are feeling attacks and illnesses.

The Earth has been shaking so today please plan to take 16 minutes to help calm our Mother, allowing her to release the pressures with as little harm as possible.

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake struck off Alaska's Kodiak Island early today, prompting a tsunami warning sending some residents fleeing to higher ground, and concerning those who on the west coast. However that tsunami warning was cancelled.

There was also a 6.0 in Java, Indonesia, 5.5 in Solomon Islands, 4.9 off the coast of Peru, a 4.0 off shore Oaxaca, Mexico, a 5.0 Southern East Pacific Rise, a 4.4 in northern Colombia, and smaller shaking around the world, including at the Iran-Iraq border, Turkey, and off the coast of Ecuador.

Alaska has been experiencing a number of aftershocks.

In Japan, an eruption of a volcano (that had not been predicted to erupt!) near a ski resort killed one and injured 17 others. A blessing on his passing and healing prayer sent to all those injured.

update: after first publishing of this blog today, we have been informed that in the Phillipines, the Mayon volcano is erupting and there are two more volcanoes that are active. Please keep this area covered in Light and Love.

Please join us in sending Love, Light, and Calming to Mother Earth across the ley lines and to all her inhabitants at 4 pm UTC (this is 11 am EST in USA & also Bogota time for those in S America)And do share this meditation (and our others) with your groups.

Thank you dear Lightworkers for continuing to HOLD the LIGHT! Together we ARE changing our world!

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NOTE: ON SUNDAYS—this Meditation is done  at 4:30 after the 4 PM Ascension Meditation

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