Meditation update

Here is an update on a number of meditations:

Winter Storm Grayson

Winter Storm Grayson is currently hitting the East Coast of the United States. It is the major storm since Hurricane Sandy, which destroyed lots of people's homes and left them without electricity for weeks.

The storm has intensified on Thursday and caused a state of emergency in Florida, Georgia, Virginia and North Carolina.

It has caused significant snowfall and is expected to continue over the weekend.

Therefore, please include this in the Natural and Man-made Disasters Meditation at 4 PM GMT from Monday to Saturday and at 4:30 PM GMT on Sunday if you feel so guided.

Otherwise, it will still be great to send violet flame and pink goddess Light to everyone effected by the storm.

Meditation for Myanmar

The condition of Rohingya refugees in Myanmar is still very critical.

According to the report from International Crisis Groups (ICG), although the Bangladesh and Myanmar governments had agreed to start bringing refugees back home by the end of January, most refugees are unlikely to return “unless Myanmar restores security for all communities, grants the Rohingya freedom of movement as well as access to services and other rights, and allows humanitarian and refugee agencies unfettered access.” 

The following video has explained very well what the Rohingya people have been through since 1960s and why they need our attention and support.

Therefore, please keep doing the meditation for Rohingya refugee in Myanmar daily at 12:30 PM GMT if you wish.

Meditation for Emery Smith

Since the condition of Emery Smith has improved significantly, we are proposing to stop doing the mass meditation for Emery Smith from now on.

However, you are welcome to do the meditation at your own time for any whistleblowers if you feel so guided.

Otherwise, you can also help Emery by donating to his survival fund.

A very nice guided audio for Weekly Ascension Meditation

Finally, here is an excellent guided audio for the Weekly Ascension Meditation created by the International Golden Age Group that worth promoting.

Victory of the Light!


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  2. Very beautiful meditation created by Golden Age group. It really touched my heart and emotions. Thank you so much! Light Blessings!


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