Urgent Request for Isis Astara – Time Sensitive! (Updated)

Here is an urgent request from Cobra for Isis Astara who has unfortunately left the physical plane:

So if you feel so guided, please visualize her safe passage through the plasma plane to the higher non-physical planes and surround her in white and pink Light, Love and protection at any time you can.


We will be visualising her safe passage to the higher planes and wrapping her in white and pink Light, Love and also sending her protective energies at our regular 4 hour intervals for the already proposed Meditation for Isis Astara. Please join us, if you feel so guided.

Here is our facebook event: 

Time schedule: 

Friday Feb 2Saturday Feb 3Sunday Feb 4

Time zoneCity#1#2#3#4#5#6
HASTHonolulu02/02 05:30p02/02 09:30p02/03 01:30a02/03 05:30a02/03 09:30a02/03 01:30p
PSTLos Angeles02/02 07:30p02/02 11:30p02/03 03:30a02/03 07:30a02/03 11:30a02/03 03:30p
MSTDenver02/02 08:30p02/03 12:30a02/03 04:30a02/03 08:30a02/03 12:30p02/03 04:30p
CSTChicago02/02 09:30p02/03 01:30a02/03 05:30a02/03 09:30a02/03 01:30p02/03 05:30p
ESTNew York02/02 10:30p02/03 02:30a02/03 06:30a02/03 10:30a02/03 02:30p02/03 06:30p
BRSTRio de Janeiro02/03 01:30a02/03 05:30a02/03 09:30a02/03 01:30p02/03 05:30p02/03 09:30p
UTCReykjavik02/03 03:30a02/03 07:30a02/03 11:30a02/03 03:30p02/03 07:30p02/03 11:30p
GMTLondon02/03 03:30a02/03 07:30a02/03 11:30a02/03 03:30p02/03 07:30p02/03 11:30p
CETBerlin02/03 04:30a02/03 08:30a02/03 12:30p02/03 04:30p02/03 08:30p02/04 12:30a
EETCairo02/03 05:30a02/03 09:30a02/03 01:30p02/03 05:30p02/03 09:30p02/04 01:30a
MSKMoscow02/03 06:30a02/03 10:30a02/03 02:30p02/03 06:30p02/03 10:30p02/04 02:30a
ICTBangkok02/03 10:30a02/03 02:30p02/03 06:30p02/03 10:30p02/04 02:30a02/04 06:30a
CSTTaipei02/03 11:30a02/03 03:30p02/03 07:30p02/03 11:30p02/04 03:30a02/04 07:30a
JSTTokyo02/03 12:30p02/03 04:30p02/03 08:30p02/04 12:30a02/04 04:30a02/04 08:30a
AEDTSydney02/03 02:30p02/03 06:30p02/03 10:30p02/04 02:30a02/04 06:30a02/04 10:30a
NZDTAuckland02/03 04:30p02/03 08:30p02/04 12:30a02/04 04:30a02/04 08:30a02/04 12:30p

Here you can find all countdown timers (scroll down a bit): 

Victory of the Light!


  1. (read with music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wt0KCv2p1gc)

    dearly beloved fellow Earth beings,

    each lifetime that we experience passes in the blink of an eye ... and these heartfelt events remind us to cherish every moment we get to share love with each other ...
    even after passing over we can connect with our beloved beings through thought and feeling, or telepathy ... and we can find solace in other people and animals on this Earth plane ...

    i remember incarnating in this lifetime, as well as multiple previous lifetimes, and also discarnating as well, including the whole "experience" around this process ...
    it is interesting to note that once we are no longer attached to our body, and we do not carry around large loads of trauma, we are easily "pulled" or "attracted" towards our next "station" or "mission", without any interference ...

    i have found that there are not that many people (or "beings") weighed down by heavy energies (sometimes refered to as "karma"), who do need some extra help in being guided to the right place for the next adventure ...
    there have even been several movie depictions of "being trapped" inbetween this realm and beyond the veil (the "summerland") in detail, yet i see so few people realize the countless helping hands (sometimes refered to as "angels", or "spiritual guides") that are constantly at play to guide us on our path, whether incarnated or not ...

    sometimes it is part of the Divine Plan to generate an abundance of Love in very unexpected and mysterious ways, that actually accelerates this process of Earth Light infusion ...
    challenging experiences and especially loss of life and loved ones can either create a long-lasting tear in our electromagnetic integrity, or it can propel us to a heightened sense of Self, self-mastery, mindfulness, and self-empowerment ...

    from my perspective we are all here to both experience the polarity of this duality and go through this experiment of remembering our own light through the darkness (veil) so that we can ground more of Our Light, the Light of Self, into this Earthly realm, lifting up the vibrations of our experience through our emotional states and mental attitudes ...

    let us take every opportunity to keep on remembering our Light, shining and sharing our Light, and acting in, of, from, and through our Light, every chance we get!
    as this is how we transform our lives and our world into the magnificent realm that so dearly reflects the heavenly summerland that lies only one veil away ...

  2. I feel protected with Archangel Michael 💙 he has helped me some times when i needed much assistance 🙏 I read that Archangel Michael want you to drop all fear ( and have faith ) and I Believe he Help 💙

    Thank you so very much ✨ Archangel Michael 💙 💗 feel free to connect with any Angel ✨or Lightbeing / s ✨

    Ask how much and how many times you like 🌱

    In Meditations I ask so many times for Assistance for me / us 💗 Recently I have a draw to Connect with Dou Mu and Quan Yin
    But i feel free to change and go what my heart tells.

    and if any color / intention comes up may we go with that for a moment or longer - let your heart and instict guide.

    if it feels good, good color / intention imo do not interfere with the specific Meditation we are suppose to do - your color and my color can be Beautiful together


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