Petition and declaration for direct physical intervention

According to Cobra, we have shifted to Gamma timeline since May. This timeline is about direct physical intervention by the Light Forces.

In the aforementioned post there is a link to the petition to call for liberation of planet Earth with cooperation from benevolent forces originating beyond the surface of this planet, such as the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Agarthians and the Resistance Movement.

This petition was created in December 2013 and has been reactivated now so that the awakened population can express their wishes for more direct intervention of the Light Forces.

Therefore, please sign this petition if you wish, and make the link to this petition viral, to get as many signatures as possible, as soon as possible.

You may also use the following declaration of physical intervention in your meditation routine, in order to strengthen our intention and free will in asking for physical intervention from Light Forces to correct the situation on Earth.

Here is the text of the declaration:
"I call upon the Light Forces to bring justice and healing to the situation on Earth.

I call upon Pleaidians, Arcturians, Sirians, Angelic Realm, Agarthans.

Enough is enough. We humanity ask for physical intervention.

So be it and so it is!"

If you feel so guided, you can also do the 0010110 decree meditation daily at 2:20 PM UTC

We received this code through Asian contacts as a key to accelerating The Event. It is recommended to use it as a meditation tool to focus our intention towards achieving this goal. Combining it with Light Mandalas also greatly enhances its function. It’s a binary key code to alignment with the power of the Galactic Central Sun. It also expresses a “Zero Point Function” wherein 001 and 110 are mirrored inverse resulting in the central “zero” alignment with the Source centre.

Here is the link to the Facebook event for this meditation.

And the link to the guided audio.

Victory of the Light!