Daily Emergency Meditation Focus: Venezuela power outage

Since March 7th, the people of Venezuela, already suffering from political unrest, shortages of food and other basic supplies, are now also suffering from the worst power outage in decades. It has affected 21 of the 23 Venezuelan states.

This blackout has caused crises in hospitals. Schools and most business activities have been suspended, and people are trying to cope with the situation in whatever ways they can.



There is a tremendous amount of unrest and hardship across the country. This long period of blackout left food (already scarce) rotting in refrigerators. The hospitals are struggling to keep vital equipment operating.


Although electricity is being restored gradually across the country, the situation remains critical.

Therefore, we suggest including this situation in Venezuela in our daily Emergency Meditation at 2 PM UTC.


We can visualize electricity to be restored across the country as soon as possible, so that people's lives can return to more normal functioning during this time of political unrest. We can also visualize Venezuela being purified in Violet Flame, which will help to restore peace and assist a peaceful resolution that is good for the people.

If you feel guided, you can visualize the electricity grid across the country to be embraced with Light and being protected from further damage as well.

Victory of the Light!


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