Urgent! Meditation to stabilize the financial system every 4 hours

Many people would agree that the current financial system is in deep trouble that no one has seen before. They are aware of the problems caused by central banks and the elites around the world.


In September, the shocks in repo market were just the tip of the iceberg signs of the underlying systemic instability of the financial system.


Meanwhile, another crash in repo market may happen soon.


Although the Federal Reserve continues to create new money to support stocks and bonds market, it is just creating another bubbles which will go bust in the near future.


At the same time, many wealthy people are buying physical gold to hedge against the uncertainty in financial markets.


And many big corporations are bracing for the economic recession ahead. The recent announcements of cost cutting in Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and HSBC are just the tip of the iceberg.




Currently, the financial system is VERY unstable and is close to a crash. Even though many of us are expecting the system to burst in the near future, any abrupt crash of the system may lead to unexpected consequences. It would favour the Black Nobility Families to hijack the original plan and impose their plan to consolidate their power and to introduce a global and centralized digital financial system that will have total control over people's finances.



If this happened, the plan of the Light  Forces for the financial reset will be delayed.

Therefore, the Light Forces are making a suggestion via Cobra that an urgent meditation every 4 hours is needed to stabilize the current financial system, especially Deutsche bank, JP Morgan, the Federal Reserve and the repo market, as well as all people and other financial institutions involved.

We will be doing  the meditation from December 12th at 1 PM UTC, and then every 4 hours at the following times:
  • 1 AM UTC
  • 5 AM UTC
  • 9 AM UTC
  • 1 PM UTC
  • 5 PM UTC
  • 9 PM UTC
The following table shows the interval times of the meditation for selected time zones:

day beforeactual day next day

Time zoneCity#1#2#3#4#5#6
PSTLos Angeles05p09p01a05a09a01p
ESTNew York08p12a04a08a12p04p
BRTRio de Janeiro10p02a06a10a02p06p

According to the Light Forces via Cobra, this meditation is the top priority above all other meditations until the Age of Aquarius Activation and therefore it needs to be done every 4 hours.


Here is the link to the Facebook event for this meditation (updated):


Here is the Youtube guided audio playlist for this meditation:


Instructions (Suggested time of the meditation is 15 minutes):

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to bring the Light to the global financial system and to stabilize it.

 3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize the St Germain's violet flame purifying all people and institutions involved in the current financial system, especially Deutsche bank, JP Morgan, the Federal Reserve and the repo market.

5. Visualize a brilliant white Light shining on everyone, every financial institution and all situations in the current financial system.

If you feel guided, you can place the silver coins you purchased at the Silver Trigger Activation in your hands when doing this meditation.

You can also put your Silver coins on a purple Flower of Life mandala when doing this meditation.

Or you can use the purple Flower of Life mandala from the following links:




Victory of the Light!


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Meditation for stabilizing financial system every 4 hours, the most important meditation to do until the Age of Aquarius Activation on January 11th/12th, 2020


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  2. Bringing light into a situation is always good.
    The dark ones intend to install a worse system out of chaos.



  4. Hi We Love Mass Meditation,

    Good work..but:
    As far as I can read and understand from Cobra 2012 portal, it's not a "stabilizing meditation" Cobra is asking for. This must be something that one of you from the "We Love Mass Meditation", have raised a different wish for, I think.

    Cobra writes: "This activation helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to finally trigger the process that will start the long awaited Age of Aquarius."

    So it's not as such a "stabilizing meditation", but more a just faster "trigger of the process" -meditation. Cobra writes about of the massive astrological configuration on January 11th/12th, that are calling for huge time changes. I believe it's also to make it easy for the Light forces to operate in this weird realm when the crash goes down in the banking and financing- system. And to kind of "authorizing the operation" on the surface to take over the computers of the banking and financing system .

    Hope it makes sense.. Victory of the light.


    1. This is another meditation, before the mass meditation wich will be hold as a mass event worldwide, when we need more light groups and special Lightworkers with true intention, on january 11/12, 2020 ! This meditation to stabilize the actual financiar system is due to the deep turbulences and instable situation occured meanwhile, and as I know, the owner of this wonderful mediatation blog (as I saw in a comment section on Facebook), and as I know for sure, he has discussed previously with Cobra to hold this meditation, and he followed all instructions from Cobra ! so, it was the wish of Cobra to do this separate meditation, but as you can see it is a top priority instead ! it has nothing to do with the meditation from 2020 (for that we need to be more prepared and share promotional videos to reach the mass meditation aid, the critical mass !) for now, please gather with us in this meditation to stabilize the financial system, at any hour you can in daily basis, even every 4 hours per day, until we have the info that it is an urgent action and request ! Victory of the Light !

  5. Anyway, one thing that"According to the Light Forces via Cobra, this meditation is the top priority above all other meditations until the Age of Aquarius Activation "is true is very important now!

  6. A meditação em massa estabilizará o Sistema Financeiro em favor dos trabalhadores e guerreiros da Luz. E assim chegaremos sob as ondas de luz do Grande Sol Central, que permeiará o Sistema Financeiro, à Era de Áquario, tão esperada...

  7. Yo haré las meditaciones. De todos modos ,la hago todos los días sin saber que había q hacerla ahora. Gracias gracias gracias victoria de la Luz. Quién como Dios? Nadie podrá ganar al todo. Nunca más. Creemos con nuestro poder de intención firmemente autosostenibilidad. Que la luz se mantenga constantemente allí en todo lo q es necesario. Hecho esta. Gracias gracias gracias. He dicho y así es.


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