Meditation at the exact time of the maximum of the lunar eclipse on July 5th at 4:29 AM UTC

On Sunday, July 5th, there will be a penumbral lunar eclipse. This lunar eclipse will be visible from the whole of North America, as well as South America, the eastern Pacific Ocean, the western Atlantic Ocean, and extreme western Africa.

In terms of astrology, the main planetary influence on lunar eclipse comes from Mercury and Uranus would be positive. There should be positive changes, new discoveries, and exciting news.

We would like to use this opportunity to do a meditation. It will be held at the exact time of the maximum of the lunar eclipse on Sunday, July 5th at 4:29 AM UTC. 

This table shows the time of the meditation for selected time zones:


Time zone


Saturday July 4

06:29 pm



09:29 pm


Los Angeles

10:29 pm



11:29 pm



Sunday July 5

12:29 am


New York

01:29 am


Rio de Janeiro

04:29 am



05:29 am



06:29 am



06:29 am



07:29 am



11:29 am



12:29 pm



01:29 pm



02:29 pm



04:29 pm



Here is the event time announcer for many cities: 

You can find the time of this meditation in your local time zone from the following link:

Here is the link of the Facebook meditation event for this meditation:

Here is the Youtube guided audio playlist for this meditation:

Instructions (Suggested time of this meditation is 20 minutes):

1. Use your own technique to bring yourself to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of Ascension for planet Earth and her inhabitants.

3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.

4. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through Alcyone Pleiadian stargate, then going through the Sirius stargate, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

5. Visualize the Violet Flame purifying all human beings on the Earth's surface, liberating them from all programming, control and suppression. Visualize all negative behaviors and mind programming of the dark forces being removed from humanity, and all implants that had been placed into the surface population being completely dissolved.

6. Visualize all physical Sisterhood of the Rose groups, Lightwarriors and Lightworkers around the planet working together in harmony towards the planetary liberation.

7. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle of the Age of Aquarius beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

Victory of the Light!

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