New Meditation for Catalonia

Since the Catalonia referendum on October 1st, the Spanish central government have taken a number of hostile actions against the Catalan government.

After the Spanish government intend to activate the Article 155 on Friday, Catalan parliament made the move to votes for independence and the independence motion was passed with 70 votes in favor, 10 against, and two blank ballots.

The vote led to a celebration among thousands of independence supporters cheering in the streets in Barcelona, the region's capital.

Now the Spanish Senate approves the application of 155 in Catalonia by 214 votes in favor, which is 83% of the Chamber.

Therefore, we are going to continue with our meditation for Catalonia to help to manifest a peaceful environment so that negotiation between both sides can take place, and that the best outcome regarding the independence of Catalonia can be menifested.

This meditation will be held at 3:30 PM GMT until the situation improves and that both parties have reached a peaceful solution.

Here is the link to our facebook event:

Event time announcer:

You can convert GMT time zone to your local time zone here:

Also, please be aware that the 2017 Daylight Saving Time for European countries are going to end over this weekend. As a result, time for meditation for people in these countries will be affected. You can check when the time changes for your city here.

Instructions: (Suggested time of this meditation is 15 minutes)

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness

2. State your intent to bring peace and healing to the situation in Spain and especially Catalonia.

3. Visualize a beam of Light emanating from your Soul Star chakra (8 inches / 20 centimeters above your head) into the Soul Star chakras of everybody meditating

4. Visualize the now collective beam of Light expanding into the Earth energy grid and reaching Spain, connecting with Soul Star chakras of everyone involved in the situation in there, harmonizing them and inspiring them to find a peaceful solution.

It is also very important for people in Spain to be aware that we will be supporting them with this meditation so that the energy of Light we send will be received and will be able to ease the situation.

Goddess wants peace and peace it will be!



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