[Recreating Balance] 2017-10-23: Gaia & Yaldabaoth/Plasma Parasites - Detachment Meditation

Below is an excellent meditation suggested by my friend Untwine, which aims to detach Gaia (Earth) from the Yaldabaoth and the two wormlike plasma parasites on all time/space dimensions & planes.

As per Untwine's suggestion, we will do this meditation as a group once a week on Sunday at 3:45 PM GMT before the Weekly Ascension Meditation.

A Facebook event has been set up for this new weekly meditation:


Here is the guided audio Youtube playlist for this meditation (updated):


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Reference: http://recreatingbalance1.blogspot.co.uk/2017/10/gaia-yaldabaothplasma-parasites.html


I'm posting here below a powerful article written by two dear friends of mine :


In Cobra's post on October 12th he referenced the article the War on Consciousness :

This comment is posed in the article: How do we win this war? We fight the Archons like the ancient Gnostics did: with knowledge, wisdom and detachment.

In trying to understand ways of detaching Gaia from the Yaldabaoth, Cobra was asked if the figure 8 meditation for cutting the ties by Phyllis Krystal could be used. Cobra responded, excellent idea!

Cobra also suggested including the two plasma wormlike parasites with the Yaldabaoth entity. They are mentioned here:

This mediation can be done individually or as a group. If doing it alone, it is best to do the meditation for 2 minutes when you wake in the morning and right before you go to sleep. The group meditation will be held once a week on Sunday at 3:45pm GMT prior to the weekly mediation.


Gaia & Yaldabaoth/Plasma Parasites- Detachment Meditation:

Bring yourself to a relaxed state of consciousness. Connect with your I AM presence.

State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to speed up the process of detaching Gaia from the Yaldabaoth and the two wormlike plasma parasites on all time/space dimensions & planes.

Visualize two golden circles in a figure 8 on the ground in front of you.

In the center of the gold circle nearest to you, visualize "Gaia" written in beautiful flowers that grow from the ground of the circle.

Across from Gaia's circle, visualize the other gold circle with Yaldabaoth and the two wormlike plasma parasites on the ground.

Fill each circle with the essence of each being, feel them settled on the ground before you. Have the circles touching but not overlapping.

Starting at the point where the two circles touch, visualize a brilliant neon blue light flowing around the Yaldabaoth and two wormlike plasma parasites in a clockwise direction (flowing from the left up around to the right) on the ground until the entire circle is outlined in brilliant blue light.

From the point where the two circles touch, let this neon blue light continue to flow around the left side of Gaia's circle, moving counter clockwise along the ground around Gaia and back to where the two circles touch to create a full figure 8. Keep this brilliant neon blue light flowing around the figure 8 for 2 minutes.

As the light continues to flow, feel Gaia, Yaldabaoth, the two plasma wormlike parasites and the brilliant blue light, anchored to the ground.

Now see Arch Angel Michael's brilliant blue ray of light cutting the ties and detaching the two circles, releasing Gaia from the Yaldabaoth and plasma parasites. Give thanks for all of the lessons learned and to all beings who have assisted in freeing Gaia.

Victory of the Light!

Link to Cutting the Ties Figure 8:


The whole meditation usually takes approximately 4 minutes. Some key things to keep the meditation most effective are

1) Keeping all aspects of the meditation (Gaia, Yaldabaoth/Parasites, and blue light) on the ground

2) Maintaining a healthy neon blue color around the figure 8.

by : Sonja and Sequoia


  1. A Victory Of The Light, I Am With You For Mass Meditation

  2. Excellent! I'm so happy and honored to be able to participate in these global meditations! I feel such joy and love and bliss!


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