Winter Solstice Meditation Final Update and Reminder

In less than 13 hours, we will be doing the Winter Solstice Meditation at the exact time of the solstice, which is at 4:28 PM on December 21st.

Thanks again for the efforts of everyone doing any of the Multidimensional Portal Meditations over the last 4 days, the energies are rising because of your efforts. This set us up nicely for one of the most important meditations this year.

There were a couple of interesting updates from Corey Goode on Monday, warning us the possibility of partial disclosure.

Although Cobra has already mentioned in the past that only a FULL disclosure is accepted, it is also down to us to use our group consciousness to state our intention to have this and The Event as soon as possible.

Therefore, it is a perfect opportunity for us to use the Winter Solstice meditation to call for a full disclosure.

You can find the time for the meditation in your timezone from the link below:

Below is the guided audio for this meditation in English.

An alternative version can be found here:

Guided audio for this meditation has also been made available in other languages and can be found in the link below:

You can do the meditation with other Lightworkers and Lightwarriors at coeo:

Or on the Discord (on-the-go meditation) Platform:

And here is the link to join this meditation event on Facebook:

Below are the instructions for the Winter Solstice Meditation:

1. Relax your body, emotions, and mind by focusing on your breath or in any other way that works for you.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to bring peace, justice, freedom, and abundance to Planet Earth and her inhabitants.

3. Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System, through the Sun and the Moon and then through your Soul Star Chakra and through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Now visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of Gaia up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our solar system and our galaxy.

5. You are now standing in two pillars of light. The light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of light active for a few minutes.

6. Visualize a vortex of brilliant white Light descending from the I AM presence into the soul star chakra of every lightworker on Earth. Visualize the higher selves of the 144,000 activating as they awaken to their respective missions.

7. Visualize a vortex of brilliant white Light descending from the I AM presence into the soul star chakra of every human being on Earth and into their energy fields and personalities, awakening them to the reality of Light, giving them the power to finally set themselves free from darkness.

8. See this collective beam of light expanding itself into the Earth’s Light Grid, and connecting to the heart of Gaia.

9. See every living being on Earth connecting to their soul families and spiritual guides as this collective beam of light spreads out along the energy grid of the Earth.

10. See this Light continue to expand throughout the Earth and throughout the entire solar system, connecting to the soul star chakras of the Agarthans, the Ashtar Command, the Pleiadians, the Sirians, the Andromedans, the Arcturians, the Lyrans, the Galactic Confederation, and all beings of light who are guiding and supporting humanity through Earth’s Ascension.

11. See the  Goddess energy spiraling down through all these layers of expanding Light, bringing peace, harmony, and liberation to Planet Earth.

Please also join us in the Multidimesional Portal meditation at 2:30 PM GMT if possible, which use the same instructions as the Winter Solstice Meditation.

As I mentioned in the last update before, we will skip the Natural and Man-made Disasters Meditation at 4 PM today, so that people can take a rest beforehand and have their full focus on the Winter Solstice meditation.

You can also say the 0010110 Decree before or after any of these meditation, which will be done at the end of each meditation on Discord.

More information about the Winter Solstice and Multidimensional Portal meditations can be found in the links below:

Victory of the Light!


  1. Hello good people of wlmm,

    I wish you all a very beautifull solsetice meditation. May your intention to bring in peace, justice, freedom, and abundance to Planet Earth and her inhabitants come true.

    I my self was guided to plant violets and a skimmia to reinforce the energys of friendship family kinschip and most of all growth. This added to my daily intent to be the best me I can be. So my "job" for the day is already done :-) Back to doing the dishes walking the dog and spending my afternoon with my sick dad.

    I wish you well on your Path of Light. Take good care of your self and joyfull chrismasblessing to you all.


  2. Reconnect with your Self when enduring strong winds of change; our recent experience

    * What on Earth happened to PFC on Discord?

    Many people were wondering what happened to our Meditations on-the-go and Healings platform with a few hundred members.

    Recently one of our valued in-real-life PFC group members with great potential, who graciously took the initiative to create a Discord server for us, had a change of heart and decided to take down the entire server, with many hours of work by our team lost in the process.
    We quickly scurried to recreate the server from scratch, and updated all the referrer links, and were able to bounce back from this situation within a week in a somewhat operational state.

    Right now we're truly back, on a much more solid ground, and in a fully operational state, with various new additions to boot!
    We heartfully welcome you back on our new server, especially for those who felt a little lost in the last few weeks.

    * How do we turn a disaster into a victory?

    These setbacks in life can teach us to be stronger in ourselves and be closer connected with our Higher Self, to be more present and persistent in our ability to embody a loving, compassionate, empathic, merciful and forgiving energy and expression.
    That is why we encourage everyone to use these setbacks and difficulties as opportunities to strengthen your own boundaries and to be creative in finding ways to work together with other Lightworker, Lightwarriors and spiritual groups who have the same goal in mind, embracing the element of unification.

    And especially, to not focus so much on the small differences, and return the focus to the most important task and goal at hand, which is working together to make life more wonderful on Earth, both on the short-term as well as on the long-term.
    Just like in meditation, we bring our attention back to our breath, and to the present moment, when we are distracted by thoughts, so that we train the mind to be more attuned to our natural state of being.

    * What can you expect to find on our meditation platform?

    We appropriately named our new server Prepared For The Change, as we are in the state of readiness for any big shifts to occur in our own lives as well as in the world at large, and feel fully confident to find the solutions needed to make life easier for everyone involved.

    Most importantly, we continue to host our wide range of Daily Guided meditations, in line with the We Love Mass Meditation blog, as well as our Ubuntu Healing circle, which is focused on someone in need, including everyone in our group.

    * Why on Earth are you guys still doing meditations? Isn't it time for action?

    Alongside the various physical initiatives that are of course essential to manifest change in the world, we have found that it is quint-essential to keep building the energetic structure and foundation for positive and long-lasting change, first and foremost by us doing our "inner work", following our heart's calling, and further amplified by these wonderful global guided meditations that focus on what we want to see in the world at large.

    * Let us create Portals of Unification!

    What would the world be like if everyone would create unification initiatives?
    I've taken the liberty to create a small webpage that links to all the primary mass meditation initiatives, not only for easy navigation and a clear overview, but to set the tone of unification and collaboration, and to create an energy of inspiration for everyone to hopefully include other like-minded and like-hearted initiatives into their own sharing space, blogs or works of art.

    Doing so, not expecting or asking for any credit, profit or advertisement, but for the sheer beauty of sharing, and to further build the energy of Global collaboration and unification!
    Let us pro-mote Unity! <3

    Prepare For Change mass meditation initiatives portal


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