Urgent meditation for Isis Astara

* Update Sunday January 28:
3 meditation options: please scroll down

Here is an urgent request from Cobra for Isis Astara who is now in hospital in critical condition. 

We will do a meditation for her in the next hour at 7:30 PM UTC to help her recovering from this critical condition, and then every 4 hours in the next two days. Time for this meditation may be revised depending on her situation in the coming days.

Here is our facebook event:

Time schedule: 

Sunday / following days:

03:30 am UTC - #1
07:30 am UTC - #2
11:30 am UTC - #3

03:30 pm UTC - #4
07:30 pm UTC - #5
11:30 pm UTC - #6

Sunday Jan 28Monday Jan 29Tuesday Jan 30

Time zoneCity#1#2#3#4#5#6
HASTHonolulu01/28 05:30p01/28 09:30p01/29 01:30a01/29 05:30a01/29 09:30a01/29 01:30p
PSTLos Angeles01/28 07:30p01/28 11:30p01/29 03:30a01/29 07:30a01/29 11:30a01/29 03:30p
MSTDenver01/28 08:30p01/29 12:30a01/29 04:30a01/29 08:30a01/29 12:30p01/29 04:30p
CSTChicago01/28 09:30p01/29 01:30a01/29 05:30a01/29 09:30a01/29 01:30p01/29 05:30p
ESTNew York01/28 10:30p01/29 02:30a01/29 06:30a01/29 10:30a01/29 02:30p01/29 06:30p
BRSTRio de Janeiro01/29 01:30a01/29 05:30a01/29 09:30a01/29 01:30p01/29 05:30p01/29 09:30p
UTCReykjavik01/29 03:30a01/29 07:30a01/29 11:30a01/29 03:30p01/29 07:30p01/29 11:30p
GMTLondon01/29 03:30a01/29 07:30a01/29 11:30a01/29 03:30p01/29 07:30p01/29 11:30p
CETBerlin01/29 04:30a01/29 08:30a01/29 12:30p01/29 04:30p01/29 08:30p01/30 12:30a
EETCairo01/29 05:30a01/29 09:30a01/29 01:30p01/29 05:30p01/29 09:30p01/30 01:30a
MSKMoscow01/29 06:30a01/29 10:30a01/29 02:30p01/29 06:30p01/29 10:30p01/30 02:30a
ICTBangkok01/29 10:30a01/29 02:30p01/29 06:30p01/29 10:30p01/30 02:30a01/30 06:30a
CSTTaipei01/29 11:30a01/29 03:30p01/29 07:30p01/29 11:30p01/30 03:30a01/30 07:30a
JSTTokyo01/29 12:30p01/29 04:30p01/29 08:30p01/30 12:30a01/30 04:30a01/30 08:30a
AEDTSydney01/29 02:30p01/29 06:30p01/29 10:30p01/30 02:30a01/30 06:30a01/30 10:30a
NZDTAuckland01/29 04:30p01/29 08:30p01/30 12:30a01/30 04:30a01/30 08:30a01/30 12:30p

You can convert UTC time zone to your local time zone here:

Here you can find all countdown timers (scroll down):

Meditation instructions: 

Below are a variety of methods you can use to send love and healing to Isis Astara. Please free feel to use any of these methods at the dedicated time for her or at any other time as you are guided.

Option A

Make yourself comfortable, then visualize Isis Astara surrounded by a pink egg full of energy of Love.

Suggested time of this meditation is about 5 to 10 minutes

You can also use the following invocation if you wish:

'I Am the Soul, and I call upon the Source, universal I Am presence, Galactic Center, Galactic Confederation, all ascended beings of Light and Archangels and any other being of Light necessary, and in our name declare and command that all evil and anomalous energies are fully removed canceled banished transmuted and healed from Isis Astara's whole being, and that the true Light of Source is fully anchored and coming through her whole being, on all time space dimensions and planes and in full totality, as guided by the Source. This is our Will and the Will of Source and therefore it is law, and so it is and so it is and so it is'

Or visualize a vortex of rainbow Light around her.

Option B

In order to further strengthen the effectiveness of our mass meditations for Isis Astara, the following instructions are suggested for those who feel guided:

1. Begin playing this track "The Central Sun Meditation" from The Goddess Spiral CD created by Cobra & Isis in collaboration with Medwyn Goodall.

2. Declare your intention to use this meditation to bring Isis Astara's physical body back to full health.

3. Visualize the brilliant white light of Source emanating from both your Soul Star chakra as well as your heart chakra.

4. Connect with the Soul Star & heart chakras of both Cobra & Isis - giving strength and healing to each of them.

5. Further visualize connecting with the Soul Star & heart chakras of all persons meditating.

6. See this white light filling Isis' physical body, infusing every blood vessel and cell with the white light of Source.  See this light traveling via the circulatory system throughout her body... sending signals at the molecular level to repair all damaged cells to their state prior to the recent attack.

7. Visualize all damaged cells in Isis' body renewing to a healthy state... with the white light of Source communicating with her DNA to accelerate the healing process.

8. Continue this visualization for the duration of the music track.

Additionally, if you feel so guided, you can do this meditation in Triangles of Light as suggested in the following post for increased effectiveness:


Collectively, we have the ability to accelerate and amplify the healing process. Let's do this in support of Isis & Cobra!

Option C

A guided audio for Isis Astara in English has been created by Ada and her excellent team. It is based on the Meditation for Corey Goode.


Below are the instructions for this meditation:

1. Relax your body, emotions, and mind by focusing on your breath or in any other way that works for you.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to bring Divine protection and healing to Isis Astara, allowing her to complete her mission in peace, free from any and all negative interference.

3. Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System, and then through your Soul Star Chakra and through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Now visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our solar system and our galaxy.

5. You are now standing in two pillars of light. The light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of light active for a few minutes.

6. Visualize a vortex of brilliant white Light descending from Isis Astara’s I AM presence into her soul star chakra. Visualize this white light showering down through her whole body and aura.

7. See this Divine light healing Isis Astara throughout all of her bodies (physical, plasma, etheric, emotional, mental, and causal) across all time, dimensions, space and realities. See this light glowing brighter and brighter as you visualize Isis Astara in perfect health.

8. Visualize Isis Astara surrounded by a team of powerful and benevolent beings of Light, who stand by her and protect her as she joyfully and effortlessly completes her mission.

9. Visualize a powerful shield of golden light surrounding Isis Astara’s aura. See this shield becoming increasingly strengthened as the white light pours into her aura. Set the intention that this shield be made permanent to protect her from all negative interference from this point forward.

10. Visualize Isis Astara in perfect bliss. 


  1. is there a visual image like we had for emery smith to go alongside this visualization?

    1. It may be only the written text of the page of the post:

      or on this page, as long as most likely this is the case:


      Glarus, Switzerland


      April 16th-17th, 2016

      By Cobra and Isis Astara

  2. Will join in .
    Thank you for crating this divine platform.

  3. In such critical situation there is another option which is NOT for every one.
    This option is applicable to you ONLY if you fully understand what it really means.
    The option is to ask and allow Spirit/God/Universe/ or what ever your path is to use your own life force from your Energy Body in order to heal and revive Isis Astara.

  4. Here and Now I send You Isis a lot of love and light.

  5. Light and love for her ✨🙏🏼❤️🌈

  6. Namaste 🙏🏼🌸 joining 🌸


  7. Meditation for Isis Astara
    SacredEarth Liberation


  8. Sending love, light and wishing you a speedy recovery!!!


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