Emergency Meditation Update & Lion's Gate Portal Meditation on August 8th

This post includes an update on the following situations for Emergency Meditation:
  • Earthquake along the coast of Indonesia’s Lombok island
  • California wildfires
  • Protection for Corey Goode's Father and Step-Father
And an announcement of the Lion's Gate Portal meditation on August 8th.

Earthquake along the coast of Indonesia’s Lombok island

On August 5th at 11:46 UTC, a magnitude 6.9 earthquake has hit along the coast of Indonesia’s Lombok island killing almost a hundred people.



Currently, Indonesian Government officials are trying to coordinate a massive relief effort for residents and tourists on the island.


However, there are power and communication cuts in some areas, as well as landslides and a collapsed bridge blocking access to areas around the epicenter in the north. Moreover, there is a lack of heavy lifting equipment for clearing obstacles to the epicenter efficiently.


During Emergency Meditation, we can send our energetic support to people affected by this earthquake by visualizing rescue mission to be able to carried out as smoothly as possible, and that people can receive much-needed medical aid, supplies and logistics support. So that local people can start rebuilding their communities as soon as possible

California wildfires

Since the second half of July, there has been a number of wildfires in California


Over the last weekend, these wildfire are getting more intense due to the hot weather and lack of rainfall. In particular, the Mendocino Complex Fire has expanded dramatically to cover nearly 230,000 acres, which is nearly doubled in size.



Below is an interactive map of wildfires. Fires in red are active and fires in black are contained.


We can visualize these wildfires to be under control and contained as soon as possible during Emergency Meditation.

Protection for Corey Goode's Father and Step-Father

Earlier today, Corey Goode has made a post on Facebook to ask for protection and healing for his Father and Step-Father. His Father is in Hospice and unfortunately the emergency surgery for his Step-Father last week did not go as planned.


Therefore, please send energetic support to both of them if you feel so guided.

You may include any of these aforementioned situations to Emergency Meditation daily at 3 PM UTC if you wish.


Lion's Gate Portal Meditation on August 8th

August 8th is the date of Lion's Gate Portal opening.


During the opening this year, there will be a sacred dance of Venus and Mars in the sky, combined with Venus in Libra and Mars in Aquarius. As a result, energy from the Lion's Gate Portal will be magnified. This energy can bring peace and harmony to our lives. Balance within is key during this phase and then also compassion for all beings who are transitioning into a more peaceful state of being across the planet.

On that day, you may do the meditation described in the link below at any time:


Here is the link to the guided audio for this meditation in English:


This will be a good preparation for the Key to Freedom meditation on August 11th as well.


Victory of the Light!

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