Emergency Meditation Update - Wildfires Europe and USA

Wildfire season is upon us. The wildfires in Greece have now taken so many lives that Greece has announced three days of mourning. Rescue efforts are still underway.

In Sweden, there are ongoing evacuations where the wildfires in Sweden's Arctic Circle are still raging, caused by the worst drought in there in 74 years.
Farmers in the UK are reporting 'tinderbox conditions.'


In California there are already fires burning up and down the state, with the towns near Yosemite National Park now evacuated, and there is a wildfire at Southern Oregon.



It is reported that lightning activity on Sunday remained over areas south of the Oregon/California border providing some relief and limiting the creation of any new fires. However, wildfire smoke lingering over the area brought down air quality across the region prompting an air quality advisory. The air quality in there was the worst in the nation Monday, and the rest of the week doesn’t look much better.


The map above show current wildfires and unhealthy air quality levels. (Photo: Oregon Smoke Blog / Oregon Department of Forestry)

The wildfires burning in the Kalmiopsis WIlderness have continued to grow as well (Photo: Incident Command Teams / Inciweb)

Officials recommended wearing a mask outdoors and said sensitive populations, such as small children and pregnant women, might consider leaving town. Evacuation warnings have also been sent out.

As the wild fires spreading in all locations are also causing deterioration in air quality, we would like to add this to the Emergency meditation at 3 PM UTC, until the situations improve.


In all areas where the fires are burning, please visualize all people and animals safe and see help offered to all families who require safe evacuation, and healing to all who have been injured and all who have suffered loss.

Please also visualize all firemen and rescuers being safe as they help calm the fires and find ways to help keep the fires from destroying more homes and or food crops.

Please see the air quality improving for all to be able to breathe well. Visualize all elementals assisting and for all to be safe as new land is brought forth on the earth. Visualize Goddesses Hestia (goddess of the hearth, architecture, and the right ordering of domesticity, the family, the home, and the state)
and Adrestia (daughter of Ares and Aphrodite) and Harmonia (immortal goddess of harmony and concord), assisting to harmonize and heal the situation.

Victory of the Light!


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