Reminder of December Solstice Meditation, Full Moon Meditations and Monthly Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing

Here is a reminder of the following meditations and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing sessions towards the end of this week.

December Solstice Meditation on Friday, December 21st at 10:23 PM UTC

Time is fast approaching to the December Solstice on Friday, December 21st, and we will do a meditation at the exact time of the Solstice at 10:23 PM UTC.

As mentioned in the previous post, during every December Solstice our solar system is aligned in a straight line with the galactic plane and therefore the Galactic Central Sun. As a result, we receive a flash of energy from the Central Sun on every December Solstice.

We can use this wave of energy to align ourselves with the Light, and let it flow through into our solar system to help resolving all the remaining problems causing delay to the Event, such as toplet bombs and implants.

This year, we will also be assisted by the energy from the Paris Goddess vortex which was activated at the beginning of November. According to Cobra, this Paris Goddess vortex is continuously triggering kundalini activation in all human beings on the surface of the planet.

In conjunction with the Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, these new energies can help to dissolve the implants put into the surface population, and speed up the process of planetary liberation.

Therefore, please join the December Solstice Meditation if you wish, and share it far and wide.

You can find all the information about this meditation in this post, including meditation instructions.

Here is the link to the guided audio for December Solstice Meditation, which is now available in 14 languages.

Monthly Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays Remote Healing

Before the December Solstice Meditation, you may also participate in the monthly Remote Healing Session with Ascended Masters and Stellar Healing Rays provided by International Golden Age Group and Prepare For Change Japan. This remote healing can help people around the world to heal their inner being and mind.

This is a gift to everyone and is free of charge.

For this month, the two remote healing sessions will be held at the time listed below:

First Day: Thursday, December 20th from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC

Second Day: Friday, December 21st from 2 PM to 2:30 PM UTC

You can find the time for this healing session for each day in your time zone here:

The First Day:

The Second Day:

At the aforementioned time, you can visit their YouTube channel to access these remote healings.

Please feel free to attend any or both of these sessions.

Here is the Facebook event we have created for these remote healing sessions:

Please also visit the link below to International Golden Age Group for more information about this remote healing.

Full Moon Meditation on December 22nd at 2:45 PM UTC

Following the December Solstice, it will be the day of Full Moon on December 22nd, and we willl be doing the Full Moon meditation at 2:45 PM UTC.

You can find the Facebook event for Full Moon Meditation here:

This December full moon provides an environment for positive changes, and we can use this opportunity to manifest a postive change in planetary situation that we all want to see.

You can find the instructions of the Full Moon Meditation in the link below:

And the guided audio for Full Moon Meditation in 13 languages here:

Peace Meditation for Syria on December 22nd at 5:48 PM UTC

At the exact time of the full moon on December 22nd at 5:48 PM UTC, we will also be doing the Peace Meditation for Syria.

It is important to understand that Syria is not fully liberated yet. The Islamic State still controls certain areas in the country.

Nonetheless, progress has been made to end this seven-year-old conflict peacefully.

By using the energy of the full moon, we can anchor more goddess energy to Syria to help the situation to be resolved in the best possible way.

Information about this meditation including the instructions can be found here:

Here is the link to our Facebook event for this meditation:

And the link to the guided audio for Syria Peace Meditation:

Victory of the Light!


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  1. Primary Contracts Removal
    In the name of my soul,
    in the name of the Light Forces,
    I cancel and nullify all and any past agreements and contracts with the dark forces.
    All dark contracts are now, regardless of their content, regardless of my subconscious programs,
    and with my free will,
    I now declare myself free from those contracts,
    and from all influences of the dark forces.
    And now I decree full conscious cooperation between me and the Light Forces.
    I know decree and I command, that my life be guided in full alignment with the divine plan,
    I decree miracles to be manifested in my life,
    in a way that will manifest happiness for me and for everybody involved.
    So be it and so it is.

    Odstranění primárních smluv:

    Ve jménu mé duše, ve jménu Světelných sil, anuluji a ruším všechny možné minulé smlouvy a dohody s temnými silami.

    Všechny temné smlouvy jsou nyní, bez ohledu na jejich obsah, bez ohledu na mé podvědomé programy, a svobodnou vůli, zrušeny.

    Nyní se prohlašuji osvobozen od těchto smluv a od všech vlivů temných sil.

    A teď si vybírám úplnou vědomou spolupráci mezi mnou a světelnými silami.

    Nyní prohlašuji a přikazuji, aby můj život byl veden v plném souladu s Božím plánem.

    Přikazuji, aby se v mém životě projevovali zázraky takovým způsobem, který bude přinášet štěstí pro mne a všechny zúčastněné.

    A tak to bude, a tak to je.


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