Interview of We Love Mass Meditation by Prepare for Change

During the summer, We Love Mass Meditation has done an interview with Prepare for Change to talk about the importance of mass meditation on the planetary liberation.

You can listen to the interview here:

Or read the transcript on Prepare for Change:

Below is the full transcript of the interview.

Derek: Hi this is Derek with Prepare For Change and today July 18.2019 we have the pleasure of speaking with the founder of the We Love Mass website, Hoshino. Hoshino welcome and thank you for joining us.

Hoshino: Thank you for the invitation

Great, Okay, I think we’d like to start off, just give us a little background of how your website was created and maybe the motivation behind it.

Hoshino: Yes, sure. The website was created about 2 years ago and was created as a respond to Cobra that he wants to organize meditation initially for the weather events and at the time of his call and I think why don’t we create a more generic version of that to include all of the mass meditation to help Light Forces to achieve Planetary Liberation so I created a website and then I showed it to Cobra and he’s happy with it and so we just took it forward.

Derek: So were you involved in a lot of Mass Meditation work before?

Hoshino: Before the creation of the website, yes, I was involved in Mass Meditation myself, I tried to create some of the Facebook events with some of my people and we were doing it in a smaller scale and with the help of the website is how about you achieve a lot of the audience and have much better effects on that.

Derek: Okay, so, what is your target audience and who are your visitors or subscribers?

Hoshino: The main audience are the people who follow Cobra and those who are interested in Planetary Liberation and/or creating as much light as possible to the planet. But to be fair anyone is welcome to join us in the meditation if you are guided and we have visitors all around the world from a range of background so anyone is welcome to join it.

Derek: Okay, so I guess before we go an further, just want to tell our listeners the website is and they can just click on their and it will directly take them to your homepage where you show numerous daily and other up to date Mass Meditation.
So I know that many people struggle in general with meditation, I’ll include myself in that same group so, can you give us your definition of meditation or maybe at least a little bit of introduction to what meditation is?

Hoshino: Yes, the meditation in my understanding is basically the process of manifestation. So the process of manifestation has 3 steps and the first one is the decision, second one is invocation, third one is physical action and meditation is the second step so for the first step of decision making, a usual choice that you want manifest in the physical world and then for the second step of invocation of the meditation, you basically bring that choice into reality and the third one is the physical action that you act upon, you choose that choice to be manifested in the physical world.

Derek: So Decision, invocation and action.

Hoshino: Yes, correcto. Or physical action.

Derek: Great, can you give us an example of how that would work?

Hoshino: One example is the meditation we call on our blog the last year when George Bush Sr. left the physical world and then Cobra asked for a meditation to send this soul of George Bush Sr. to the Galactic Central Sun. So the application of this, the manifestation process so we have the decision to send him to Galactic Central Sun and through our meditation we strengthen our decision that we want and have an intention to send this soul to the Galactic Central Sun and then lastly after the decision and reaching critical mass, the Light Forces did the action to send him to where he has to be. So I would say that is example of how we successfully done that.

Derek: So what is the difference between the meditation and prayer then?

Hoshino: During meditation we have to be using our intention to create or manifest what we want in the physical world, so it is direct communication with the source entity as an action of creation but for the prayer is more connecting with your source, to communicate with your source of creation. So this is one of the ways you can connect with your own source, the prayer. So I would say there’s a lot of similarity between the meditation and prayer. But the main difference is that during meditation we create a channel between the physical plane and the higher dimensions and this channel will give the opportunity for Light Forces to intervene, so it’s more than a general prayer. It’s more like intention to focus on doing the meditation and when everyone have these specific intentions at same point in time then we create a great effect.

Derek: Let me make sure I understood your answers, so let me see if I can repeat that. Did you say that in meditation you actively use your intention to create what you want in the physical world so it’s an act of intention?

Hoshino: Yeah, this is an act of intention.

Derek: Okay, and in meditation you also create a channel between the physical world and a higher dimension which gives you an opportunity to have Light Forces intervention?

Hoshino: Yeah, that’s correct, the more we meditate we will give our call to Light Forces to have more intervention in the physical world and manifest the Planetary Liberation.

Derek: Great, and with prayer it is more of a direct communication with your own personal source?

Hoshino: Yes, I would say so. This is the way you communicate with your own source of creation and this is the way of how we can communicate with the source. I was just reiterated this way.

Derek: So is there a place on your website that they can go to, kind of learn more about the meditation techniques themselves or learn more about it, or is your website more just for the Mass Meditation techniques?

Hoshino: For our blog, the intro is more for a basic purpose and so if you look at the Active Meditation page then there are lists of meditations that people can decide to do and in each of them there will be specific instructions about the meditation. And for generic, the more generic way on how people can meditate, we also have an article about that and to show people why people should do meditation, benefit of that and how this relates to Mass Meditation so we will send the link to you later when we finish the interview.

Derek: Okay, yes, you can find this on the website front page where there are four main sections which are tabbed as home, active meditations, guided audio for meditations and more.
If you click on the more section there’s a list of articles and the first on is, why meditate, which is the article, describing the meditation, benefits and purpose.

Hoshino: Yes, this is the right way to have an introduction on how Mass Meditation really do and how we can benefit yourself and humanity by doing so, it’s a great article I recommend everyone to read.

Derek: Okay, Thank you.
So it’s very helpful then, they can click on individual meditations and follow the steps or listen and see exactly what they need to be doing to participate.
So, I mean a lot of people talk about, just settling the mind and being quiet or even maybe breathing, are those important aspects of meditation or is that in a sense way to meditate?

Hoshino: It is one way to meditate, I would agree with that yes, it’s a way to meditate, with keeping your mind quiet and to try to conjure your higher-self so all I say is one way of meditation but it’s not Mass Meditation.

Derek: Mhm, so yea and because we’re talking in just general meditation techniques at this point so should people expect some kind of response or reaction during meditations? What are we looking for? What constitutes the actual meditation, I guess is there an end goal or just peace of mind or is it just calming yourself?

Hoshino: I think it depends on how do people want to meditate is quite a generic question and if you want, they might have their own purpose and have their own target in mind what they meditation. People may just want to close their eyes and breath in and do a bit of exercise so that may be their decision and through that they might be able to connect with the higher-self better. And another way, people can do a different type of meditation, then they might be able to manifest what they want I would say.

Derek: So, what is the difference between the Mass meditation and an individual meditation, I mean obviously there’s more people involved, from assuming a sense of stronger mutually oriented, goals or process that hopefully manifest something quicker.

Hoshino: So for that one, when people meditate together and we using our collective consciousness to attract the outcome we want to achieve in the physical world, so it’s one way to manifest quicker the Event for example and when people doing the meditation individually, the effect will be less effective but it is still helping to achieve this goal.

So are you able to track the actual progress or the number of people that are on these Mass Meditations?

Hoshino: I can’t tell how many people are actually meditating globally for each meditation. There was just a moment we have there and I can interact that one for myself as just one member of a circulation. all I can do is look at how many people looked at (view counts of) our different blog posts or how many people are using our audio (YouTube) channels, and our Facebook events. These are some good proxies that I can get a feel of how many people are meditating together.

Derek: Okay, so you have a facebook page also?

Hoshino: Yes, we do have a facebook page.

Derek: Okay, and what’s that called?

Hoshino: It’s called We Love Mass Meditation.

Derek: And you have the same information on your facebook page as you do on your website?

Hoshino: For the facebook page every time we post on a blog that we also post on the facebook page as well so people will be notified about any latest update on our website and so that’s the main use of the facebook page and we also have our facebook event that we create for each meditation. So people can access our page and events and they can be notified when the meditation will start for example.

Derek: Mhm, so are there ways that you actually can measure the effects of these Mass Meditations, are you seeing results from any of these Mass Meditation that are, you know, tangible?

Hoshino: I would say they are tangible still, because we keep looking at the reports from Cobra, we can see that toplet bombs has been greatly reduced and it’s one of the effects of our Mass meditations we do every day.

Derek: So, the toplet bombs, there’s all kinds of reports of what the current status is, do you have any idea, or can you tell us at this point how that’s going?

Hoshino: I can’t tell at this point, sorry.

Derek: But it is making progress?

Hoshino: It is making progress as you can see from the reports released by Cobra.

Derek: Okay, so how do you select the meditations, I mean do you get people who suggest meditations or are these coming from multiple sources or how do you select one?

Hoshino: We do have a number of sources that we consult for some meditations and some of the major one that we recently got are guided from Cobra and for the other one for example the Emergency Meditation, we will look on the news website and decided when there is an event that has a lot of casualties, affecting lots of people then we decided to put it on our blog. And for other conflicts, if it’s on a global scale or, will have massive effects on the positive timeline, we will also decide to intervene on that one. To ensure, that there’s no (catastrophic) event happening from those conflicts.

Derek: Mhm, so why should people join Mass Meditation and how does that really help the Planetary Liberation process?

Hoshino: I would say Mass Meditation is (an) effective way to manifest our reality, so there’s some research actually saying that and the Mass Meditation can reduce global crime rate or the terrorist activities at the time when people meditate together so, we could actually build positive impact on the global scale and in terms of Planetary Liberation, meditation can also help to change the Light Grid on the planet, so that’s one benefit of that as well and also when the Mass Meditations are being successful, the Light Forces can use that in defense of certain situation on the higher spiritual realms so for example they can use to deal the toplet bombs.

Derek: So how many people have to participate in a Mass Meditation in order to make a change or manifest something, is there a certain number or is it kind of like an algorithm or some kind of an equation that increases with the more people have it?

Hoshino: It depends on the situation we are talking about, so for example, for any localized events like hurricane, we need about few thousand people meditating to reach the critical mass and for the planetary situation and based on the current population of the whole world we need about a hundred thousand meditators but the thing is because not everyone meditating has the same effect on the meditation we need to have 144,000 people to meditate, this is more like a symbolic number for the critical mass to manifest the global massive change and it is also a symbolic number that is in mystery school for the last thousand years.

Derek: The 144,000?

Hoshino: Yes

Derek: Yeah, it seems to be a number that is mention quite often in various groups, Hoshino what’s the significance of the number 144,000?

Hoshino: 144,000 is a symbolic number for the critical mass of the meditation on a planetary scale so, actually based on the current population of the world we need about 100,000 meditators to have the effect on the Mass meditation, but be given that not everyone who meditate will have a great effect, that 144,000 become a symbolic number for the positive change in the world and this symbolic number was known in mystery school for the last 2,300 years.

Derek: Hoshino, when you mentioned critical mass, are talking specifically about if you did have 144,000 people participating in the meditation, that would actually be tipping point to create or manifest what you are meditating on?

Hoshino: On a planetary scale that is correct, that if 144,000 people meditating together we will create great changes. For example, when we did the Return of Light Activation at the beginning of the year we actually past the critical mass and it created a very massive positive change in the world, which pushed us to the next phase of the transition For other meditation, for localized events for example, for a particular hurricane to make sure that it’s not going to hurt anyone along the path, we needs about five thousand people meditate together for that particular hurricane during meditation, that will create the same effect.

Derek: Wow, great, thank you. So are you seeing thousands of people in some of these larger Mass Meditations like Lunar Eclipse or maybe some of the Tropical Storm or the Monsoons that we are having, are you able to see, are we actually getting that many people involved in these Mass Meditations?

Hoshino: I believe so. That’s during the last two Partial Lunar Eclipse and the Solar Eclipse meditations. I would say, we reached more than a thousand people, maybe even hundred thousand people, it’s quite close to a critical mass. I don’t have an exact number buy my feeling is that many people were meditating together.

Derek: Wow, is it possible for people to participate in Mass Meditations in smaller groups on their own, I mean, I’m sure they are but they can just take the same meditations you have and use them in smaller local groups.
I’m imagining right, the same benefits.

Hoshino: Yeah, yeah, I would say if people can do the Mass meditation and sit together physically, they actually enhance the effect of that Mass Meditation.

Derek: Because do most of the Mass Meditations have a specific time, I imagine that helps when everybody’s thinking about something at the same time right but it’s not necessarily has to be that way right?

Hoshino: I would say it’s much better if people meditate together at the same time but if you have a strong small physical group, you can actually do it on your own as well, for example, (there are) Sisterhood of the Rose groups that they would do Mass Meditation or in their own group together and that also achieve desired effect on the Light Grid.

Derek: Okay, so if you go to your website you’ll see there’s a lot of active meditations, Key to Freedom, Cosmic Central Race, Daily Buddhic Column, can you talk a little bit about one of few of those and the significance of those they’re on there pretty much all the time. Are these very important meditations and if so why? Why are they important?

Hoshino: The Key to Freedom meditation is probably one of the most important meditations that people can participate on a daily basis or more importantly every weekend, on Sunday 3PM UTC to be more specific and this meditation is to remove toplet bombs around the plasma plane on the planet and because the thing is the (plasma) toplet bombs are one of the major obstacle to the Event so the quicker we clear them, the more quicker we can achieve the planetary liberation I would say.

Regarding the Cosmic Central Race is the meditation to connect with the Cosmic Central Race, which comes from the Cosmic Central Sun and which they’re helping out with the planetary liberation and we started doing this meditation in January this year. For the Buddhic Column Meditation the main thing is to purify the primary anomaly on any specific location or person and it helps to purify our planet. And we also do the Goddess Meditation as well and this is mainly importance to support the Compression Breakthrough at the time of the event and actually depending on when this interview is going to be published and there will be important meditation that’s going to be in near future so stay tuned for that.

Derek: So, obviously there’s a lot of meditations to choose from so most people, you know probably can’t do all of these at the time, so, what would you suggest to people if they, you know, they want to contribute or they want to be part of this, so are some of these ones you just talked about, the main ones they should focus on or something maybe they were specifically interested in as well I would imagine.

Hoshino: I would say, people need to use their own inner guidance, if they feel guided to do any of them they can do so on a daily basis or whenever they want to at the specific time we suggest and there’s not a true or wrong answer in this aspect it’s just, depend on how busy each people are in their lives and if they want to meditate more it’s fine if they want to meditate less it’s okay as well so just make sure that people just follow their inner guidance and that’s the best they can do.

Derek: Right, as long as they are participating it’s the best thing to do.

Hoshino: Yes.

Derek: So you also have a few nation specific meditations on the site, so what is the significance of nation specific ones, and if you can tell us one or two examples of what they are and why are they so important?

Hoshino: So we currently have two meditations regarding the situation in two countries, France and Ukraine, they stabilize the situation in those countries which may become a risk to planetary liberation process and for example the Yellow Vest movement in France, we helped, we used our meditation to stabilize the situation there to keep them to be as peaceful as possible and not becoming a major conflict and regarding the one in Ukraine is more about to prevent the conflict in eastern Ukraine which may become a much wider offence if it’s not being contained, I would say because of the tension between the Russia and Ukraine in that area that could become the world war three potentially so we try to stabilize the situation there.

Derek: Are France and Ukraine special areas on a spiritual level specifically or just because of these issues that are dealing with specifically, so for instance is France, you know, is it a strong energy center?

Hoshino: I would say that in France, particularly Paris, that is one of main vortex sites or portal site which is why there is important Isis portal there. So it is important in terms of the global Light Grid.
For the Ukraine there is also some area which is important energetically, if being disrupted it may also have important impact on the global scale.

Derek: Okay, are you planning to have other nation Mass meditations like in the Middle East or in Africa?

Hoshino: It all depends on the situation, like in the past we had one for India and Pakistan to stabilize the situation or the conflict that have occurred earlier this year so it depends on the situation and how it will develop and we may also announce a new meditation for a country if the needs arise.

Derek: Okay, so does participating in Mass Meditations, does that help a person with their own individual spiritual growth?

Hoshino: I would say that meditation in general gives an opportunity to become more present with themselves and try to connect people with their inner self and their sources and, so, and the important aspect is that meditation can help to become more loving. Rising their frequency and vibration that also may help manifest and that has been well documented and that could be found on the internet.
So, I would say it’s good for people to do meditation or Mass meditation in general.

Derek: Excellent, so can you tell us something about the law of attraction and how that relates to mass meditation?

Hoshino: As I mentioned before the Mass meditation is an application of the law of magnification and also the law of attraction because you are energetically attracting the reality you want to manifest from all possibilities, so this, I would say is related.

Derek: Okay, so how does free will fit into that, the concept of Mass Meditation, because typically people like to, we are told sometimes that people should ask before they pray for somebody, is meditation similar way, shouldn’t we be asking people if they want to be meditated on or for or is that something you are even concerned about?

Hoshino: I would say meditation, does not interfere anyone’s free will, it just send an alternative option to people when they are not aware of that, the thing is the meditation is supporting a better future, supporting full disclosure, first contact, a new reality so we just send a better choice to people and people can choose the better reality with their own free will if this choice arise, so I would say that it doesn’t interfere anyone’s free will.

As long as people do with positive intention I imagine. Yes.
Hoshino: Yes, I would say so and then we can create a better future all together.

Derek: So there were some Key Mass Meditations that purportedly supported the global awakening process by removing some of the negative grids, nets, or tentacles that were put in place, can you talk a little bit about that?

Hoshino: One of them is Key to Freedom Meditation that I’ve mentioned already is to remove the toplet bombs, one layer of control of the Dark Forces and to give our planet the Quarantine status and we also do the Buddhic Column meditation on dark nobility families before which helped to kind of purify their primary anomalies because they are people who control the planet so we try to put our blessing into these people, to help them to see better alternative.

Derek: Can you take suggestion for other Mass Meditations from people, can they forward you something on the website, if people want to contact you for that sort of thing, or to make suggestions on it?

Hoshino: Yes, I would say so, if people are interested or they are guided to send us a suggestion then they can contact our gmail which is , or they can put a message through our facebook page as well, we will try to answer them as much as we can.

Derek: Okay, so are there any other ways that people can help your team, We Love Mass Meditation team?

Hoshino: I would say that people can share our meditations and share it far and wide so more people can learn about our meditations, another way to do it is through translation, to translate into their local languages that would help us to spread information as well alternatively we’re very welcome if people can make some artwork that we put on a blog post or any background music we can use for our guided audio for meditation, that would be helpful and if there are any other ways people can help us or if they feel guided to do or make suggestion we will listen.

Derek: So, are you in need of volunteers or people to help with you or with translations or other activities?

Hoshino: We have a team already that’s doing a lot of translation, but if people want to put themselves forward for any language we haven’t been covered, they’re welcome to do so.
Derek: And they just contact you by email?

Hoshino: Yes

Derek: So how many countries do you cover right now, how many languages?

Hoshino: I can’t remember the exact number, I think we mainly cover like, Hungarian, Romanian, Japanese and also like Spanish, Russian and few other languages as well. So I think it’s well covered but if any people want to participate in translation then they are free to do so, they can also create their own blog as well to translate.

Derek: So are you covering most of nations of the world you believe?

Hoshino: I would not say so but actually we cover most languages that people speak in the world like English for example is the main one and Spanish and Chinese as well.

Derek: Great, okay, would you like to say something else or offer anything else or message you want to share with our listeners before we leave?

Hoshino: I would say that, thank you for everyone who had been participating in our meditations before and helped to contribute in many ways. Big thank you to my team and thank you everyone who helped us to spread (our) meditation which in turn having a positive impact on the world and also we all agree that we want the breakthrough, it doesn’t matter what anyone believes or how they act. This is what we must unify with, our collective desire for liberation. So together let us do what we can with mass meditation to manifest the breakthrough and planetary liberation. Victory of the Light.

Derek: Great, perfect, we certainly appreciate the work you do and it’s always important to get the message out to people to communicate and to certainly share their positive ideas and concepts and their visions so, thanks for all you do Hoshino and it’s been a pleasure talking to you and hopefully we chat again.

Hoshino: Yeah, thank you very much for this opportunity Derek. Victory of The Light !

Derek: Victory of The Light!


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