The Silver Trigger on 2019-11-11 at 15:15 UTC

Here is the link to all the guided audio for this meditation:

November 11th is the yearly day of the 11:11 portal. For 2019, there will also be a Mercury Transit across the sun on the day. This is a very rare event that only occurs about 13 times each century. The last transits of Mercury happened in May 2016 and the next one will happen in November 2032.

Astrologically, transits of Mercury across the Sun are the best possible moments for everything related to finances. Whenever Mercury transits happen, they bring a very strong flash of energy which would stimulate new ideas and new understanding in the mental sphere of humanity.

Moreover, Mercury represents the principles of communication. Therefore, Sun conjunct Mercury transit is the best for all aspects of communication, as well as interacting with others.

Hence, this rare opportunity provides a perfect condition for anchoring as much Light as possible in the global financial system.

We all know that the current financial system is not fair. It was in fact designed to enslave humanity by the use of debts.

As more debts are accumulated, the debt-slavery bubble will eventually collapse.

There are many signs that the conditions of the current financial system are deteriorating.

And this is happening in China and other countries, not only the US.

This will also lead to the eventual systemic collapse of the current financial system. This will be the point of no return with the only way forward is to build a new and fairer financial system.

As things stand, the financial reset can happen in the near future.

And the fact that there is a large amount of counterfeit US notes indicates another hidden weakness of the current financial system. If this information goes mainstream, it could undermine trust in the US dollar as the global reserve currency. This would accelerate the collapse of the current system.

Therefore, by utilizing the energetic support of the upcoming Mercury transit across the Sun on November 11th, we can help anchoring as much Light as possible in the global financial system to ease and harmonize the transition to the new financial system.

There are two main actions we can do on the day
  • Buy silver coins and silver bars
  • Silver Trigger Meditation at 3:15 PM UTC
Buy silver coins and silver bars

As suggested by Cobra, the Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to buy as much silver as they feel guided, on the day of the Mercury transit on Monday, November 11th, 2019.

Silver is the metal that connects us to abundance and to the Goddess energy. Hence, buying silver is a symbolic act of bringing abundance into your life.

Also, the price of silver is relatively low at the moment, so it is affordable for most people.

It is very important that you buy silver (physically or online) and complete the transaction on November 11th in your local time zone and NOT before or after, to ensure the coherence and harmonic efficiency of our action. When we purchase silver on the day, it is strongly recommended that we set a strong intention that our action of buying silver will free humanity from debt-slavery bubble. This is because any other purchase without a conscious intention will NOT be counted as part of this activation.

All people buying silver with such intention on November 11th will create a powerful energy grid around the planet that will send a pulse of Light into the global financial system.

If the critical mass of 144,000 people buy silver on November 11th, this will create the needed trigger to globally expose the manipulation of silver and gold prices by JP Morgan:

Therefore, please buy silver coins, bars or jewelry on the day if you feel guided.

According to Cobra, it is better to buy silver coins or silver bars as they can be of better use during the financial reset, but jewelry is okay as well. However, please do NOT buy silver plated items.

The silver items need to be pure/fine silver (with actual silver content of 99.9%) or sterling silver (with a purity of 92.5%) and the minimum weight of the silver to purchase for this Silver Trigger Activation is about 3 to 5 grams.

More information about fine silver and sterling silver can be found in the link below:

A limited number of Victory of the Light / Saint Germain silver coins are available for purchase here:

A very affordable 3 grams pure silver (99.9%) coin can also be purchased from the link below. Each silver coin costs EUR 3.50 and worldwide shipping cost is only EUR 1.7. It can be tachyonized at an extra cost.

For Lightworkers in Malaysia, silver products on the website below will be on sale at discounted price from November 11th at 12 AM MYT.

StGermain New  Atlantis silver coin shown in the Cobra interview can also be purchased here on November 11th

For Lightworkers in the US, most of the banks will be closed on November 11th to honor Veterans Day. Therefore, silver cannot be purchased from the banks. However, silver products can still be purchased online.

The table below shows a number of shops and websites where you can buy silver in various countries. However, this list is by no means exhaustive. If you have any suggestions on additional shops or websites that silver coins and bars, or silver jewelry can be purchased reliably, please send them to

ContinentCountryNameWebsitePhysical Shop
WorldwideWorldwideAli Express
AsiaJapanNet Japan
AsiaJapanNihon Material
AsiaJapanTanaka Kikinzoku
Asia IndiaKhazana Jewellery
Asia IndiaOriana
Asia IndiaReliance Jewels
Asia MalaysiaMy Bullion Trade
Asia RussiaLivemaster
Asia UAEKhazana Jewellery
EuropeEuropeBullion by Post
EuropeAustriaMuenze Oesterreich
EuropeBelgiumGold & Forex International
EuropeBelgiumNuma gold
EuropeCzech RepublicČESKÁ MINCOVNAhttps://ceskamincovna.cz
EuropeCzech RepublicZLAŤÁKYhttps://zlataky.cz
EuropeGermanyGold Silber Shop
EuropeGermanypro aurum
EuropeHungaryArany kereskedes
EuropeHungaryÉrem Művészeti Kiadó Kft.
EuropeHungaryMagyar Éremkibocsátó Kft.
EuropeHungaryMagyar Érmeforgalmazó Kft.
EuropeHungarySt Germain Silver
EuropeItalyOrissimo (silver coins)
EuropeItalyOrissimo (silver bars)
EuropeNetherlandsAlexander edelmetaal
EuropeNetherlandsAmsterdam Goldhttps://www.amsterdamgold.com
EuropeNetherlandsDoijer & Kalff
EuropeNetherlandsSchorel Edelmetaalhttp://www.schorel-edelmetaal.nl
EuropeNetherlandsThe Silver Mountain
EuropeNetherlandsVerzamekaars Markt
EuropeRomaniaArgint Active
EuropeRomaniaArgint Active
EuropeRomaniaAurom Investment
EuropeRomaniaBanca Națională a României's-Regional-Branches-11712.aspx
EuropeRomaniaBijuterii argint
EuropeRomaniaEden Boutique
EuropeRomaniaFest One
EuropeRomaniaJoy Silver
EuropeRomaniaS.C. Muzeu Galerie S.R.L.
EuropeRomaniaSilver Zone
EuropeSloveniaSvet plemenitih kovin
EuropeSloveniaSvet plemenitih kovin
EuropeSloveniaTachyon Portal
EuropeSloveniaZlatarna Celje
EuropeSloveniaZlatarna Celje
EuropeSwitzerlandGeiger Edelmetalle
EuropeSwitzerlandSilver Gold Bull
EuropeSwitzerlandSuisse Gold
EuropeSwitzerlandSwiss Bullion
EuropeUKBullion by Post
EuropeUKCoin Invest
EuropeUKRoyal Mint Bullion
EuropeUKRoyal Mint Bullion
EuropeUKSilver Trader
North AmericaCanadaSilver Gold Bull
North AmericaUSAApmex
North AmericaUSAScottsdale Mint

If you decide to buy silver coins or silver bars on the day, please ensure that you receive a certificate or invoice when you make the purchase. It is also important to buy silver from a reliable seller, such as those that have a membership with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA)

This can ensure that your silver bars and coins can be used to make necessary purchases during the period of financial reset, which can span between 1 to 2 weeks.

We have received generous donations from fellow lightworkers to help other lightworkers who have no or little money to purchase silver. If you need financial help for buying silver, please complete the form in the link below and provide the link to the specific silver product you would like to purchase on November 11th.

Money for all the approved applications will be sent out via PayPal. So please have a PayPal account ready to receive the money.

The silver coins you buy on the day can also be used to manifest abundance in your life afterward. You can find out more about this from the link below:

Silver Trigger Meditation at 3:15 PM UTC

As suggested by Cobra, we will be also doing a mass meditation on November 11th to
provide energetic support to our physical action of buying silver. The purpose of our meditation is also to anchor as much Light as possible in the global financial system to ease and harmonize the transition.

We will be doing this meditation at the moment of the maximum of the Mercury transit on Monday, November 11th at 3:15 PM UTC.

The following table shows the time of the meditation for selected time zones:

Time zone
Monday, November 11
05:15 am
07:15 am
Los Angeles
08:15 am
09:15 am
10:15 am
New York
12:15 pm
Rio de Janeiro
03:15 pm
03:15 pm
04:15 pm
05:15 pm
06:15 pm
10:15 pm
11:15 pm
Tuesday, November 12
12:15 am
02:15 am
04:15 am

You can check the time of the meditation for your time zone here:

This meditation, along with the action of buying silver, helps the Light forces to ground the energy of Light on the surface of the planet to resolve the deadlock inside the debt-slavery financial system, finally setting humanity free. The number of people doing this meditation and buying silver on the day is the single most influential factor within the power of the surface human population for speeding up the process.

This Silver Trigger activation on November 11th has a real potential to become the turning point in preparations for the positive financial Reset. If we can reach the critical mass of 144,000 people doing this activation, this will create a massive healing chain reaction in the energy field worldwide.

Therefore, please share this activation far and wide. More than 60 videos have been made to promote this Silver Trigger activation in many languages

The table below shows all the Youtube videos that are currently available for the Silver Trigger Activation. The column on the left contains the guided audio for the meditation, and on the right-hand side you find the informational/promotional videos:

Guided audio
Host /
Méditation France
Lou Ann Ephraim
Other hosts playlist
English 2Interview
English 3
English 4
English 5
Vietnamese only-----

An excellent promotional webpage has also been created for the Silver Trigger activation:

And here is our Facebook event for this meditation:

And there are also a number of Facebook events created by various Lightworker communities. Here is a list of all Facebook events:

HostFacebook event nameFacebook event / page link
We Love Mass MeditationThe Silver Trigger 2019-11-11
DivulgationLe "Silver Trigger" Du 11-11-2019
We Love Mass Meditation / Szeretjük a TömegmeditációkatAz Ezüst Beindító 2019. november 11.
Mea MaaAktivacija Srebrno Sprožilo 11.11. 2019

Here are the instructions of this meditation: (Suggested time for this meditation is 20 minutes)

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to bring the Light to the global financial system.

3. Visualize a pillar of brilliant white Light emanating from the Cosmic Central Sun, then being distributed to Central Suns of all galaxies in this universe. Then visualize this light entering through the Galactic Central Sun, then going through our Galaxy, then entering our Solar System and going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through all beings on planet Earth and also through your body to the center of the Earth.

4. Visualize this Light transmuting all remaining darkness of the current financial system, healing all inequalities, erasing all poverty and bringing abundance to all humanity. Visualize a new grand cosmic cycle beginning, bringing pure Light, Love and Happiness to all beings on Earth.

You can also read or listen to this very informative Cobra interview with International Golden Age Group to find out more about this Silver Trigger Activation and what you can do on the day:

Benjamin Fulford has also shared about The Silver Trigger meditation on his website:

Here is a flyer created by that you can print out and share in your local area:

Silver trigger manga in Japanese is here:

And a beautiful poster that you can share on social media

And this set of 4 posters:

Updates about the Silver Trigger can be found here:

Here is a list of transcript links in different languages:

English Chinese

Below is the full English transcript of the interview, with permission from International Golden Age Group to share here:

Beginning of transcript

Hello Everyone. Today is Oct. 30th, 2019. My name is Anthem. I am the founder and leader of International Golden Age Group. This November is very special to many lightworkers around the world because we are going to hold two major events this month: Sliver Trigger activation on November 11 and Taiwan Ascension Conference on November 30th-December 1st.For the sake of clarification and promotion of these two important events, our dear old friend Cobra,the contact person of Resistance Movement would like to share his insight via this interview. Now, I would like to invite my co-host, Patrick and Cobra.

Cobra: OK, we have received many questions about Sliver Trigger activation and Taipei Ascension Conference. We have even heard some rumors about this activation. Let’s answer all of them one by one.

【Q&A For Silver Trigger Activation】

Q1:What is the exact reason for people to buy silver for this activation rather than gold or platinum?

Cobra:There are many reasons for this. The first reason is that silver has a very specific energy and is connected with Goddess energy. This is one of the reasons. The other reason is that the price of silver is not so high so more people can join these excavations much easier to people buying silver than buying gold or platinum.

Q2:Why do you specifically suggest people buy silver coin or silver bar?

Cobra:silver bars are pure silver and there are also some other energetic are reasons that I will not go into but basically it’s better to buy bars or coins.

Q3:If a person only buys gold or platinum on Nov. 11th, would this purchase be counted as one of critical mass?


Q:So only silver?

Cobra:Only silver.

Q4:You once mentioned that the minimum weight of abundance seed is 3 gram. What is the minimum weight of purchase for silver trigger on Nov. 11th?

Cobra:3-5 grams at minimum.

Q5:Should we set a strong intention that we will free human society from debt financial slavery by means of buying sliver when we make our purchase?

Cobra:yes this is very much recommended.

Q6: If a person has no idea about silver trigger activation but coincidentally buys silver for good luck or other reasons, will such purchase be counted into critical mass?

Cobra:No because there will be no conscious intent behind the purchase. Actually, there are millions of people buying silver everyday.

Q7:For people who are not interested in reserving precious metal, can we encourage them to join our movement by persuading them to buy silver houseware such as silver spoon, teapot or comb?

Cobra:Yes of course. They can buy those objects also. It will be good as long as they buy objects made of pure silver.

Q8:We have a question from an artist of metal work: can I join this silver purchase movement by buying silver clay, metal/industrial silver and create a silver art piece on 11/11?

Cobra:Yes that’s an excellent option.

Q9:For the sake of reaching critical mass, is it wise to encourage silverware shop owners, silver dealers and silversmiths to buy silver materials on 11/11?

Cobra:This is actually a very good idea because you can get more people. And the amount of silver bought on that day will be larger But they need to be aware of the purpose of this activation. At least to a certain degree.

Q10:According to Universal Time Zone, what time will light forces start to count the number of people buying silver?

Cobra:When the first time zone on Earth enters Nov 11th.

Q11:When is your recommended starting hour of buying silver based on Universal Time Zone ?

Cobra:As soon as the time zone of your location enters Nov. 11th. But I would say the peak of activation  would be the afternoon of UTC.

Q12:Will it be more energetically beneficial if I buy silver near or in the timeframe of Mercury Transit?

Cobra:Yes of course.

Q: so we can focus our order in this timeframe?


Q13:What time can I make my last buying order of silver?

Cobra:In the midnight of Nov. 11th in your time zone.

Q14:Is it energetically positive if I buy silver with credit card, cryptocurrency or borrowed money on 11/11?

Cobra:It doesn’t matter how you buy the only thing that needs to happen to become your property. You need to be the owner of that silver.

Q15:If I turn my silver ETF, paper silver account or silver future into physical silver, will such transaction be counted into one of critical mass?

Cobra:Yes it will definitely be counted. And I encourage everyone who holds silver ETF, paper silver account and silver future to convert them into physical silver on 11/11.

Q16:If we intentionally buy abundance-themed silver coin or bar, will such purchase become energetically helpful to silver trigger activation?

Cobra:Yes, it will acyuallly be.

Q17:Should we avoid buying silver with Britush Queen (Elizabeth the second) portrait as possibly as we can on 11/11?

Cobra:It is not necessary to avoid buying any type of silver coins on that day. What counts is the silver inside the coin.

Q18:What should I do if silver with English Queen portrait is my only option on 11/11?

Cobra:okay so if this is your only option, you definitely need to buy those coins.

Q19:Canadian, Astralian, New Zealand Royal Mints must include British Queen portrait in their silver coins and bars. Does this rule have any specific occult meaning? For example, would such design give her the abundance energy of silver or let her symbolically own every silver coin & bar with her portrait?

Cobra:Actually occultic speaking, it will give her control over all that silver. But if we buy silver portrait on 1111, we will actually take silver out of her control. So it is actually a good thing.

Q20:If I buy gold-plated silver or silver jewelry with minerals or gems on it, would such purchase be counted into one of critical mass?

Cobra:No,you need to buy pure silver, not silver- plated items and notl silver jewelry which as other materials attached to it.

Q: How about gold-plated pure silver?

Cobra: No, you need to buy pure silver.

Q21:Which option is better on 1111 under the same budget?

1. I buy one ounce of silver alone.
2. I split my money with an well-informed person and then we buy half an ounce individually.

Cobra:The second option is better because more people are involved and more consciousness will be involved.

Q22:If I have enough physical silver to sell on 11/11, should I sell some silver to those in need or should I reserve all of my silver until Financial Reset?

Cobra:You can sell some of your silver to those are are aware of this process and they will be part of the activation.But it would be even better for those people to buy silver from other sources so that the awakened community will have more silver in total.

Q23:If I willingly sell my silver to those who would like to join silver trigger activation with more than 50% discount on 11/11, will their purchase be counted into critical mass?

Cobra: To a certain degree yes.

Q24:If I have a plentiful reserve of physical gold or platinum and I decide to exchange some of my gold or platinum for silver of the same value, would this exchange be energetically helpful to Silver Trigger activation?

Cobra:Yes, it will denifitely help.

Q25:Will the silver we buy on 11/11 carry special meaning or energy so that we should always keep it? Or it’s not a big deal to sell it afterward?

Cobra:It will have special energy because it will be infused with the energy of the 11/11 portal. But if you feel guided at any point to sell it, course you can.

Q26:A woman said people would be possessed once they buy silver. She also claims that all silver on market is energetically polluted so people should be very cautious. What is your opinion about this statement?

Cobra:Of course people will not be possessed if they buy silver. And the silver market is polluted at the same degree that all other matters on the physical plane of this planet. So they can compare the degree of pollution of silver with pollution of the food that you eat each day so there is no difference and no additional danger of buying silver. If they want to purify their silver, they can do it by putting under tape water for one or two minutes. so there is absolutely no need to worry about.

Q27:Should we be concerned for the possibility that the Cabal uses fake silver to interfere our purchase movement?

Cobra:There is absolutely no possibility for Cabal to install fake silver specifically for this purpose. But there are some fake silver coins around. If you buy it from reliable sources there is almost zero possibility that you will buy fake silver.

Q28:In addition to 1111, can regular purchase of silver speed up the Event and Financial Reset?

Cobra:Yes, if critical mass of people do it on a regular basis, which is not very likely.

Q:so we can buy silver daily?

Cobra:If you are so guided yes.

【Q&A For Silver Trigger meditaiton】

Q1:We are going to witness Mercury Transit on the day of 11/11 portal activation. Is there any occult meaning other than  enlighten the energy of the worldwide financial system?

Cobra:Actually Mercury transits are quite rare. Whenever they happen, they bring a very strong flash of energy that brings new ideas new understanding in the mental sphere of humanity. This particular Transit is very specific because Mercury will transit very close to the center of Sun surface as seen from the earth. so it will be our almost perfect alignment and that it would be very strong.

Q2:When we join Sliver Trigger meditation, can we put our sliver on an altar with our crystals?

Cobra:Yes of course you can.

Q: Do we have to do any ritual for our silver when we put it with our crystals?

Cobra:If you feel so guided yes. But we have release the guidance of silver trigger meditation.You can follow the guidance and assist the critical mass.

Q3:If Lv2. Ray healers channel St.Germain ray and Andromeda ray on 11/11, would they be able to boost the momentum of silver trigger activation? If yes, what target should they visualize in their mind?

Cobra:The ray which will be the most efficient is Saint-Germain Ray. And even those who have level 1 Saint-Germain react they would be advised to do this with a very high focus on Nov.11th. Those who have level 2 Saint-Germain Ray can put the whole planetary silver trigger activation when they visualize the healing process in their mind.

Q4:Would you recommend that we do Goddess Vortex meditation everyday before 11/11, and we visualize rainbow vortex manifest more than 144000 people joining silver trigger mediation?

Cobra: This is actually a very good idea and I would recommend it strongly.

Q5:You mentioned that people can speed up manifestation by focusing their attention on a visual aid model. If we want to manifest an epic success of silver trigger activation and also financial reset, what kind of silver or visual aid model can we use?

Cobra:People as a group can create a print of flower of life mandala and put silver coins in each intersection of mandala. You can use that model with a group meditation and visualize the success of  the activation on 11/11.

Q6:Would you suggest any tool or protocol to magnify the power of this meditation?

Cobra:For a large group, you can create a big printed flower of life mandala and put silver coins in each intersection. Then visualize the success of activation and meditate near the mandala each day before 11/11 to build up the energy.

Q7:In addition to Abundantia, St.Germain and Andromeda Ray, what beings can we invoke and pray to for the sake of supporting silver trigger meditation?

Cobra:You can invoke  the presence of goddess Lakshmi and you can also involve any other light beings that you feel aligned with and they will assist this activation.

Q8:Do you recommend that we do ritual of abundance everyday before 11/11 to support the momentum of silver trigger?


Q9:After 11/11, should we integrate silver trigger meditation with ritual of abundance so that we can focus our intent on new financial system?

Cobra:You can do that if you feel so guided.

Q10:Can we invite people to join silver trigger meditation by saying this mediation can bring them money and good luck?

Cobra:Yes. But when they join, you have to explain more to them so that they can understand the real purpose of this meditation.

【Silver energy and usages 】

Q1:Blindfolded Abundantia is a very popular logo for silver coin and bar. Is silver with this logo positive or negative?

Cobra: It is neutral. It depends on what the meaning you attach to it. So as to every symbol.

Q2:Will tachyonized silver coin with New Atlantis and St.Germain logo play a special role in silver trigger activation?

Cobra:It will assist the general activation process as other special silver coins and bars.

Q3:Is there any special advantage of tachyonized silver?

Cobra:Tachyonized silver is more aligned with the energy of The Source and  more connected with primary function which is to bring the Goddess energy on the surface of the planet and especially  inside the financial system.

Q4:How do priest and priestess in Atlantean Age use silver?

Cobra:they were creating many very powerful objects made of silver. They were using big constructions of silver as portals to other dimensions.

Q5:Silver is the metal that connects us to abundance and to the Goddess energy. How can we use silver to strengthen our bond with Goddess energy?

Cobra:The most effective way is to create a Goddess statue made of silver and this will be the direct way to connect the Goddess.

Q6:In addition to  connecting abundance and to the Goddess energy, can you share other esoteric and occult usages of silver?

Cobra:Actually in the certain period of human history, silver was forming the basis of the financial system and it was quite effective because it was preventing large-scale manipulations that are happening in the financial system the last two decades. Together with gold tip was one of the pillars of financial system of many ages of the past.

Q7:How can I activate the energy of my silver so that I can have a stronger connection with it?

Cobra:just go meditation and hold your silver in your hands and it will connect to your energy.

Q8:How do positive ET races use silver?

Cobra: Many positive ET races use silver to connect with the Goddess energy. There are also certain races which have not yet reached the highest level of technological development. They would use silver as parts of some of  their technological devices. But more advanced races do not need silver in their technology. For them, silver is a metal that connects to spirituality than technology

Q9:Does Mithril the magic silver-like metal in fantasy literature truly exist in our universe? If yes, what properties and usages does real Mithril have?

Cobra: No

Q10:Does silver represent a metal of abundance on other planets? Or it only has such meaning on Earth because we are controled by a financial slavery system?

Cobra:No ble metals such as gold, platinum and silver are universal symbols of abundance throughout the universe because they are actually emanations of very high spiritual frequencies. When I say abundance, it does not only mean physical abundance but also spiritual abundance.

【Other questions about silver】

Q1:China once owned nearly half of world silver reserve in Ming Dynasty. Did light forces plan to hoard silver at that time?

Cobra:Actually Ming dynasty was one of the peaks of Chinese development of Chinese fine culture. And the sealed concentration of silver in Ming Dynasty was one of these signs of high culture. and Occultively speaking, was one of the reasons why Ming dynasty was so successful as long as it existed.

Q2:It is mentioned in ancient Chinese literature that silver was once more expensive than gold. Do you know what caused the price reversion of silver and gold?

Cobra:Actually in most locations on the planet silver was less expensive than gold. But there were certain areas of China when there were more silver deposits than gold deposit So in certain period of Chinese history, silver was more expensive.

But I would say lately the price of silver has been suppressed even more dramatically than the gold price. The gold/silver price ratio is maybe about 1:80 but it actually should be 1:16. I would say of silver price have been suppressed 5 times more than gold. Sliver is not as common as you can imagine based on the silver price.

Q3:is it possible that the price of silver goes up more than 50 times after the Event?

Cobra: it is possible but not very likely. After the Event, the price of silver will increase dramatically. But 50 times in my opinion is a little bit off exaggeration.

【Q&A For 2019 Taiwan Ascension Conference】

Q1:Is there any special energetic meaning of the date of this conference?

Cobra:The date of this conference has been chosen based upon the planetary situation and the optimal timing based on the planetary situation and development behind the scenes and the readiness for Humanity to receive some of the new Intel which will be released there.

Q2:This conference will be the 7th one in Taiwan. What is the special meaning of this conference?

Cobra:There will be a lot of focus on the new Financial system lot of focus on the financial reset and there will be some new Intel release about. Also I will give even more detailed explanations of the primary anomaly, of the toplet bomb, so that people can really understand what is going on behind the scene. People would really understand why the event hasn’t happened yet and they will really understand what conditions need to be fulfilled for the event to happen and to receive some practical technical keys  to how they can contribute to accelerating the Event.

Q3:Why do we have so many conferences in Taiwan?

Cobra:Taiwan is a very special place on the surface of the planet. I would say that Taiwan is the central point of the most Mass concentration of humanity where the most populated area on the planet. The second reason is that Taiwan is an island which has a very strong energy vortex. The third reason is that  from the end of the Ming Dynasty to the beginning of the Qing Dynasty, many Dragon families have escaped from mainland China and settled in Taiwan. and they are quite present in Taiwan. So this dragon energy is supporting our conferences. This is actually the reason why we are having conference is there. This is the place one of the most positive Dragon family support places from the planet.

Q4:Does the topic of this conference imply that humanity will be able to enter a new society and achieve First Contact in a shorter time frame?

Cobra:Yes, there are some changes in this area I cannot comment on the time frames but I would say that the plan is being improved all the time and the plan is being adjusted to the situation all the time.

Q6:What kinds of new tachyonized products can we expect to see during the conference?

Cobra:This will be a surprise. Some things have been prepared. They will be strongly aligned with what is happening now. It will be a very good surprise for those who will be there. It will be the first time for certain products to release.

Q7:Many people thought the last year’s Ascension conference in Taiwan was the last conference before the Event. Some people might feel disappointed as there would be one more to go. Would you like to say some encouraging words to all participants to this conference?

Cobra: I don’t want to raise any expectations and I didn’t claim that would be the last conference because the timing of the event is not known. The situation is ever influx. But each time we do a conference like this, week wait create a big push to work on the final Liberation. We need to see things from a long-term perspective. Each of those conferences is one of the important steps towards higher goal When he event happens and you look in your memory about each of these steps, you will know it is worth it.

Q8:In addition to an open mind,what should the participants prepare in advance?

Cobra: Open mind is the main requirement. Everything else will fall into place.

Q9:We will discuss Reality Shaping Breakthrough on Sunday morning, should we prepare anything for this session?

Cobra: Not special preparation is needed.

Q10: Do light force and high dimensional beings, like Pleiadians, Ashtar Command, Ascended Masters, RM and Cosmic Central Race pay close attention to this ascension conference in  Taiwan?

Cobra: Yes of course. At every conference, they are already preparing things energetically. The energy is building up and they will be present to the conference.

Cobra: Thank you very much. I hope people will join our activation as many as possible so that is will reach critical mass. Then we can get one step closer to the Event. Victory of the Light!

End of transcript

Victory of the Light!


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We also provide emergency financial support to lightworkers around the world. Please feel free to make a regular or one-off contribution using the link below:

Please assist/support us for a smooth transition in planetary liberation in the highest Light.


  1. Does anyone recommend a website where they sell jewelry that fits that description? Or a product example?


  3. Cannot buy St Germain coin through etsy at

    It seems that etsy is down in my country.
    Is there a way that i can directly contact this shop owner
    I would like to know and i really want to buy some coin for 11:11 Silver Trigger Event.

  4. Thank you for your action to help all those who can not participate financially because 5 € for some, anywhere in this world, sometimes is a significant sum.
    We are moving towards a better world that gives me courage and hope, something I doubted I could ever see.
    Thank you to everyone who helps those who need it.
    Breath of life

  5. io l' argento lo compro su questo sito :
    guardate se vi puo' interessare.
    Buona giornata a tutti

  6. Silver Jewellery From

  7. Lalithaa Jewellers is one of the leading jewellery stores from Chennai. The store offers a wide range of gold ,platinum and diamond jewellery for women and men at affordable prices.


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