Urgent! Daily Meditation for Australian Bushfires at 11:30 AM UTC

Since November 2019, bushfires have heavily impacted various regions of the state of New South Wales, with more than 100 fires burnt across the state.


In December 2019, the state government declared a state of emergency in New South Wales after record-breaking temperatures and prolonged drought exacerbated the bushfires.


Now, as temperatures were forecast to reach 41 °C (106 °F), the New South Wales state government called a fresh seven-day state of emergency with effect from 9 AM local time on January 3rd, 2020.


Reinforcements from all over Australia were called in to assist fighting the fires and relieve exhausted local crews in New South Wales. On November 12th, the Federal government announced that the Australian Defence Force was providing air support to the firefighting effort, as well as preparing to provide manpower and logistical support. Firefighters from New Zealand, the United States, and Canada helped fight the fires, especially in New South Wales.

These bushfires are the longest continuously burning bushfire complex in Australia's history and the worst wildfires in 2019. Having burned more than 4 million hectares (9,900,000 acres), with 70-metre (230 ft) high flames being reported. In comparison, the 2018 California wildfires consumed 766,439 hectares (1,893,910 acres) and the 2019 Amazon rainforest wildfires burnt 900,000 hectares (2,200,000 acres) of land. The ongoing bushfires destroyed 1,298 homes, as well as 48 facilities and more than 2,000 outbuildings in New South Wales alone. 17 people are confirmed to have been killed in New South Wales since October 2019. It was estimated that close to half a billion animals were killed in the ongoing fires.



Due to the nature and severity of these fires, we suggest a daily Buddhic Column meditation at 11:30 AM UTC to dissipate the Australian bushfires from now on, until they are fully contained and put out. The time of this meditation is selected so that more people in Australia can participate in this meditation. You may also do it more frequently at any time convenient to you if you wish.

If you feel guided, you may also keep including this in Emergency Meditation daily at 2 PM UTC, as was requested in our previous post for these bushfires.



This table shows the time of the meditation for selected time zones:

TimeTime zoneCity
01:30 amHSTHonolulu
03:30 amPSTLos Angeles
04:30 amMSTDenver
05:30 amCSTChicago
06:30 amESTNew York
08:30 amBRTRio de Janeiro
11:30 amUTCReykjavik
11:30 amGMTLondon
12:30 pmCETBerlin
01:30 pmEETCairo
02:30 pmMSKMoscow
06:30 pmICTBangkok
07:30 pmCSTTaipei
08:30 pmJSTTokyo
10:30 pmAEDTSydney
12:30 amNZDTAuckland

You can find the time of this meditation in your local timezone here:


Please join us if you feel so guided and share it far and wide.

And here are the links to maps that show live updates of the Australian bushfires:




Here is the link to the guided audio for Buddhic Column Meditation in different languages that you can use for this meditation (updated):


And the Facebook event for this meditation:


Instructions (Suggested time of this meditation is 15 minutes)

1. Use your own technique to bring yourself to a state of relaxation. Take a deep breath of brilliant white light. Breathe out all that no longer serves you. Repeat this breathing for a few more times. Then say this mantra, or a similar one, silently or out loud if you feel guided:

"I Am the Soul
I Am Divine Light
I Am Divine Will
I Am Divine Love
I Am fixed design by me, the Soul"

2. Visualize your soul star chakra lights up with brilliant white light. Visualize this light in the form of a vortex spiraling down clearing your energy field.

3. Visualize a 5-pointed star being placed high in the sky about 9 miles above the areas of bushfires at Australia. See this star glistening high above the chosen location, shining brilliant white light.

4. Now visualize the White Fire of AN emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through all points of light within our solar system and through the 5-pointed star, through the areas of bushfires at Australia and deep into the center of the earth. Keep visualizing this pillar for a few minutes.

5. Visualize the tip of a brilliant vortex of white light spiraling down clockwise from the 5-pointed star, removing and transmuting all low vibrations, dark entities, and dark energies and carrying them up to the 5-pointed star for transmutation. Visualize this vortex of spinning white light for a few minutes.

6. Visualize this Buddhic Column fully linked to all Buddhic Columns on the planet, to the planetary network of Light below, above and on the surface of the planet, and any point of Light as guided by the Ascended Beings, all connected together with this Buddhic Column at the 5 pointed star in the network of brilliant white light.

7. Now, in the name of Source, in the name of I AM Presence of eternal light. We declare and command that the Buddhic Column at the areas of bushfires at Australia is now complete on all planes as guided by Source.

You may use the image below to help visualizing a Buddhic Column above New South Wales and other states in Australia.

Source: The Sun (Link)

Victory of the Light!


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  2. Here's some information about what it is (DEW), how it's used, and who makes it in the US ... :(

  3. Zlatá Dušička
    Words to the next days
    Earth is under protection. And it also receives a lot of attention, as the order that still prevails here is completely changing. The energy is rising and the new world vibrates more and more at higher frequencies. Many strong emotions are released. The human psyche has long been on the verge of collapse and many other souls will leave by spring. For this is already unbearable for them. Those who remain will completely change everything that has characterized them so far. The everyday task is still to cleanse everything that is not working, sensing loads and focusing on the inside. Another wave of energy is on its way. Do not doubt this process. But you can believe that you can do everything. You have a spark inside you that is pleased to welcome your advancement. For the closer this spark is to its family, its self, it is directed to creation, and it drives it. These are not false reports, and it seems that the other party's abnormal manifestations are trying to mislead, chaos, misrepresent, and divert themselves from the true goal, the way back to themselves. But everyone has to distinguish themselves. The power of thought continues to increase. However, the negative manifestation is that it often leads physical bodies to extinction through accidents, and many manifestations of immediate ego crises, short-circuiting when they are completely shut down, causing the soul to depart. It is necessary to always turn to the inside, to express yourself more, not to be deaf to your soul's speech. The degree of confusion is still great. A great deal of untruths will still be released before it is fully exposed. But there are always indications that will lead to finding the truth. Resistance is growing, restlessness is growing, and fear is growing. And this dense energy affects reality, everything around, nature. Everything moves, the fire burns just as the phoenix burns to be reborn from ashes. The elements have the power of fear.
    Finally, you need to release control of yourself, let go and be guided. The stronger the defense, the greater the heaviness is experienced. Wake up and wake up others. It's time. It is time to show which way you have chosen. For light will shine all your choices and you will see that some roads lead to ruin and many others to love. Rainbow energy will eventually show you the direction. Unleash and go forward, with love for all living things, with love for yourself.


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