Meditation to send Adolfo Nicholás into the Galactic Central Sun update

We can now confirm that Adolfo Nicholás has been captured by the Light Force. Subsequently, his soul has been sent to the Galactic Central Sun.

Thanks very much to everyone who have participated in any of the meditations for this purpose over the past week.

Victory of the Light!


  1. I am newly awakened stumbling through all of this. I haven't opened my 3rd eye nor do I understand even a fraction of what's going on. I meditated yesterday with you all. I followed the instructions but could only imagine what the light forces and galactic sun looked like. I'm so utterly filled with happiness that his soul was caught I hope I helped. Oddly I was struck with so much energy it was overwhelming and a little scary . I am awake but I some guidance I've read about the implants and I should meditate to violet flame and do the I am god I am not God exercise to try to break them. I don't m is if I an doing wrong or right in me awakening can you point me in the right direction or do I just follow my heart? I've so much to learn...

    1. these things can be a paradox.... you can only know where to go once you are already there.

      indeed, following your heart (and curiosity) will light the way. what your mind cannot grasp is understood by your heart on a deeper level.

      to put it in practical terms, look at it the decisions you make with your time. the world will always provide you with another distraction, something more fun, new and exciting... but spirituality is about transcending the world.

      the key is to find balance within everything. which habits can be sacrificed and replaced with activities to feed your soul? and which things are necessary to make your time on earth a little more bearable?

      just remember to be gentle with yourself, a flower only blooms when spring arrives. nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.

    2. I'm new to this site also but my chiropractor did some muscle testing and I need to do the videos once a day for 5 days so that's 5 times each. I don't know if that's for everyone or just me.


  3. Excellent! This is good news.

  4. Excelente noticia! Ahora le corresponde a los otros.

  5. Thank you all! This was HUGE!


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