Flower of Life Meditation on September 29th at 9:49 PM UTC

As suggested by Cobra, there were some drastic military escalations behind the scenes, and there is now a full scale war going on between the Galactic Confederation and the Draco fleet in sublunar space, and a full scale war between the Resistance Movement and the Illuminati Breakaway Complex in the underground bases. Nothing can be said at this time about the operations on the surface, as all is still classified.


There will be two peaks of this conflict, and the Light Forces are asking everybody who feels so guided to join the Flower of Life meditation at those two moments, to minimize that violence and bring more peace into the situation.

The first one being Mars Saturn square on September 29th at 9:49 PM UTC.


Below is the timetable which shows the times of this Flower of Life Meditation for selected time zones:


Time zone


Tuesday September 29

11:49 am



02:49 pm


Los Angeles

03:49 pm



04:49 pm



05:49 pm


New York

06:49 pm


Rio de Janeiro

09:49 pm



10:49 pm



11:49 pm



11:49 pm



Wednesday September 30

12:49 am



03:19 am


New Delhi

04:49 am



05:49 am



06:49 am



07:49 am



10:49 am



And here is the link to the guided audio in many languages:
And the link to the English live-stream:

Here is the promotional video for this meditation:


Instructions (please note that there are a few changes to the instructions):

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to stabilize the transition on Earth and manifest the most positive Ascension timeline for all living beings.
3. Invoke the Violet Flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation. Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.

4. Visualize the pink Flower of Life sphere around the Earth, expanding below the surface and also expanding all the way up to the Moon's orbit. Visualize the Flower of Life sphere assisting the planetary liberation process, clearing all darkness from the surface of the planet. Then visualize the Flower of Life sphere and Violet Flame purifying the leylines and vortices within the planetary Light grid.

5. Visualize the Flower of Life sphere creating harmony, protection and peace for humanity and all other living beings, and especially those who are holding the Light for the planet.

6. Now, visualize the pink Flower of Life sphere encompassing the Earth and elevating the vibration of the entire planet. Visualize the Flower of Life sphere manifesting harmony and the most positive Ascension timeline for all living beings.

You may also say the following mantra silently or out loud at the end of the meditation if you feel guided:

"In the name of the honorable and powerful presence of I AM, I decree and command the process of planetary liberation continues in a positive, harmonious and peaceful way for the planet, all living beings and especially for those who are holding Light for the planet.
So be it, and so it is."

Special thanks to International Golden Age Group for creating this picture.

Victory of the Light!
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  2. Sorry but i only see more and more lockdown restrictions and new medical Laws being passed with regards to a vaccine...
    I dont 'see' anything else.. 🙄

    1. That's correct: your seeing the ones who are in power losing their grip, and tightening their control mechanisms as reaction to that. That's their only tool.... but it will not work if people do not buy into that anymore and see through the illusion they have created. Mass meditations help anchor the energies to bring about the change we wish to see.

  3. Another ritual, right around midn8ght israel time. I wonder if there is a pattern...


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