TIME SENSITIVE! Meditation to prevent the volcanic eruption on Canary Island of La Palma

Since September 11th, an earthquake swarm began on Canary Island of La Palma. More than 4200 tremors have been recorded in the area near Teneguia volcano. 




Although most of these tremors have been of small magnitude, there were four that measured more than 3 on the Richter scale on September 15th. 


Also, the tremors are happening close to the surface, which indicates that magma is looking to escape.

If the earthquakes continue in the coming days, it may lead to volcanic eruption.

To counteract this, we are going to organize a meditation to prevent or minimize the eruption of Teneguia volcano.

This is a time sensitive meditation that will be needed for the next 9 days from now and we suggest to do this meditation every 4 hours at the following times:

  • 3:30 AM UTC
  • 7:30 AM UTC
  • 11:30 AM UTC
  • 3:30 PM UTC
  • 7:30 PM UTC
  • 11:30 PM UTC
Here is the interval time schedule for various time zones:

Please feel free to do this meditation at the aforementioned time or as frequently as possible at any other times in the next 9 days if you feel guided.

Here is the Facebook event link for this meditation (updated): 

And the link to the guided audio playlist:

Meditation Instructions:

1. Use your own technique to bring you to a relaxed state of consciousness.

2. State your intent to use this meditation as a tool to prevent the volcanic eruption on Canary Island of La Palma.

3. Invoke the violet flame from its primary source to place a circle of protection around you during and after the meditation.  Ask it to transmute anything that does not serve the Light.

4. Visualize a pillar of Light emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, then going through all beings of Light inside our Solar System and then through your body to the center of the Earth. Visualize another pillar of Light rising from the center of the Earth, then up through your body and upwards into the sky towards all beings of Light in our Solar System and our galaxy. You are now sitting in two pillars of Light, the Light flowing both upwards and downwards simultaneously. Keep these pillars of Light active for a few minutes.

5. Now visualize a soft pink light upon the Teneguia volcano on Canary Island of La Palma. Visualize the soft pink light harmonizing the volcano and the tectonic plates of the region. 

6. Visualize that the volcanic eruption being prevented and the situation resolving in the most positive way possible.

Victory of the Light!
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