Sisterhood of the Rose Interview with Cobra “Divine Intervention Activation”

Sisterhood of the Rose organized an interview with Cobra about the importance of the Divine Intervention Activation taking place this month. 

In this interview, Cobra and Debra, a leader with the Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network, discuss how the Divine Intervention Activation is a two-step process, involving a global mass meditation on the December 21st solstice, and the signing of the Planetary Liberation petition. 

This two-step trigger will have the maximum effect on the planetary situation possible! 

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It's important that as many people as possible participate on December 21, so please spread the word!

The interview also covers topics such as Galactic intervention, First Contact, current events, the Event and Ascension, healing and protection, as well as the Goddess and Sisterhood of the Rose.

You can listen to the interview on the Sisterhood of the Rose YouTube channel here:

Below is the transcript of the interview with Cobra by Sisterhood of the Rose:

Debra: Hello, my name is Debra and I'm a leader with the Sisterhood of the Rose Planetary Network. Today, I have the pleasure to speak again with Cobra, who is the chief Intel provider for the Resistance Movement, where he offers important planetary and galactic information at his blog Welcome Cobra and thank you so much for doing this interview.

Cobra: It's a pleasure to do this interview again after one year.

Debra: Yes, it has been a year and what a year it's been, so we will be talking about that. But we'd like to start with talking about a very important event that we have coming up on the December 21st solstice and that is our Divine Intervention Activation. We will be doing this activation as a two-step process and we will be doing a global mass meditation at 4:00 PM UTC on December 21st, and the second step is also signing the Planetary Liberation petition, and we'll discuss that in a moment. This two-step trigger will have the maximum effect on the planetary situation possible. The intent for this mass meditation is to co-create the trigger that will start the process of First Contact with benevolent Galactic beings and Divine Intervention. Let's start by discussing Divine Intervention.

Part 1: Divine Intervention Activation

Debra: In this meditation, we are asking the Source to directly intervene into the situation on Earth, to trigger an intense healing transformation of humanity, and for Light to transmute all remaining darkness on Earth. So Cobra, what would Divine Intervention look like? I mean, in essence, are we asking the Source to trigger the Event, or at least the start of the Event?

Cobra: In a way, yes, we are asking the Source to directly intervene in the situation on the planet in a way that is most beneficial at this particular moment. And of course, the final consequence will be the Event, but we are asking for an intervention to happen now as much as possible in the best possible way for the current situation.

Debra: Okay. And if we reach critical mass, what intervention will occur? I mean, when will this happen? Is it possible this intervention would transmute all remaining darkness on Earth?

Cobra: This is not likely at this point. We are not there yet, but definitely it will increase the process. It will accelerate the process and will be a big step towards the final completion.

Debra: Okay, good. And what is so special about this December 21st meditation and also this December 2021 solstice?

Cobra: Solstice every year is a very powerful moment, and this year, certain things are converging. I will not disclose them yet. I will disclose them just before the activation, but there are certain potentially important things happening that are planned for that time that are converging on that date. And we're using that day as a trigger to make those things possible.

Debra: We look forward to hearing about what that will be. Now let's talk about First Contact with benevolent Galactic beings. You've stated that the benevolent citizens in our Galaxy would like humanity to join the Galactic family, but they need a clear, strong coherent signal from the surface population that contact is desired. But why is this signal necessary? I mean, don't they already know how much we need their help and would like to be a part of the Galactic family?

Cobra: Okay, this planet has, I would say, about 8 billion inhabitants on the surface. And a very tiny percentage of those inhabitants of the surface have any interest, have stated any interest, for a connection for dialogue with the Galactic community. And that signal was simply too weak compared to other signals coming from the surface of the planet. And that's why they need more coherency, more clarity about this. And if our signal reaches the critical mass, it will be strong enough that it would be taken seriously because they need to take into account all the humanity on the surface. If there are just a few people mildly wishing for some kind of a Contact, that's not enough. It needs to be a clear intention, the first step towards Galactic dialogue and this is what we are achieving with this meditation and with this petition.

Debra: Oh, that's interesting. You know, that makes sense because the collective is, as we know, quite asleep and I'm sure that we are sending them a very mixed message on what we want for the planet. How is it that we are not already a member of the Galactic family? Have we not yet been accepted into the Galactic family because of all of the anomaly and darkness on Earth? Or is it because we never sent out a cohesive signal, like you said?

Cobra: That signal is just the first step. To really be a part of a Galactic family, you need to learn to behave like a part of the family, which humanity clearly hasn't done yet. So this will be just the first step. And even to be considered to be accepted, it will be a process. It will be a certain procedure, a certain protocol. And this is the first step of that protocol. I will say this is the first moment of Galactic diplomacy between the surface of the planet and the Galactic society.

Debra: So do we need to be completely free of darkness before we can join the Galactic family?

Cobra: To be officially accepted, yes. And this is going to be achieved through the process of the Event.

Debra: Yes. What would it be like to be a part of this Galactic family? I mean, what would that look like? Would we see more evidence in our skies of ET craft? Will they appear on Earth? Will the telepathic channels open up more between us and them? What does it look like?

Cobra: Humanity will have First Contact before it will be accepted as an equal part of the Galactic society. So First Contact, Divine Intervention, the Event, all those things will happen before. We are reaching beyond the Event with this activation actually; we are reaching to the point of really becoming part of the Galactic family, which is even more. And obviously this will be a very pleasant experience because finally at that point this planet will no longer be a planet of darkness. And obviously that is something that is much better than the state of affairs right now on the surface of the planet.

Debra: Yes, and we'll talk about that in a moment. So when we talk of First Contact, we think of Galactic beings visiting us from space, but does First Contact also include benevolent beings underground, like the Agarthans and the Resistance Movement coming to the surface?

Cobra: Yes, but this part is still classified. We're focusing now more on the Galactic part of the beings coming in the ships; first the Pleiadians contacting certain selected individuals and then spreading this further. So this is what our focus is with this right now.

Debra: Okay. And you stated that if we reach a critical mass of 144,000 people joining the meditation, it will have far-reaching exopolitical and geopolitical consequences. So can you elaborate on those consequences?

Cobra: Okay. First I will focus on the petition. If this petition reaches that number of signatures, it will be considered by the Galactic forces that we have represented a significant part of humanity that wishes to initiate contact. And by the Galactic law, they are required to respond. So they will respond in a certain way; how they will respond and how this will be communicated is not yet to be revealed, but there will be a response. And that response might not be public at first because that will not be safe, but there will be a certain process initialized. And once that process is started it cannot be stopped anymore. It cannot be reversed. So it will be something that will be put in motion. It will be set in motion that it will keep on going.

Debra: Okay, and yeah, I would like to talk to you more about that petition in a moment too. But getting back to the meditation, what exactly are we meditating for with this meditation? You said certain people would be contacted by the Pleiadians. So is this for individual contact for certain people or for planetary contact, like a mass landing, and which would happen first?

Cobra: It's for both actually. After certain selected individuals will be contacted, they will speak about their experience. A chain reaction will be triggered, which will lead at some point to massive sightings of the Galactic fleet, massive reporting of this in the media, all interwoven with the Event and with a full disclosure process. These are all elements of the same process that are happening in a certain particular sequence.

Debra: Okay. And do you have an idea of who those people are that would be contacted? I know a lot of people are probably wondering who those people are and if it might be them. I mean, is it anyone that makes these decrees would be either physically or telepathically contacted if they are open to it, or are there specific people that the Light Forces have selected?

Cobra: There is a certain protocol called the Contact Dish protocol, which I have published on my blog years ago, and people who are participating in that project will be among the first to be contacted because they have private land, which is from a legal standpoint, much easier for a small ship to land on a private land and that physical contact can be made without interference. This will be the easiest to manifest as soon as possible. As soon as it's safe, this will be done. Of course, many people will have telepathic contact; there will be people having spiritual experiences, visions, visitations in dreams. But now we're speaking more about real physical contact with evidence. People will be able to take photos, people will be able to record video. All this will be at some point distributed through the media.

Debra: Is it possible that this could happen before the Event?

Cobra: Yes, it's possible. The exact sequence is not yet to be disclosed at this point for obvious reasons, for strategic reasons, because there are many beings that are listening to this that are not really welcome to listen to this and have some agendas that are not in alignment with the Divine plan. But I would say that people will be contacted before the Event, in the final phase before the Event.

Debra: What about people that don't own land? Are they eliminated from any kinds of physical contact?

Cobra: No, they will not be eliminated, but it's a little bit more difficult to arrange something for them. It is possible to arrange something for them while they are walking in nature and on public land, but it's not that easy. So that will happen also, but it is easier to manifest physical contact for those who own land just for practical and legal reasons. Everything needs to be done correctly to minimize interference from the dark forces. That's the main reason. Safety is number one priority. People that will be contacted need to remain safe.

Debra: Yes, of course. But I was thinking of that, what if a person was walking in nature someplace and if that would maybe be an option?

Cobra: That is an option, yes. As soon as it will be safe and as soon as it will be convenient, that will happen.

Debra: And what would make it safe?

Cobra: It means that the Cabal is losing enough power. It means a location where that particular person will be walking will be easily accessible from the orbit. For example, for the Pleiadian craft, it needs to be positioned that is not too close to military bases. It needs to be a position which is in a favorable position, not to be overly detected from the ground. There are many factors involved.

Debra: I see. Okay. So they might have to be pretty far out in nature privately.

Cobra: Yeah. This is different from case to case. There are many other factors involved. I would say also the consciousness of the recipient is a major factor, attachment of that person to other persons, the social network of that person. There are many reasons, many, many different factors, which are determining who to be contacted, when, and how.

Debra: What would you suggest on how we prepare ourselves for that possible contact?

Cobra: I would suggest people to read the Contact Dish protocol on my blog and everything is written there.

Debra: Okay. I just wonder because you were talking about our social network and the consciousness of that person.

Cobra: I will not go further into this at this point.

Debra: Okay. The higher our vibration is, the more we work on ourselves and cleaning our energy fields, probably would help with all of that, I’m sure.

Cobra: Definitely, definitely. The Pleiadians have a priority list and they will contact people who are the most conscious and who will be safe enough to go through that contact without any interference from the dark. So there are two main factors at this point.

Debra: Very good to know. So there's been a little bit of confusion about what this whole activation is about. Is it like a final plea? Are we calling this in because the Light Forces have realized that the dark are more powerful than expected and that we are running out of time, that we need extra help? We know that liberation of Earth is 100% required as the Galactic Codex clearly mandates this, but are we doing this activation because we are at the stage where things need to be done faster and dramatic action is required?

Cobra: Okay, this is not done from a position of desperation. It's done from a position of power. It means that finally the consciousness of the surface population is ready to reach the critical mass with this. This petition, for example, was created eight years ago and the numbers at that time were about 20,000 people. We have already gathered five times that amount right now, up until this point. So we can see that the situation now in the eight years has developed to a point where we can actually realistically reach that critical mass and set this process in motion. So this is why we're doing this now. It's a perfect moment. It's the first time when it's realistically possible to achieve this.

Debra: That is a very inspiring and optimistic way of looking at this, so I'm so glad to hear that you say that, that’s great news. Do we need extraterrestrials to bring in the new Earth? Is there any chance we could do this ourselves or do we really need their assistance?

Cobra: There are two one-sided perspectives on this planet. One is that we need to do everything on our own. And the other one, we are helpless, and we are powerless and need external help. Actually, what is necessary here is partnership. Partnership between the surface population and the Galactic races. And this is the way it is done all over the galaxy, and this is the way it has to be done here to be successful. We have one necessary essential element to the liberation, and they have the other one, and only together we can make this possible. So this is why this partnership is necessary to empower each other and to make this liberation possible. We are creating a bridge between the surface of the planet and the heaven, and this bridge will trigger the Event. It will assist in that process, and it will defeat the darkness.

Debra: Yes, together is very, very powerful. We could learn from that here on planet Earth about working together! So let's talk about the power of putting our consciousness together through the mass meditation. We have reached before critical mass of 144,000 people; we've even reached a million before. But we haven't really seen many results in the physical, and that has been discouraging for some people. Can you explain how these meditations have helped in ways that we may not see with our physical eyes? I know you've explained this before, but it really feels like people need to hear this again.

Cobra: People sometimes have expectations that are not based in reality. People are expecting a few minutes of one strong meditation can transmute all darkness on planet Earth which was accumulating here for thousands and thousands of years. That of course is not possible. Real physical change that will be visible, evident, and what people are expecting, will only happen the last few weeks before the Event. Nothing will be really visible months before the Event. The only time when people will really begin to notice changes is a few weeks before the Event. So no matter how many meditations we do before that particular moment, there'll be no really strongly visible external changes. What does change with every meditation is we empower the positive timeline, and we prevent many negative things from happening. Without our meditations, we would not be having this conversation right now, maybe this surface of the planet would already have been destroyed. So we have averted so many negative scenarios. We have averted so many wars. They have attempted to create a war in Syria, in Iraq, in Iran, in Israel, in Ukraine, you name it. So many times over and never succeeded. The only time they succeeded was with this pandemic, and the only reason why they succeeded with this pandemic, I would say the main reason why they succeeded with this pandemic, was that the key Lightworkers on the planet have made crucial, stupid, and egoistic mistakes in 2018 and in 2019. That could all be prevented; it was not necessary, this pandemic. It’s completely unnecessary, this whole drama could be avoided. But I would say that many other things have been avoided with our meditations and it helped a lot. Many things could have been much worse than they are now. It's a complete miracle that we are not living in a completely totalitarian New World Order regime right now. There are elements of it, yes, but we are not there, we are not living in concentration camps. So it's a complete miracle that we are not there. If we compare what the dark forces are doing, how much energy they put into this and the state of humanity of the surface of the planet, we have been extremely successful if we see how these things could have turned out.

Debra: Wow, that just demonstrates the power that Lightworkers do have!

Cobra: Much more than people realize. Much more than people realize.

Debra: And that alone is a wakeup call I think for many. I'm so glad that you said that. And it also shows the power of mass meditation too. I want to ask, will it help to do the meditation daily before the big global one on December 21st? Will that have any impact in building up energies?

Cobra: Yes, of course it will be, it will help building up the energy. Of course, you are invited to do the meditation anytime you want, every day. If that's your guidance, that's perfect.

Debra: Okay. We know that with these mass meditations, the more people that participate, the more impactful it will be. So it is important that people promote this one as much as possible, especially what you've shared with us about what results we could see from it. The intention for this one, with calling in First Contact of Galactic beings, isn't really for everyone. You know, many "unawakened" people would find this either silly or frightening. So how can we bring in more mainstream folks to increase our numbers? Is it by focusing on the "divine intervention" aspect of it, or what do you think?

Cobra: Well, you need to use your own guidance, so who you share this with and what your wording is. But I have made a public call to a few figures out there who are actually, in a way, working on this, promoting First Contact in a certain way, and they have not responded. So I would simply say, I don't understand this. We are trying to create something really beautiful, something really important, and there is simply no interest. So you see the Galactic Forces are observing all this, and this is why they have reservations. There is simply not enough unity; everybody's having their little garden, their little group of followers, and doing their own thing, which is understandable from the Galactic perspective as much as they understand human psychology, but they cannot take things seriously if this is all they see, if you know what I mean.

Debra: Yeah, absolutely. I think this is a time for people to put their egos aside and have unity in the community and gather together to really help this planet, because there is power in numbers. So we send out a call to everyone to hear this, share this with your followers, share this on your social network, share with your family and friends. We do need it. It would be great if we could get as many people as possible, especially those with large followings.

Cobra: Yes, I'm not speaking to convert anybody or to try to convince people who are not open to this, but there are people who are already working on this on some level, in a certain way. And those are the people who would need to participate anyway. Because this is not my own little personal idea, it's part of the global plan for humanity. (Yes) And anybody else could start this at any point, but they didn't. So this could be started at any point in the last 50 or 60 years, because people know about extraterrestrial races, there are many books and videos and movies about this for the last few decades already out there. And this could be initiated at any point, but it wasn't. So the time is now. Now it's time for us to really get our act together and do this.

Debra: Yes, one hundred percent. Let's talk a little bit more about the petition because it is very important. I would like people to have a really clear understanding about why we're doing this, it seems a little bit silly to create a petition to talk to Galactic beings. But you mentioned that energetic bridge that this will create, so could you speak more about that, and how this will speed up the process of liberation?

Cobra: Okay. This is actually a legal document. We are signing a legal document; we are creating the declaration of our unified will. And if this declaration is strong enough, the Galactic Forces will take this seriously. You see, they can read the minds of people and they can see all the conflicting thoughts in people's minds. In one way, people would like to have intervention, and in other ways, they are angry at the Light Forces. And then they're afraid, and then they doubt if any of this even exists and there is no proof. And you know, all those mixed thoughts create a very mixed signal. And they need something very clear and very coherent to respond to this. (Okay) And this needs to be a physical action, it needs to be a physical document. It needs to be a physical process. You need to sit down at your computer and sign the petition, because you want intervention on the physical plane. It is all about manifestation, if you want physical action, you need to take physical action

Debra: That makes a lot of sense.

Cobra: And this is creating a bridge between higher dimensions and the physical plane. It creates a network. It creates a bridge also between the surface of the planet and all those locations in the orbit where the ships are.

Debra: Okay, yeah, that makes great sense. And so you mentioned earlier that it was initially launched about eight years ago, in 2013. So why is it so important now that we reach the critical mass? And what happens if we don't have 144,000 signatures by the time…?

Cobra: It was always important to reach the critical mass, but it was not realistic. If I would start this years ago, it would not happen, but right now we have the first real chance to do it. And we will reach the critical mass. I'm not talking about the possibility that we're not going to reach the critical mass. So we are going to reach a critical mass.

Debra: Yes, we definitely are. What happens if someone signed it years ago, but they can't recall if they had; should they sign it again now?

Cobra: I've made instructions very clear. You sign only once.

Debra: Okay. And would you just speak a little bit more about how having critical mass on this petition will magnify the effect of the meditation that we're doing?

Cobra: It will actually be the first real step towards what we are manifesting in this meditation. So when the critical mass of the petition is reached, this will, as I said before, set a certain legal and exopolitical process. There will be certain dialogue created. The Galactic councils will meet, they will make decisions. They will initialize certain action that will involve in a certain way also the surface of the planet. It will speed up the Contact process. Things will set in motion and what we're realizing is exactly that. So this petition will accelerate the timeline towards the Contact. Galactic fleet will be authorized to be more active in lower orbit and towards the surface. There might be connections on the surface. I cannot disclose more right now, but I would say that certain things will be sped up. They will be accelerated. The Galactic Force will have more authority to do more than they had before. They will have a stronger hand against the Cabal, so they will be authorized to do more because they will know we want the bad guys to be gone – not just in some confusing thoughts, not full of revenge and powerlessness, but with clear intent, which is much more powerful.

Debra: Yes, absolutely. And I just have to share this…I just got confirmation that we will reach 144,000. When I glanced down, it was 1:44 [pm] where I am, so that was a very powerful message. So we look forward to that!

Part 2: Galactic Situation Update

Debra: Let's now move on to talking a little bit about the Galactic situation. You said in a recent post, how the Light Forces are creating a Dyson Sphere around the sun and around the Earth in order to temper the strength of the Galactic pulse that will come from the Galactic Central Sun in the near future (and we love those words “in the near future”). We are looking at this as good news, that this is for preparation for the powerful, incoming Galactic energies of the Event. And the question is, are these Dyson spheres needed so that we don't end up like Atlantis? Were they used when the pulse hit the Earth at the time of Atlantis? And have they been used on other planets that went through what we're about to go through?

Cobra: Those Dyson Spheres are used regularly when a planet goes through a phase transition like this. Every time the sun goes Mininova and when the conditions are correct, the planets with inhabited life are protected against excess radiation because strong solar pulses always create so much radiation that it might not be so easy to survive it. So this Dyson Sphere will filter out certain frequencies. It will regulate certain frequencies so that whatever we go through, we survive the process intact.

Debra: Can you give us any insight into the technology that will create these spheres and will they be visible to us in any way?

Cobra: Actually, they are not spheres, they are just called spheres. This is actually certain huge motherships put into certain sacred geometry position around the Earth and around the sun that create a quantum force field that filters out frequencies. They will be cloaked. They will not be visible. (I see, okay.) They might be visible at the moment of the polar shift and the final evacuation, but not before.

Debra: Okay. And have the Light Forces started this project, and how long does it take to align their ships?

Cobra: I would say they are in early initial phases of creating this. When the conditions in the solar system are correct, this can be done pretty fast. But conditions are not quite ready yet. But now I would say they are in the initial phases of building this.

Debra: So, let's get an update on the conditions. Since much of the non-physical planes have been cleared, what is left to clear and is actually sustaining the powerbase of the dark forces still at this point?

Cobra: I will not give any updates upon this before the meditation and the petition process is completed.

Debra: Okay. But we can get something afterwards?

Cobra: Yes. There will be an update after that at a certain point.

Debra: Okay, good. Are you able to give us an update on the progress of the toplet bombs? Are they still the greatest obstacles to the Event?

Cobra: Yes. They are still the greatest obstacles. Yes.

Debra: Has there been any progress made on this?

Cobra: There is progress ongoing, but this is a very tough subject. I mean, it's really, this has been really tough clearing those toplet bombs. It's a challenge, but there's progress being made.

Debra: Okay. So can you tell us, how do the Pleiadians and other Light Forces know how to address these esoteric, negative forces, such as the subquantum anomaly? Have they dealt with these types of things in the Pleiades or in their home planets?

Cobra: They have been dealing with this for, I would say, even millions of years, but it was always a challenge because this is in a way very advanced, that the dark forces are using advanced technology, which uses those principles. And in a way it's very chaotic; primary anomaly is unpredictable. It's hard to study. It's hard to contain. It's hard to process. It's hard to clear. And I would say in the last few years, the progress of the Light Forces is much, much, much greater than it was ever in the past because they are learning key ingredients to this, because this is simply the last few things to clear. Everything else had been resolved in the galaxy. So this is the toughest, the most challenging part(s), and there is progress being made daily now.

Debra: Okay. Are you able to assure us that they will be able to clear this anomaly?

Cobra: They will be, yes. The question is only how we get to the point of the Event. I mean, we will get there, the road to get there is rough, but we are getting there slowly.

Debra: Yes. Can we talk about the Central Race? I know in one of our previous mass meditations, we got their attention. How are they involved with this now? And also people are curious what they look like.

Cobra: Yes, they are giving great assistance to the Galactic Confederation. They are giving great assistance with the Dyson Spheres, with clearing of the solar system, with clearing of the primary anomaly, of subquantum anomaly, of the toplet bombs. They are working with all this, and they are giving a lot of assistance to the whole process.

Debra: Okay, good. And can you give us a clue as to what they look like?

Cobra: It's hard to describe. They are very high dimensional beings. They don't manifest in shape and form. They have never been in the physical. So they are like more energetic beings. They are not physical. They don't have a concrete shape. They could of course take any shape they wanted if they chose to manifest, but they have never done that.

Debra: That's exactly how I pictured them. Okay, thank you for answering that. Let's talk a little bit about the implants. You stated that the implants are not quantumly entangled anymore, and that the Light Forces have started with gradual clearing of these. As you know, there is an international group of us that conduct free implant clearing sessions for Lightworkers on an ongoing basis to help clear these. Can you tell us how these sessions are making an impact, both for the people that are attending and on a collective level? Back in May you stated, “Quantum fluctuation directly related to human implants and biochips are clearing better than expected. Spacetime distortion created by the implants and biochips is being reduced fast and drastically. And this has resulted in a significant decrease of human emotion volatility in the last few weeks.” So Cobra, we are wondering if this confirms the effectiveness of these sessions? And are these sessions an important support for the Light Forces and planetary liberation?

Cobra: Yes, those sessions have assisted quite much, and I would encourage everybody who is involved in those sessions, if they feel so guided, to continue and actually to expand those sessions, because this is a really helpful tool for the Light Forces to clear implants faster and more efficiently.

Debra: Okay, great. Thank you. I was going to ask if you felt that it was important that we continue these. Is there anything that we can do to add to these protocols to make them more effective and to accelerate the planetary liberation?

Cobra: At this point, the protocols which are now in use are still okay. There might be an upgrade at some point after the meditation or there might not be, we will see how things develop. There is a possibility of a certain update.

Debra: Absolutely, sounds good. And you've stated before that the only location where toplet bombs still remain is within the implants inside the energy field of human beings, where a black hole singularity exists. So by doing these exercises to help dissolve our implants, are we in essence assisting the Light Forces in dissolving the remaining toplet bombs?

Cobra: We are assisting them, for them it gets easier to access the toplet bombs. We are not dealing with the toplet bombs directly, it is simply too dangerous, but we are assisting the Light Forces to get better access to this and to approach this in a way that is safe and efficient.

Debra: Okay, good, good. We know that the implants cannot be fully removed until the Event, but for those people that attend on a regular basis, what are some of the benefits that they could experience? Are they actually dissolving their implants?

Cobra: What people can achieve is deprogramming, dissolution of limiting belief systems, liberation of consciousness. That can definitely be a result of this clearing process. People can gather their experiences and they can post it somewhere for inspiration, people who are working on this.

Debra: Oh, that's a good idea, thank you. And we will share that with our audience. We've been asked before, are there also good implants?

Cobra: Can you repeat that question?

Debra: Are there also good implants, positive ones that benefit us?

Cobra: I would not call them good implants, but there were certain races which are in the intermediate state of development that are putting implants with good intention for communication, for scanning, for healing. This was done a lot in Atlantis. It was done also on the ships of certain extraterrestrial races, but I would say this is outdated and old technology.

Debra: Okay. I'd like to ask you a question about the Age of Aquarius. Last December solstice, we did a successful meditation and reached critical mass, and during our interview for that, you mentioned that if a critical mass was achieved, we might be able to see positive results within one to two months following. And of course, many people were expecting more utopian type results in 2021, rather than the chaos that has ensued. We understand that in the dismantling of the matrix some chaos is expected, but many are wondering how, and when, we will experience the energies of the Age of Aquarius? I would like to point out a statement you made in August that said, "After the purification of Rigelian forces that invaded Earth in 1996 is over by mid/late October, it will be expectedly much easier to manifest the dreams of the Age of Aquarius on the surface of the planet." So Cobra, could you elaborate on all this please? Will the Age of Aquarius naturally happen collectively on its own in its own time, or do we each have to make a proactive, committed effort to manifest it for ourselves in our own individual life?

Cobra: There are two factors involved here. The first one is there is simply more darkness than anybody expected, I expected, the Resistance Movement expected, or the Light Forces expected. And the second factor is there is less cooperation and more egoism and more stupidity among the Lightworkers than anybody expected. So those two factors combined have resulted in this process being less pleasant and more challenging than I initially expected. So it is hard to determine how this will play out, but I would say the more people hold the Light, the more people cooperate in a positive way, the more people develop and manifest common sense together with a spirit of cooperation, the more, the easier our roles will be. Of course, the dark forces will try to challenge that, this is their nature, this is a war, and of course they want to win when they're in the war, and they will do whatever they can to win. They will not win, but they will do whatever they can to disturb this process. But if we manifest more unity, that will be a very powerful protection against that. So it's a matter of two forces interacting. On the positive side, we have those Lightworkers who are cooperating and who are manifesting common sense. And on the other side, we have the dark forces that are already cooperating and that are using their strategy in a way that is much more efficient than I have seen among most of the Lightworkers. And then we have the Light Forces clearing the exotic technologies, and they cannot intervene directly before the threat of exotic technologies is removed. So this is the situation now. We have much power in our hands to make the rest of this journey easier.

Debra: Well, you said something very important in terms of our unity is what will offer us powerful protection against the dark. And so that is a note that we really need to unite.

Cobra: Yes. And of course, most people will not take me seriously and they will still not cooperate, and we will have more mandates, more of the same until the breakthrough happens. This is most likely what would happen. I'm not very hopeful again, I have seen enough of human nature to see how people behave. But there'll be a point when enough of the negative, exotic technologies will be removed and the Light Forces will make the breakthrough, and then of course, this war will be over, it will not matter anymore, this will be a total game changer.

Part 3: Current Events

Debra: I would like to talk to you about the current state of the planet, and you know, of course, the biggest topic everyone is talking about is the virus and all that's related to it. As you said, the dark is quite more powerful than anyone expected; so with this current timeline that we're on, are we heading to disaster? And if this is the case, can you tell us what is coming? What really is the probability that in our future we will experience a dystopian-type society of military-forced injections, quarantine camps, food shortages, AI takeover, etc.?

Cobra: We are not heading towards disaster; we are in a tug of war. We are now in a situation where both sides are equally powerful and are opposing the other. So the good guys are opposing all this and the bad guys want to manifest this. On one hand, we have a slow collapse of the society, on the other hand, we have a big awakening happening. People who haven't seen what's going on even a few months ago now are opening their eyes, and they see, and there is a massive positive non-compliance happening also at the same time. So we have a dynamic equilibrium between both dark and the Light agendas here. Both sides are quite powerful, and I expect this tension to continue until the breakthrough happens. At some point, there will be more of the dark appearing to win, at some point there will be more of the Light appearing to win, and this equilibrium, these strong opposing forces in my expectations will continue like this until the breakthrough. And, of course, we are not going back into the old normal, this is not going to happen, this went too far. The old society has reached a point of no return in the summer of 2019 already, and this cannot be reversed, the only way is up, the only way is towards the Event.

Debra: So really, how far we descend into this dystopian society really kind of depends on... you said that the balance and the tipping of the scales to be more in favor of the Light.

Cobra: If people get oppressed, they need to resist that oppression. I mean, peacefully, coherently, massively. If people say nothing, if people just comply, then it's easier for the dark forces to implement those measures.

Debra: Do you see more and more people waking up as time progresses and the awakening building?

Cobra: I can see more people coming to a realization that something is not right, something is going on, people are beginning to question things. Of course, the alternative media has been poisoned with so much disinformation and when people begin to read all those articles and look at all of those videos, they get more confused, but at least they begin to question the official narrative, they begin to think, they begin to want to make their own choices, which is a very positive occurrence. It hasn't ever happened on such a massive scale before, this is the first time in human history we have hundreds of millions, if not billions of people for the first time questioning the official story. This has never happened before.

Debra: Okay. In July you stated that "a consensus has been reached within the Confederation that a drastic intervention will take place at the right moment on the surface of the planet. Not much can be said about this at the moment, apart from the fact that if the Cabal crosses a certain line, the intervention will come sooner and it will be harsher." So is this the intervention that we are meditating for on December 21st? And has that line been crossed?

Cobra: Okay. I would say the Light Forces did a mistake by issuing that statement and not understanding how life really is on the surface of the planet. They can have all the mathematical models of what is the tipping point, but for us on the surface is a different story. This is real life rather than just a graph on the wall, a graph on the screen, you know, so I would say that from the perspective of the surface population, the line has been crossed many times over. But they are dealing with a different scenarios, they're dealing with the different realities, they are dealing with preventing the explosion of the toplet bombs, and keeping the planet intact in one piece without the surface being wiped out, and they are preventing those kinds of scenarios. So I would not try to even speculate and guess where that line is, but I know it exists.

Debra: Do you have any idea how far they will let us into that dystopian society before they take that dramatic action that they mentioned?

Cobra: I don't want to comment on this. It's not something that I would like to.

Debra: Okay. Can you tell us what the action would be by them?

Cobra: There are certain scenarios that are classified, I cannot talk about, but I would say, certain things are being prepared, but I don't want to give unnecessary hope. I don't want to create more speculation that might lead to nothing productive.

Debra: Right. Okay, I understand. Obviously, people are feeling the tension and we're all witnessing the panic and desperation of the dark. Would you say that based on that representation you showed us of the nucleation phases, would you say that we are at the boiling point?

Cobra: Yes, we are in the last phase before the breakthrough, before the maximum terminal flux, which is the Event. So we are in that last phase, and the thermal flux is accelerating, which you can actually experience. All that tension that is felt is actually more and more energies flowing, more and more, I would say in terms of physics, more and more thermal flux occurring in the system. And it's increasing and it will keep increasing until the Event. So there will be more tension, more dynamic forces in play, until something breaks and that will be the moment of the Event.

Debra: Can you give us an idea of approximately how long we'll have to be in this boiling point? And as you say, "Hold on a little longer and withstand the siege"?

Cobra: No. No. I would say the best, if you are a situation like this, the common strategic sense would be to keep holding the Light, no matter how long it takes. Because if you let it go right now, if you surrender right now to this chaos, then it's not going to be fine. You need to keep your focus, you need to keep your light ongoing, holding that tension, holding that consciousness, that focus, until the breakthrough happens.

Debra: Okay. We do see the population that they're dividing into two; those who can clearly see the intentions of the deception taking place, and those who cannot see it for what it is. So if the Event cannot happen for some time, what is the Plan B of the Light Forces to help people who do not want to be a part of the world run by merciless Cabal?

Cobra: There is no Plan B. This is now the Gamma timeline, which calls for direct intervention. Since a few years ago, we were on Gamma timeline and this needs to happen, so there is no Plan B. It just needs to unravel until its final resolution.

Debra: And what did you say? It calls for what?

Cobra: We are in this Gamma timeline; we need to keep on going until the intervention happens.

Debra: Okay. Understood.

Cobra: People are waiting passively for the Event; this is not what I'm saying. I'm saying that you need to do whatever you can to make your life better, to manifest as good a life as possible, and in the circumstances that they are right now. But the Event is the final goal. We have been born for something greater. We have this higher purpose in mind as well. So both. This moment, live as good as possible, do your mission, and live your life in a way that is aligned with your divine plans.

Debra: Okay. And what about people that are speaking up? You know, there's protests taking place all over the world to counteract the mandates and lockdowns. Would you talk about these huge demonstrations and tell us how effective they are? Are they getting the attention of the politicians and people in power? And do these help the energy of the Light Forces?

Cobra: Of course, the politicians are aware of all those demonstrations. Of course, they will ignore them. Of course, they will do nothing. They will pretend nothing is happening because they want to keep their positions, they want to keep their power. But energetically speaking, the coherence of the field is rising, the power of human consciousness against this New World Order takeover is rising, it's increasing in power until the breakthrough. So this is the counter force which prevents all those negative scenarios, like concentration camps, etcetera, from actually manifesting. It keeps them at bay.

Debra: Okay, good. Is it likely that we'll get to a point where there's a global revolution on such a grand scale that it would bring some of the negative elites to their knees before the Event?

Cobra: It is a possibility, as I said, it's a dynamic scenario with many rips and undercurrents and anything is possible. There was one possibility for a major revolution and an occurrence breaking through in September, which did not manifest, which is better because it was more peaceful. It could be quite violent, and we could not be having this conversation right now if it manifested. So if this revolutionary timeline manifests, it will be quite drastic, dynamic. It can have various outcomes. Some of them are pleasant, some of them are less pleasant. So we will see, it's impossible to predict, there are too many variables in this situation right now.

Debra: We know that the Light Forces are doing whatever they can to make sure that the transition is as smooth as possible with the matrix collapsing. What can we do here on the surface of the planet to help with that?

Cobra: Okay. I will again say common sense. Common sense is very much needed. Everybody's so emotionally polarized and so easily swept with this current negativity in one way or the other. So common sense is very much needed. And a spirit of cooperation, which has been almost completely lost. The surface population never really understood how it is to cooperate. That is something that is completely natural in the rest of the universe. We are going to learn to cooperate. That's very important.

Debra: Right. So let's get back to what's going on right on the surface. Can we assume that the Delta Option is no longer a possibility and that we are just going to go straight into the Event? Or is the Delta Option actually taking place already?

Cobra: No, that Delta option is still remotely possible, but not very likely. It was not triggered, because there were certain discussions to trigger this in January and February of this year when there were certain occurrences taking place, but the key people who would need to be part of this operation had too many weaknesses, they were too compromised, and the Light Forces have decided not to initiate them for that particular reason. Some of those weaknesses of those people are being exposed right now as I speak, in certain circles people might know what I'm talking about.

Debra: Interesting. You've said that the "Great Reset" proposed by the Cabal would not be successful, which is good news, and that the new financial system would be fair to everyone. Would you share if the planned financial system has changed from what you told us a few years ago?

Cobra: The basic plan is still the same. There might be some technical improvements because the world has changed a bit, but the basic plan is still the same.

Debra: Okay. And, as usual, there are people in the alternative media that say that mass arrests are happening, but you have stated many times that mass arrests will happen only at the time of the Event.

Cobra: They will happen at the time of the Event and there will be evidence, it will be in the mass media. It will not be on some obscure-alternative website without proof. It will be very much evident; it will be everywhere.

Debra: Okay. And you've also stated that the Positive Military will NOT move before all extraterrestrial and subterranean threats are removed, and most exotic weapons are removed from the surface. Can you speak a little more about the update of the removal of these things? Is that what we're going to get after the activation on the 21st?

Cobra: After the activation, because activation is changing certain things and I would like to do an update after this is done.

Debra: Okay, and we are trusting that those changes will be very positive and there will be very great news with that one. What about the seismic activity around the world that some are speculating are related to further activity in the DUMBS? Can you elaborate what may be happening? We've been doing meditations for the hostages in the underground bases. What is the status of clearing these of both human and extraterrestrial hostages?

Cobra: The process is ongoing. I would say a vast majority of this has been cleared already, but not all of it. So compared to what was the situation last year, it's a huge, huge progress.

Debra: Very good. So it looks like the meditations are helping

Cobra: Yes, very much so.

Debra: Very good. And some respected alternative news sources are saying that in the United States there are hospitals that have whole sections that are closed. And in these areas of the hospitals there are med beds and that the rescued children [and adults are being helped there].

Cobra: Not true.

Debra: Okay. Thank you for clarifying that. And you talked in the past how America is "The New Atlantis" with support from St. Germain in freeing America from the mind control and corruption that has been going on for about 150 years here. Why is the United States important in freeing the planet?

Cobra: Yes, actually St. Germain has been very active more than 200 years ago in the United States to set a foundation for the New Atlantis, for new society. He was involved in the creation of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, and that is a very solid foundation. If used properly, it could already bring the new society. But again, people are imperfect, so that's why it takes time. But the foundation is very solid, it is still there, and it has a huge potential in the coming years when things change.

Debra: And St. Germain also has connections to France, because you mentioned that the United States and France are really central to planetary liberation. Is this why France is also important?

Cobra: Yes, Saint Germain was active in France and also serving other people, certain other groups, which are quite important. Paris in France is a very important trigger point which might accelerate things when the time is right.

Debra: Okay. And what can you tell us about the Queen of England? It appears that she's quite weak and perhaps has died. Ben Fulford recently made it appear that the Queen is a "good guy". So what is happening there with the Queen of England? The British Royal family appears to be in transition. So can you talk about this at all?

Cobra: I would say there have been certain negotiations and certain changes happening between different factions of the Cabal. The Jesuit faction wants depopulation of the Earth. And the Rothschilds are more inclined towards the Great Reset, Klaus Schwab-type Great Reset “You will own nothing and you will be happy”, more like a techno-feudalism type of society without mass exterminations. And the Rothschilds therefore see themselves as the "good guys", and as the "good guys", the Queen of England is very much connected to the Rothschilds, and she sees herself as a good person actually, because she's against the depopulation of the Earth. Of course, we will not agree with her assessment of the situation. There has been a lot of propaganda from the Rothschilds in the last week or so about this, and of course, I will take this with a grain of salt. This is not exactly the type of future we want to manifest. We are speaking about real life and a real Galactic society. We are not speaking about their type of techno-feudalist dystopian society they want to create.

Debra: Is one side or the other stronger? One side you said was looking for depopulation, and the other side is looking for more of almost like a communist socialist society.

Cobra: Well, it's about half-half right now. (Ok) But this can change. This is the situation right at this moment, but this can change.

Debra: Yes. Well, we want both of them to go away, so that's the change we're looking for.

Cobra: Both of them WILL go away.

Debra: Yes. Would you elaborate on what would be important to share regarding the Ghislaine Maxwell trial and it's significance at this point?

Cobra: Yes, actually that is a very good opportunity for certain things to come into mainstream media, and probably some of them will come in the mainstream media. It will be reported and there will be a lot of talk about it. This is a good potential for the next step of disclosure or exposure of what's happening behind the scenes in the Cabal. And this can serve as another trigger for awakening, for people to see what is really going on on this planet.

Debra: So you're saying that the Cabal media will actually report some truth?

Cobra: They will be forced to because it will be everywhere. I mean, there are enough journalists, there is enough awareness right now, that this cannot be swept under the rug. It cannot be hidden anymore.

Debra: Okay, good. What about Elon Musk? He's gone back and forth between working for the Light, working for the dark. What is the Starlink connected to?

Cobra: Starlink is actually not a good idea. It's been used by the Chimera to reinforce the quarantine. Elon Musk is sometimes simply too naive. He has certain good ideas, but he is easily manipulated. He doesn't have bad intentions at his core, but he has been manipulated. Certain decisions that he made were not exactly very bright.

Debra: Thank you for sharing that. What about 5G technologies? Should we be concerned about that anymore at this point?

Cobra: Of course, it's not the healthiest and the best, but I would not be overly concerned at this point. I would be more concerned about the things I was talking about – about common sense, about cooperation, about manifesting a new world. This is something that people need to focus upon.

Debra: Good point. You've mentioned cyberattacks before as being a good possibility in our future. Are those still on the agenda, are they a concern?

Cobra: Yes, they are still on the agenda of the dark forces. They have plans to manifest this, but the Light Forces are working against this as well, so we will see.

Debra: Okay. Let's talk about the Congo vortex. Is that still the master key for the energy grid around the planet? And what is the status of it?

Cobra: It is one of the master keys. It has been partially damaged again. The Light Forces are working on it, but it's not in excellent condition, it is not. So there needs to be some healing work done on this vortex.

Debra: Okay. Are there places in the world where negative entities and elites take refuge together? We ask this because we would like to know where to make Buddhic Columns to help the Light Forces to cleanse energetically.

Cobra: Well, there are locations around the world where there is a tendency for the entities to gather. I would not specify those locations because this is not for the mass humanity right now to put focus upon. At some point if people would like to clear this with Buddhic Columns, people can contact me, or the key persons can contact me, and I can give some of the locations to be cleared, but this is not to be shared with the public right now.

Debra: Yes, thank you, I was just going to ask you if we could contact you directly to find out, so thank you. So the insanity of the current agenda is helping people to wake up, but it's happening at a slow rate considering the circumstances and dangers that are around us. We know that waking people up helps to bring planetary liberation sooner, and many of us are doing our best, but we are labeled crazy and "conspiracy theorists" when we try to explain about the war that we're in. How can we best open the eyes of others to what is going on in the world?

Cobra: You cannot, you cannot open the eyes of others. They need to do this for themselves. And you will be labelled "conspiracy theorists" if you try to open the eyes of another person who is not ready for it. So I would say you can share this, but share it only with those who are ready. You don't force this upon anybody because many are simply not ready.

Debra: Yeah, because people get frustrated, and I feel like what you're telling us is it's most important to really keep our own vibration high and find our own joy in whatever way works for us.

Cobra: Yeah, if you are really successful in this, people will feel that you have a different vibration, that you are somehow different. They will go to you with their questions, and then you can explain to them what´s going on.

Part 4: The Event and Ascension

Debra: I'd like to move on to talking about the Event and Ascension. What are some of the signs that we're getting close to the Event? Are we starting to see them now?

Cobra: Not yet. As I said, this will be very much visible a few weeks before the Event, not before.

Debra: Okay. And I have to just ask this right away too, because this is the one question that everybody is wondering…the question here: Are you able to share with us an updated Ascension Plan?

Cobra: I will be able to share that when I will be able to share that, and not before.

Debra: Okay. The time frame? Are we talking after the Solstice meditation?

Cobra: I am not saying anything. Whenever they give the green light, they will give the green light. And when they give the green light, I will share it. Not before.

Debra: Okay. Can you at least tell us, since it's almost 2022 and the Event has not yet happened, does the Ascension window still close in July of 2025?

Cobra: Actually it closes in August 2025, but yeah, this is the time when the portal closes.

Debra: Okay. So we do know that things need to happen before that. Okay. Thank you for sharing that. So Lightworkers have had to endure much suffering while being here in 3D, often being denied financial resources, healthy bodies, ideal relationships, and many of the joys of living a life of freedom here on Earth. We know that all of that will change for us after the Event, but will there be time after the Event to enjoy our new 3D world before ascending into 5D? In the original Ascension Plan that you gave us, you said it was about one to two years between the breakthrough and the start of the First Wave. So people are wondering, will we be able to enjoy the benefits that the Event brings while we are still here in 3D Earth?

Cobra: The plan is that everybody will be able to enjoy enough time in a physical reality before the Ascension to integrate whatever they need to integrate. I will not give any timing right now for obvious reasons, but I would say that it's part of the growth process for everybody to have a joyful physical life for a certain amount of time that is necessary before the Ascension.

Debra: Yeah, because people feel like they've waited a long time for some of these joys to come to them. So as we understand it, we will ascend in our physical bodies. So does that mean once we have ascended to 5D, that we will still be able to enjoy physical type things, such as eating a fine meal, doing your favorite hobbies, dancing, lovemaking…?

Cobra: All that will happen before the Ascension. When the Ascension happens, you will have all that integrated. You have no more need for that, and you will have no more need for the physical body. You will be able to manifest the hologram of the physical body, but it will not be a real physical body. You will not be incarnation anymore because you will not need that anymore.

Debra: So you're saying when once Ascended, a lot of those things will not hold the same importance that they do now.

Cobra: Exactly. Exactly. (Okay) We will have to accelerate the interview a little bit, maybe half an hour more, but then we'll have to finish.

Debra: Okay, sounds good. I know there's so much to talk about here. Let's see…I know you mentioned that we will start to see, in terms of the Event, there will be a considerable escalation of events beforehand. So you were saying it'll be weeks [beforehand]?

Cobra: Yes. Yes, weeks.

Debra: And will Lightworkers have a sense, telepathically or directly, before the Event happens?

Cobra: Oh yes, definitely. There will be people having visions, dreams, revelations, telepathic communication, all that will increase drastically before the Event.

Debra: Ok, very good. And can you clarify if it's the Source that triggers the Event, or if it is the Light Forces?

Cobra: The initial pulse comes directly from the Source and then it filters down through the dimensions through the Light Forces until it reaches the surface of the planet.

Debra: Okay. So you're saying it's triggered initially by Source?

Cobra: Yes.

Debra: Okay, that's what we thought. So with all of the negative technology that's being used against Lightworkers, we see that the work that we've been doing on ourselves over the years is being hindered. Will we benefit from all this work that we're doing after the Event?

Cobra: Yes, of course. Yes, of course, definitely.

Debra: What would be the concrete fruit of this persistent Lightwork?

Cobra: First you will be among the first who will have the opportunity to Ascend. You will have much more possibilities than anybody else, because people will need to go through their healing process, and those who have done their healing process already will have much less to go through. They will be enjoying their lives when the rest of the people will be processing their suppressed emotions quite intensively. Everybody will have to go through this process. There is no avoidance. I mean, everybody will have to face their fears, their guilt, their suppressed anger, all missed opportunities, all mistakes they have made, they will have to deal with all that.

Debra: Do you see us being able to travel the world easily? As well as traveling to other planets after the Event?

Cobra: After the Event, things will begin to open. Of course, it's a process because it would have to go through a distribution channels on the surface. New options will open, and they will accelerate, but it will still take some time to reach that state when everybody will be able to go everywhere.

Debra: And what about Islands of Light? Are they still part of the future after the Event?

Cobra: Yes. Yes.

Debra: Is it only Lightworkers or high vibration humans who can live in an Island of Light?

Cobra: Only beings who are in the vibration that is compatible with those people who will be able to live with soul families. This is for very advanced people I would say.

Debra: So, will the people that we are with, will they be part of our soul family?

Cobra: People will be there with their soul families, yes, on Islands of Light.

Debra: Will we get to choose where we live?

Cobra: Of course.

Debra: I figured that. Let's talk about soul families a little bit. Since everyone is missing each other for so long, are soul families starting to meet each other now, even before the Event?

Cobra: Not really. I mean, right now conditions are very unfavorable for meeting of the soul families with all those lockdowns and mandates and the state of affairs on the surface of the planet. For soul families to meet, people need to have enough soul consciousness, enough higher consciousness, for this to manifest, which is clearly not happening right now.

Debra: So, as of right now, there's really no safe way to do it.

Cobra: I mean, it can happen to a limited degree, but it's not the best moment. It’s simply not happening right now massively.

Debra: Someone suggested that you create a conference where we could all meet each other.

Cobra: We will see. We will see.

Debra: That'll be the big post-event party, right? You've given three soul family categories: twin souls, soulmates, and the friendship network. Can you explain more about these categories and how do we know which category of soul family is relevant to us when we've experienced that?

Cobra: Oh, you will know. If you meet your soulmate, you will definitely feel a very strong energy. And when you're ready to meet your twin soul, you will definitely know. You will not meet your twin soul before you're clearing up… that to have such a complete guidance, they will definitely know what I'm talking about. It will be very clear. You will have no need for an external confirmation at that point. You will simply know.

Debra: There's been a lot of questions about the twin souls. You know, the dark forces have done a great job in keeping twin souls apart. But with them losing control, is this situation improving? Is there a likelihood that someone could meet their twin soul before the Event, or at least a soulmate who carries the twin soul energy?

Cobra: As I said before, it is theoretically possible, but it's not happening a lot. It will happen more when we get very close to the Event.

Debra: Okay. And what about the twin souls who are off planet or below the surface? Will they have to wait until after the Event?

Cobra: Yes. After the event, those meetings will start and will accelerate as the situation improves.

Debra: Okay. Do the Light Forces help us meet a twin soul at this point, or will they in the future? I’m sure they can in the future, but what about now?

Cobra: Right now, it’s simply not yet time. Let's say it's not safe. The Cabal is too strong and it's the same as with the First Contact. Usually it will not go well if such a meetings would happen right now, the dark ones could simply kill one or both of them. I mean, it's not safe.

Part 5: Healing and Protection

Debra: I would like to talk to you a little bit about healing and protection. So back in 2012, you wrote, “The ongoing process of compression means that the light will expose everything that is hidden collectively and individually. When light from above and light from below meet, right on the surface of the planet, this is the moment of compression breakthrough. That occurrence is called the Event.” So Cobra, a lot of people are feeling like a suffocating exhaustion; is this the compression part of that compression breakthrough?

Cobra: Oh, yes. Yes.

Debra: Kind of like the boiling point that we've talked about.

Cobra: Yes, yes. It is also dark technologies being cleared, but this pressure which is felt is actually Light squeezing out all the darkness.

Debra: That makes sense. And so, many Lightworkers are feeling attacked with the dark ones lashing out, using very creative ways sometimes. Is it easy to assume that every negative situation is an attack? And how do we know if it is a psychic attack?

Cobra: Not every situation is a negative attack, but many of them are, you will simply need to use our guidance and your discernment.

Debra: Okay, and to use the protocols that you've recommended.

Cobra: Yes.

Debra: It’s been said that the Light Forces can read our thoughts and emotions, but that the dark ones cannot and only get information by what they can see through our eyes and hear through our ears. So, we're wondering if it's true, and if you could explain how the dark are able to create suffering and havoc in our lives? And if there's anything we can do to block their access to our thoughts and emotions?

Cobra: Simply, when you vibrate highly enough, you will be out of their reach, and it will not be so easy for them to contact you.

Debra: Excellent. And it seems like many Lightworkers are being attacked from people around them. Can we, or should we, try to clear loved ones of negative entity attachments?

Cobra: If they request it, if they agree, yes. Otherwise no, except if there is an emergency.

Debra: And what did you say, if they're what?

Cobra: They need to agree with this.

Debra: Well, that's what I was going to ask. Do you need to have their knowledge or permission?

Cobra: Yes. The only exception, if there is an emergency, if they're in danger, of course you can help them without asking for permission.

Debra: I see. How long does a clearing last and what can bring it back? I know probably, you know, addictions and things like that.

Cobra: It depends how well you are in the clearing process. It depends what you do. So it's not possible to give one unified answer to this.

Debra: Okay. Does it help if we claim our true power back? (Yes, of course). And connecting to the I AM presence, is that a really good way to do that?

Cobra: Yes, of course.

Debra: Okay. How can Lightworkers discern false light in the spiritual community? Are there any tips for us to know if the channelling or message is real?

Cobra: Yes, use common sense.

Debra: Okay. And some people claim that using psilocybin and other natural hallucinogenic plant medicine to access other dimensions exponentially increases their spiritual growth. How do you feel about this, and are these safe?

Cobra: Well, as much I was interacting with people who were taking those, some of them had genuine experiences, but most of them were just channeling the astral plane. So, my general impression is that most of those experiences are not really helping them grow. Of course, there are exceptions. There are people who have done this correctly with people who were Shamans, who were experienced, who gave the right guidance. But in most cases that was simply not true.

Debra: So done very, mindfully, I think.

Cobra: Yes.

Debra: There seems to be an increase in deaths lately. So we're wondering, are these souls who will be unable to withstand the powerful energies of the Event solar flash, or are they just simply choosing not to be here at this time? Why are we seeing more deaths?

Cobra: Many people are just tired and wish to opt out and are leaving. This is on a soul level. It's a decision to leave the body. It's happening quite much.

Debra: Are the conditions better now on the Astral plane for someone who does die, are souls able to avoid the reincarnation trap, or that depends on their vibration at the time of their transition?

Cobra: The conditions are somewhat better, but it's still not safe. Many are able to avoid the trap, and many are not. It depends on their overall vibration, not just at the time of a transition, but being their life in general. And their decision – what they want to do when they die, where they want to go.

Debra: So it really is up to that person?

Cobra: Yes. I mean, not completely, of course there are external factors. There’s still a dark network that wants to capture them, but many are able to escape.

Debra: What happens to people and Starseeds who leave the physical plane before the Event and Ascension. If they're not in a physical body, will they still be able to ascend?

Cobra: Yes. Yes.

Debra: Good. Are we able to protect ourselves and deflect scalar attacks by wearing items like crystals or golden silver or ingesting things like colloidal gold or silver or ormus?

Cobra: For example, there are some Tachyon technologies that can help repelling those scalar attacks. And there are some other technologies that are also quite effective – and Cintamani stones, of course, help with your vibrational frequency quite much.

Debra: Well, that was what I was about to ask you, was the Cintamani stones. What makes them the highest vibrational stone?

Cobra: They came from Sirius star system, and Sirius star system is one of the brightest spots in the whole galaxy. It's a pure light energy and those stones are pure light.

Debra: So with them being pure light, some people are confused because it's suggested that we do not wear them during times of emotional distress because that effect could seep into the planetary energy fields.

Cobra: Well, they act as a magnifying lens and if we emit negative energy, they can magnify that and put it in the network. So it's really a special stone.

Debra: So it's still guided that we do not have it on us when we're…

Cobra: If you are really strongly distressed, I would say put it down for a few moments. I would not be overly concerned with this, but if you’re already highly distressed then better just leave it, put it down.

Debra: Understood. Why do so few people know about these stones? It seems even within the spiritual community people are unaware.

Cobra: Yeah, this is what you need to ask them. Don't ask me.

Debra: Exactly! Well, we're getting the word out. We know that these will play an important role at the time of the Event and that's why we're trying to get more stones out there. Can you speak a little bit about the effects that it will have with us, you know, wearing them, planting them, that kind of thing?

Cobra: Okay, each Cintamani stone that is planted in the grid, there is an angelic being that attaches to them, anchors to that stone. So we're actually helping to anchor a huge number of angelic beings in the energy grid of the planet. Now, of course, that is very much needed, and this is very effective.

Debra: And what about when we wear them?

Cobra: Then we're inviting those angelic beings to assist us in our evolution.

Debra: Wonderful. And of course, people can find out about the Cintamani stones on your website. I have some questions from Tachyon chamber owners. There are now about 73 chambers around the world for public use. And people are wondering if these can help stop the virus or correct problems caused by the injection?

Cobra: They will not stop the virus, but they will harmonize your body to better deal with a virus, or to deal with anything.

Debra: And they're often asked what's the difference between Tachyon chambers and Medbeds?

Cobra: That's a completely different technology. Tachyon chambers are infusing our bodies with Tachyons. Whereas the Medbeds are actually a technology which rearranges the atomic structure of the physical body. It's quite an advanced technology that is not yet present on the surface of the planet. And it will not be present before the Event, no matter what anybody else says.

Debra: Okay, that was my question…would we have access to these before the Event, because many people [in the alternative media] are talking about them. So Tachyon chambers are currently available now; can you share with us how they can help people now? You once said that as the vibration of Gaia increases, the impact of the chambers increases as well. So would you elaborate on how the chambers assist with implant clearing and the Ascension process?

Cobra: Actually, Tachyon chambers bring Tachyon energy into your energy field and then your energy field spontaneously rearranges with the energy of the Source because Tachyons are coming directly from the Source. And this is the shortest possible shortcut towards the Ascension. And of course, as your energy field rearranges and realigns with full alignment with the divine archetype, your physical body reacts also and you bring your physical body state of greater health. So that's the main principle. And as the energies get stronger, as we get closer to the Event, the effect of those chambers will only increase.

Debra: Wonderful. And of course, people can find out about the Tachyon chambers on your website as well. And I will personally testify that they are fabulous, so I would encourage everyone to find one in their area or make an effort to go to one.

Part 6: Goddess/Sisterhood of the Rose

Debra: Okay, Cobra a couple more minutes. In the last part, I'd like to ask you a couple of questions about the Goddess and Sisterhood of the Rose. It was exciting to read your recent update when you wrote, “Increased Galactic Central Sun activity has also resulted in a new inflow of Goddess energy for the planet. Isis got her crown back.”

Now you had also posted “Isis got her crown back” in 2012. And then in an interview in 2017, when asked what this means, you explained, “It is a symbolic code for the embodiment of the Goddess on the surface of this planet especially, and in the solar system, because the Goddess presence has been suppressed and so symbolically ‘Goddess Isis gets her crown back’ means that the Goddess presence will be empowered back again. And a true, real feminine principle will begin to flow freely, energetically, and physically, throughout the surface of the planet.” So Cobra, if this already happened nine years ago, what is the relevance right now? What's the difference between your recent message and the same message in 2012?

Cobra: Goddess energy comes towards this planet in waves. One of those waves was in 2012, and then there were a few waves after that. Now another wave of Goddess energy hit the planet in October of this year. And this wave was very important because it has rearranged certain things behind the scenes, which I will not yet talk about, but they are quite important, I would say the balance of power at the top of the Black Nobility families has changed. The certain plans of the Light Forces have changed, have been accelerated, and certain things are looking much better than they did before. This was completely unexpected. I was not expecting this wave to hit, and it did and it was a pleasant surprise. And now this is increasing and is preparing foundations for some certain things in next year that are being planned by the Light Forces.

Debra: Excellent. That's fantastic news. In 2018, the Galactic Federation Forces of Light had decreed the surface of this planet to be turned into Confederation command, according to the Galactic Codex. If we combine this statement with the code, “Isis got her crown back,” does this mean that goddess Isis will personally reign over the surface as Earth queen?

Cobra: This is a very sensitive issue. I would say that the Light Forces got certain mandates, certain legal conditions have been fulfilled for certain actions that will lead towards the defeat of the Cabal, towards the defeat of the leading Black Nobility families. This is as much as I can say right now.

Debra: Okay, thank you. Is it possible that Isis, or the Galactic Central Sun, or the Source itself is incarnated on the planet now? (No, no.) Is there currently a High Priestess? (No.) Okay. What if someone is interested in learning about the mysteries of Isis, is there a way to become a student?

Cobra: People are learning in their own way. There is no Goddess mystery school present on the surface of the planet yet. The situation is not yet ready, but there are fragments of true mysteries here and there. I had a few workshops that were quite powerful three years ago when I had revealed a great deal of this and there are probably notes floating somewhere over the internet. And you can get those and learn from there, but this is not the whole story. There is much more to it.

Debra: Okay. I would like to ask you a little bit about Goddess vortexes. What about God Vortexes? It’s said that the vortexes are categorized as feminine when the energy enters the earth, and they are masculine when the energy leaves the earth. Are both equally important and do they work together?

Cobra: Yes, both are equally important, but there has been such a big disbalance created that first the Goddess vortexes need to be activated. And only when this network is stable enough, will the God vortexes be activated again, because God's vortexes are very powerful. And when there is still a great possibility that this power will be misused, they cannot be activated. It's not safe.

Debra: The double Paris-Versailles vortex is being prepared for a new level of activity this month. Can you share more? How can we support this?

Cobra: No, not yet.

Debra: Okay, we look forward to hearing about that. A couple of questions about the Myrrhophores priestesses in your recent update. These goddesses were practicing in the ancient temples of Egypt, bringing myrrh to those who are approaching death. Does such a return of these priestesses mean that they will come to the surface as a trained spiritual group? And will members of the Sisterhood be initiated as these priestesses?

Cobra: It doesn't mean a return of the priestesses from below the surface, not yet. But fragments of this knowledge are coming back to the surface population again. And it's not just about the myrrh and those who are approaching death. It’s a whole science, a whole teaching of how to use sacred oils for different purposes to raise the vibration, to activate certain chakras, to activate certain higher facilities. It's a lot more to this, and this is slowly being revealed to the surface population.

Debra: Well, I was just about to ask you what other oils are powerful and useful to know about? And we're wondering if these oils penetrate layers of our dimension, such as the plasma or etheric layer?

Cobra: Yes, they can.

Debra: Are there other oils that you can share right now?

Cobra: There are a few, quite a few that are quite important. One of them is of course the rose oil, the sandalwood oil, and many others. Most of them were used in ancient temples in Egypt, in Greece, in India, in ancient cultures, they knew about them. And they're waiting to be rediscovered.

Debra: Wonderful. Okay, a couple more questions, Cobra. There are Lightworkers who work diligently to keep their energy fields clean and have abstained from sexual relations due to not being able to find a high vibration partner, because they're aware of the fact that dark entities can infiltrate and harness sexual energy. This is also causing many women to cut off the much-needed sensual and sexual energy of the Goddess within themselves. And so, one Sister asks, “If a woman feels a desire to unite with someone, but the man is very unconscious, will this put bad energy into the field?” Cobra, what do you suggest? Is energetic protection needed? Are the energies being cleared more? Is it any safer to allow more sexual expressions of ourselves, or is it still best to abstain?

Cobra: If it's done with the right intention, there is nothing wrong with it. I mean it does not mean that the entities need to come into you if you're doing it from the right intention. If there is a connection between you and this other person, no matter what his vibrational frequency is, that itself will determine what will happen, how the energies will exchange. So I would not be overly worried about those entities, if you are doing it for the right purpose. As it would anything else in your life, entities can jump on you while you're having breakfast, for example. If you're in a bad mood or if you're angry, fighting with somebody.

Debra: Good point. The fact that this union involves two people, do both people have to have that intention or is it okay if just one of the partners does?

Cobra: Well, there needs to be a certain agreement at least to a certain degree about the intention. Otherwise, it will not be a pleasant act. That's obvious. They don't need to be exactly the same level of consciousness. It does not need to be perfect, but there needs to be some basic understanding, a basic unification of purpose, why this is happening, and then it should be okay. And of course, you can use, you can use the Violet Flame, you can use basic protection techniques, that's also helpful sometimes.

Debra: I see, understood. She also asked, “Can a man be healed with Goddess energy this way? Is it something similar to what the sacred prostitutes did, and can you tell something about them or give some advice on how to be one? And what is the importance of living our sensuality?”

Cobra: Yes, of course a man can be healed with the Goddess energy, if he's receptive to it this way. And of course, a woman can do that if she's so guided. And if she follows that path, she can ask for guidance, and she will receive guidance in many different ways.

Debra: And of course, it is important to live our sensuality, but healthy sexual energy and expression seem to be a missing link in our world. How can we learn more about this?

Cobra: Again, you need to learn more about your own sexual energy, about your own Kundalini energy, explore it in a way that feels okay with you. Use your own inner guidance. Do not look so much to external sources because most of the external sources have been compromised. You need to unlearn whatever you have learned and just explore inside – inside your energy field, inside of your body first. And then you will know what I'm talking about.

Debra: Thank you. A couple quick questions about twin souls. We've talked about this before, but wondering what we can do to attract more? We Love Mass Meditation put out a guided audio for the twin soul meditation, so that's good to do, but what else can we do?

Cobra: That's actually a very good meditation. It was given to humanity by the Light Forces. And it's a very good meditation, you can do that. This is almost the best thing you can do at this point.

Debra: Okay, fantastic. We sometimes in our implant clearing sessions do that meditation. But people do ask why, in the meditation, the twin soul is referred to as “her”? I had asked you about this and you said, “The soul (Buddha) is the feminine aspect, and the spirit (Atma) is the masculine aspect. So the twin soul is a ‘her’.” Could you elaborate more so that people can fully understand this? Because I still had questions after I had told them that.

Cobra: Ok, the level, the dimension, where the soul resides is a feminine energy. So that's why we address the soul as “her.” It's very simple.

Debra: Okay, thank you. And is sacred union between a man and woman part of the Goddess mysteries?

Cobra: Yes, definitely.

Debra: That's what we thought. And will the full knowledge and secrets of these mystery schools be revealed after the Event?

Cobra: After the Event. Yes.

Debra: And will the Sisterhood of the Rose groups play an important role in reactivating these?

Cobra: Definitely. Definitely. Very much.

Debra: What direction do you see for Sisterhood of the Rose groups in 2022? Do you have a message for them?

Cobra: Yes, it will be good for all those groups that are still existing to reunite in power, meet more, because some of them are in various stages of decomposition. It's time for them to reunite again, to renew connections again. A different dynamic has, and all those lockdowns have, reduced the number of physical meetings. Perhaps you can reinstate the physical meetings again, which is quite important to hold the energy. You can study all those new teachings about the Myrrhophore priestesses. You can connect with Goddess Isis, especially because her energy is coming back big time in the year 2022.

Debra: Oh, excellent. Good to know. And I'd like to just share that the Sisterhood of the Rose has something planned for 2022 to provide weekly meditation for the goddess meditations, so we will keep our eyes open for that.

And Cobra as we close this interview, we would like to know what do you see ahead for all of humanity in 2022? And what message do you have for us?

Cobra: This now is a very complex time. It has never been so complex. So it is one of the times where it's almost impossible to predict how things will turn out. Because it is the time of great tension, and at the same time, a time of a huge potential.  So the more we unite, the more we focus upon what we want to manifest, the more we are manifesting this, as we're doing this meditation we can keep manifesting this, and it can ensure our success. It can bring our success much closer. The message will simply be “Victory of the Light”. This is what we are here for, and this is what we will get. No matter what it takes.

Debra: Absolutely. And of course our meditation on December 21st will have a big impact, as well as signing that petition. So please check out Cobra's website at, along with for information on all of that. Share the word, spread the word. Let’s surpass critical mass on this.

Follow Cobra’s blog for intel on the greatest Event to ever reach our planet, our galaxy, our universe as we go through these times. I would like to thank all of the Sisterhood of the Rose and my Victory of the Light team for assisting with contributing to the questions.

We do encourage people to check out Sisterhood of the Rose, forming a group in your area, find out what we do, and our website is

Once again, Cobra, we thank you so much. We appreciate all of the intel, all the hard work that you're doing. We know this isn't easy for anyone, but we are supporting you, we love you, and we say, “Victory of the Light!” Thank you.

Cobra: Thank you everybody and Victory of the Light!

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  1. I wrote 15 questions and none were shown or answered. why then people were asked to send questions. I also asked about chintamani, and many things, and so did not see my questions. I will no longer believe and take part in meditations. people are easily trusted and questions are not answered

    1. To feel upset that your several inquiries weren't touched upon is understandable but to denounce the meaning and significance of the meditations because of that is narrow-minded and short-sighted. This is sort of reaction is exactly what cobra means by there being too much egoism within the Lightworker community. So if you are truly sincere about helping to manifest these positive and healing events for all, I suggest you not let your personal reactions hold so much sway over how you react to upsetting things. Much light and love to you.

    2. To feel upset that your several inquiries weren't touched upon is understandable but to denounce the meaning and significance of the meditations because of that is narrow-minded and short-sighted. This is sort of reaction is exactly what cobra means by there being too much egoism within the Lightworker community. So if you are truly sincere about helping to manifest these positive and healing events for all, I suggest you not let your personal reactions hold so much sway over how you react to upsetting things. Much light and love to you.

    3. The questions are for which interview? In the Last Meditations, Cobra has always given 2 interviews. Until an interview is processed, that takes a certain time. I can only hardly imagine that Cobra has meant this interview.

  2. Good interview. It would have been helpful to know more about the status of people receiving vaccinations as many light workers are affected by friends and family who are not awake and can the effects of the jab be overcome or will more people have to die.

    1. @5th Dimension. Please, check out Judy Mikovits interviews, at PFC. Prevention and treatment of SARS-Cov-2 is possible with Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, and MMS. Even more, depending on in which culture one lives. The American Frontline Doctors are offering much help. Connecting with the common people, who begin to form support groups in their community.

      Another recommendation I have for you, speaking from experience, is study of practical solutions, that is, when you feel responsible for other people's choices, related to vaccination and forms of healing.

      By doing research, you will be able to make your concern, or worries, turn into something creative, by
      Means of support, practical as well as in an advising role.
      This is what I do, this message is an example. Receive it as such, don't do as I say, okay? I wish you the best in health and safety, on your journey.

    2. Thank you for your response. However, I am familiar with alternative treatments being promoted in the alternative community. My question was directed at Cobra and what his response is on behalf of the Resistance. If he says there will be a cure or there is nothing to worry that would go a long way to allaying the concerns of the wider community. I believe in one of his recent postings, he said not to worry about the jabs but he did not go into detail with an explanation. Remember that Cobra is the spokesperson for the Resistance and what he says will carry a lot of importance with the followers of his forum.

    3. Thank you for your response. However, I am familiar with alternative treatments being promoted in the alternative community. My question was directed at Cobra and what his response is on behalf of the Resistance. If he says there will be a cure or there is nothing to worry that would go a long way to allaying the concerns of the wider community. I believe in one of his recent postings, he said not to worry about the jabs but he did not go into detail with an explanation. Remember that Cobra is the spokesperson for the Resistance and what he says will carry a lot of importance with the followers of his forum.

    4. Hello 5th Dimension. Cobra may be a spokesman for the Resistance, he's not an expert on medical issues. When you've got your remedies ready, what's there to worry about? Each person living now is a unique specimen, with a unique immune system.

      There's no way to determine who will live or die, see?
      The time of making choices for ourselves is NOW, as I see it.

      That's why I believe that informing oneself is so valuable.
      Here I go again... 😉

      I recommend listening to medical experts like the ones I've mentioned, and I can assure you, that you'll be able to grasp, from a good size picture, what this pandemic is about.
      Dr David Martin offers a valuable history lesson about the evolution of dark medical science.
      Free & brave PT 2: Session 5 - Dr David Martin - Subsplash date: May 22 2021

  3. Thanks a lot, this was an long and intensive interview.
    To the writer named STAR: So sad that some ego's are still complaining about their personal status, but nice that they promise not to post unneccesarily in the future. Better less than overprofiled. If its so nice in hell, stay there. All a question of free will. Make my day!

    1. Sam, some Love and understanding, please. Thank you.

  4. Why cheat people say write questions in the mail and then do not miss a single question. why so do it ugly. when I asked questions about the chintamani stones, Cobra did not consider it necessary to answer. and there were many questions in his portal, not only from me but also from many people, and no one received an answer.
    this interview does not give anything in terms of useful information for us - of course we can only guess why the information is hidden and submitted so that we cannot know about much. I don’t know much about Chintamani except the information that they are from Sirius and they are light and amplifier.
    and there is no one to ask the questions of a practical plan about chintamani. Nobody knows anything. I have buried Chintamani deeply and for the third month already there is no angel and a whirlwind in that place. why I was deceived.

    1. People have a lot of questions and the interview time is limited, so they won't so the questions are answered. The questions that were asked in the interview should be the ones that most people ask, the way those questions were asked after they were organized. The role of burying Chintamani has been mentioned before. It is a grid of energy on the surface of the earth that transmits the energy of the flash flame in the event.

      Translated with (free version)

    2. Cobra does not decide which questions are asked.

    3. Cobra receives many answers from the light forces in a highly compressed form (which he sometimes only understands after some time). He only receives answers that concern his mission. Cobra does not know everything, and he does not answer everything. Some things he is not allowed to answer and some things do not concern his mission. His blog is for the liberation of the planet in relation to his mission. Other people have other missions. Cobra may be able to help some people with their missions, but they can't ask for that. First and foremost, everyone is responsible for their own mission. Each of his answers also requires some of his limited time.

      Cobra has given at least 2 messages about Cintamani stones because of his mission and has often said something about it in interviews, also in this interview. Cintamani stones serve the network of light and are connected to the work of Saint Germain.

      Some interviews also summarise questions sent in, because otherwise it would be too much.

    4. Hello 3K14Pi. I suggest presenting your views as yours truly... To me, when I read this part of your comment "First and foremost, everyone is responsible for their own mission" it implies also the free will condition in our present conditions on planet Earth, that to some of us Cobra's message, mission, style, etc. doesn't resonate, and to some of us it does.
      Let's not place human beings on a pedestal I suggest, there are already quite a number of LIghtworkers waiting longingly for the crumbs falling from it, instead of baking their own bread. And when you've burst into flames of fury by now, I'm not in denial of those who speak the truth, just realistic and no-nonsensical. In short... very much Dutch 😊

  5. Good to have an update, thank you. Light and Love to all whatever level of joy or struggle you are now living. Hold fear in one hand and hold love in the other, and holding both, choose love, and choose love again.

  6. I have also mentioned in the regular 2012portalblogspot forum about the feelings of many that reflect disappointment and upset that the wider truther community is not supporting Cobra's request for the12/21 meditation. It is important to remember that all individuals are free, yes free to pursue their own journey to truth according to their reality. This logic would also apply to groups and like minded communities. Their truth or reality might not correspond to those who follow Cobra and people should keep a positive mindset and go forward in light and love. To denigrate other truther groups is similar to religious followers saying theirs is the only way and other will go to hell. Light workers should set the example in their current level of enlightenment by choosing to set positive examples of behavior rather than criticism. In the end, aren't we all moving to the same goal?

  7. How could i contact them?
    I want to be preparedfor that and help in the way i can.

  8. You are welcome to use the grunt work I did here & you can upgraded it if you wish , I don't need the credit , just thought it would be useful thing to do for cobra interviews :

    "Cobra 12-21 All Interview Parts Separated & Upgraded for Research & Clarity " -

  9. In Portuguese:

  10. I also want to know about the dangers of the jabs. I have seen the various protocols etc that are being suggested but the efficacy is not really known - especially as it relates to the soul level rather than the physical vehicle per se. Someone said that Cobra is not a medical expert yet he did say awhile back not to worry in essence. That is not enough detail. In my country my partner and I are being faced with imminent financial destruction, relationship battering, loss of custodial children, no home health food etc and this present and future - not to mention other apartheid punishments - due to mandated jabs in a teaching career served lovingly for over 30 years - all because we are terrified of taking the jabs for not only physical reasons (including potential inability to care for each other and family) but also credible reports that the soul is immediately compromised and in effect disconnected from Source - and thus the soul journey is cancelled, and will be re-essenced. That is terribly serious. We are being asked to choose between two horrible paths. We are terrified, as much as we try to keep a broader and higher perspective. If we knew that damage could be undone, within a reasonable timeframe, then that would mean the world to us.

    Otherwise, piecing together the information, if it is true that our souls will be irrevocably destroyed, then suicide seems the only logical way out, as it ends this life, but keeps the journey going. We DO NOT WANT to go down that path.

    Please, Cobra, response please.

    1. Wait for my news, read my response to Unknown below.
      Also, interviews with Judy Mikovits within PFC's pages, are helpful. Or contact the American Frontline Doctors online, follow their recommendations. Inform yourself, instead of focussing on what could go wrong. So that you can make an informed choice, based on what you know.

    2. Hello Unknown, the information about a loss of one's soul is one of those wild assumptions, based on wrong interpretations.
      I can feel your panic, there's much on your plate now.

      Be very careful with what you take for facts.
      Verify what you investigate, compare notes.
      Use your natural discernment by leaving fear, and panic where they belong. Not in the use of common sense, and your creative skills finding solutions.

      Be assured, no soul is ever lost, damaged, yes, but not by the jabs, and not without your decision to submit to what transhumanism may change in your life-system, and consciousness, in sync with your true human nature.
      Here's Dr David Martin with what he has researched about the history of transhumanism, eugenics, and population control. A factual pointing out of the potential, about 120 years ago, of the invention of the microscope, where human involvement, by dissecting the building blocks of life, DNA, became possible, for better or for worse. It's from that scientific leap that eugenics germinated. The definition of which human being has the right to live.

      Think of the Aryan race, viewed by the German Nazi-regime as a race of pure blood, while the Jewish race was called "vermin" and treated as such.

      Except those who were informed, and left Germany. We've received many Of those refugees, in the Netherlands.

      Informing ourselves, knowledge, and an absence from the grapevine with Chinese whispers, dramatic rumours, and intentional fear-mongering, plus a grasping of the larger picture, enables us to be present in the eye of the storm.
      Self-knowledge is a foundation on firm ground. Take good care of yourself and your loved ones. Focus on what you wish to manifest within your living conditions. Don't lose your vitality by unhelpful imaginary scenarios.


  11. Shared even before I got to the paragraph that asked us to share. I absolutely agree about creating a big group. We would scare the life out of the dark ones if we all got together and seriously worked as a team, the way we're supposed to. The power of such a collective would be enormous. Writing a book now, will put in a chapter on the power of grouping together. - Sharon Stewart

  12. Also, we have no access to critical components of the protocols - especially Ivermectin. It has been banned here in Australia.

    1. Wait a bit longer, I'm receiving details for an Ivermectin order from India, soon.
      British connections will contact me, who receive this from India, for a good price. When I'm informed, I'll share it here, okay?

    2. Hi Unknown - sorry to hear that you and your family are having just a hard time. Here is some uplifting news that we are very close to a major breakthrough:

    3. Thank you everyone, your kindness is deeply appreciated.

    4. @unknown. About the chance to order Ivermectin, this afternoon, about 7 hours ago, I've left the information for you here. As promised.

      It seems that my response isn't accepted by the moderators. I've left a copy of the order-details as a sharing in general, for anyone interested in it.

      I wonder, why such valuable info is kept away from this place. Ivermectin works so well as a selfcare remedy, and for prevention of severe SARS-Cov-2 symptoms, while it's not easy to order it. Amazon has banned this remedy for human intake, it only sells it for cattle, horses, etc. Which is not meant to be used by humans.
      You could try contacting the American Frontline Doctors, and see what they can do for you.
      It's all I can do for now. Go well.

  13. Two questions, please. 1) Where can questions for Cobra be submitted? I have not been able to find a link or email address for that purpose, so any help is welcome. 2) Cobra's description of the Ascension process is unique; I have seen no one else presenting that scenario except for the Eric Klein books from the early '90s. Some sources have told us never to accept an offer to board a ship! (Think of the old Twilight Zone episode, "To Serve Man," with the final line that says, frantically, "It's a cookbook!") Other Ascension scenarios have been described involving transformation to "light body," similar to Cobra's description, while others see Ascension as a transformation in consciousness, having little to do with the body. Cobra seems to connect this to destruction of the planet by axis shift, tidal waves, etc. Some see this happening, some do not. Some people are planning to build a new civilization without a destructive phase. But if destruction occurs, what then? Do we terraform the planet? Or do "Islands of Light" thrive as dots on a devastated landscape? (Not what I would prefer.) What about all the plant and animal life that would be destroyed, such that we not only cause great pain and suffering, but the magnificent ecologies of this planet would be lost? (I am an ecologist at heart, and I love this planet dearly; I want to see it restored to its intrinsic beauty and purity.) What does Mother Gaia think of all this? Has she been consulted? If we have Dyson spheres, is this destructive scenario still necessary or relevant? Cobra needs to explain more of this; there are too many important questions remaining unanswered. Perhaps in a future interview? Also, thank you for this excellent interview.

  14. why cobra censors decent contributions under its articles?

    1. Apart from the difference in perception, of virtual content, it's possible that others, and not Cobra, censors those.
      But, to be practical, ask him yourself. This here isn't Cobra's domain, no use asking here, see?
      Virtual communication is a solitary process, which has its limitations. The attention span of virtual skywalkers is often short, due to the fleeting nature of the Wishing Well of Wonders (my own term chosen for the worldwide web).
      Better not forget, that as long as we are human beings in a physical body, in 3D frequency, and manifestation thereof, we all have our egos as companion on life's playground. 😉

    2. he would have to answer me first and not censor me...

    3. I'm afraid you're barking at the wrong tree here. Contact the person who's involved in your personal vendetta, and stop whimpering please.

    4. Why should we send all our questions if you do not want to answer them? It is obvious that the questions and answers have been agreed in advance.

    5. Well, if that's what you think, make sure that your question is an outstanding one. It might make it into an interview. Stop whining when the grapes are sour.

    6. yes I have read both interviews several times and I am convinced that they are completely useless. Absolutely do not solve key topics that are great to avoid. So I don't understand that you are surprised that people complain.

  15. We have buried or placed many Chintamani stones and I can attest to the reality of the Chintamani stones forming a grid of light over the planet and that each one is maintained and guarded by an angel of light, for I have seen this with my own eyes. it is so important to maintain love and joy at the location of each stone's placement so as to not collapse the grid. This was proven to me one evening when I was overcome with grief from a demand a family member made of me. An angel of light came to me . He was about 5 feet 10 inches tall, with curly brown hair. He was naked except for the ten feet tall magnificent dazzling white feathered wings that covered him. Desperate to repair the hole my grief made in the grid, he soothed me with words that this was not my real family and that I would soon be meeting my real soul family and have a beautiful future so please not to be so distressed. I rejected this idea that in this life was not family too and said I would solve it and succumb to the demand made to me by swallowing my pride and doing what was demanded of me with a good heart. I made it a simple thing asked of me. This repaired the grid. This incident demonstrated to me that we are all eternal beings of light and by spreading love, joy and postulating all good things we will always have exactly what we need. Only grief, fear and worry will destroy that and pull in negativity. We must continue our support to Cobra, all the light workers, resistance and angels of light that are with us helping our cause. We can do this by staying joyful in the knowledge that the future will be a golden age of love and light. Thank you Cobra for the tremendous sacrifice and gift you have given us to bring your help to our planet all these many years. VOTL!


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