Daily meditation for healing the Ljubljana vortex at 6:45 PM UTC

At the moment of the last Archon invasion in January 1996, the dark forces have created three main dark wormhole entry points to collapse the planetary Light grid.

These three dark wormhole entry points were:

Bukavu, Lake Kivu,Congo
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Santa Monica, California, USA

Ljubljana and Santa Monica were two Ascension vortexes with the most potential for Ascension on a planetary scale. They have been suppressed by the dark forces so that they can continue their rule.


Wormholes were created in January 1996 by several etheric and plasma conventional nuclear explosions at and above the beforementioned locations (with a total of about 200 etheric / plasma nukes exploding worldwide), which opened a multidimensional wormhole to the Rigel star system:


Through these Rigel-Earth wormholes, many negative entities came to planet Earth and infected it.


Ljubljana was also an important city of Light in the late Atlantean period and is about to become a city of Light again in the New Atlantis:

There were certain events of planetary and cosmic importance taking place in Ljubljana in 1995 that must remain classified for now.

During the last Archon invasion in 1996, Ljubljana was bombed with etheric and plasma nuclear bombs which have collapsed the energy grid in the country completely and have delayed the spiritual progress of the country for decades. Very recently, certain actions are being taken to revive that energy vortex again.
In a desperate attempt to keep the hold of the planet, the dark forces are reinfecting the three key energy vortexes on the surface of the planet with as much dark anomaly as possible.

These three vortexes are: Bukavu in Congo, Ljubljana in Slovenia and Santa Monica/Los Angeles in the US. These three vortexes were the main entry points for the Archon invasion of 1996.

Their main focus now is the Ljubljana vortex, which they want to use as the energy pivot to crush Europe into totalitarian Great Reset.
As requested by the Light Forces, we are going to organize a special Buddhic Column meditation daily to support the healing of the Ljubljana vortex. It will be held at 6:45 PM UTC every day.

This table shows the time of the meditation for various time zones (updated):

Here is the link to the facebook meditation event (updated):

And here is the Guided audio Youtube playlist short link: 

Or you can download the guided audio for each language in mp3 format from this page:

Meditation instructions (Suggested duration for this meditation is 20 minutes):

1. Use your own technique to bring yourself to a state of relaxation. Take a deep breath of brilliant white light. Breathe out all that no longer serves you. Repeat this breathing for a few more times. Then say this mantra, or a similar one, silently or out loud if you feel guided:

"I Am the Soul
I Am Divine Light
I Am Divine Will
I Am Divine Love
I Am fixed design by me, the Soul"

2. Visualize your soul star chakra lighting up with brilliant white light. Visualize this light in the form of a vortex spiraling down clearing your energy field.

3. Visualize a 5-pointed star being placed high in the sky about 9 miles above Ljubljana. See this star glistening high above Ljubljana, shining brilliant white light.

4. Now visualize the White Fire of AN emanating from the Galactic Central Sun, going through all points of light within our solar system and through the 5-pointed star, through Ljubljana and deep into the center of the Earth. Keep visualizing this pillar of White Fire of AN a few minutes.

5. Visualize the tip of a brilliant vortex of white light spiraling down clockwise from the 5-pointed star, removing and transmuting all low vibrations, dark entities and dark energies and carrying them up to the 5-pointed star for transmutation. Visualize this vortex of spinning white light for a few minutes.

6. Visualize this Buddhic Column at Ljubljana fully linked to all Buddhic Columns on the planet, to the planetary network of Light below, above and on the surface of the planet, and any point of Light as guided by the Ascended Beings, all connected together with this Buddhic Column at the 5 pointed star in the network of brilliant white light.

7. Now, visualize the Violet Flame purifying the Ljubljana vortex.

8. Visualize the rainbow colored Flower of Life grid encompassing Ljubljana and elevating the vibration of the whole city.

9. Now, in the name of Source, in the name of I AM Presence of eternal light, we declare and command that the Buddhic Column at Ljubljana is now complete on all planes as guided by Source.

Victory of the Light!

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  2. Will gladly meditate. Blessings. 🙏💜🌈🌞

  3. May I know why suggest 'about 9 miles above Ljubljana'?
    Any special meaning or purpose for '9 miles' or just for reference?

    1. We follow the instructions from the main Buddhic Column Meditation. Please see the post here: https://www.welovemassmeditation.com/2018/10/daily-buddhic-columns-meditation-at-330.html So, "A Buddhic column is a permanent column of Buddhic fire, linked into the planetary network. It is a very useful technique to create a Light vortex in a location which assists the Light Forces to liberate this planet." and "It can be built when a person is present at the location, or remotely when a group of people is doing it together. It can also be made as large as is necessary to cover a specific location, even a whole city." In the instructions, step 3 is showing us the distance between the golden star and the chosen location or person (can be also a human being or a city, region, building, a country) / "Step3: 3. Visualize a 5-pointed star being placed high in the sky about 9 miles above the chosen location. See this star glistening high above the chosen location, shining brilliant white light." For people who are using other metric measurements, not miles, but km, we express the distance in 14,5 km).
      Be confident, the instructions are very precise and, in time, you will personalize yourself to imagine, to see even with your closed eyes, everything that is required in the steps of any meditation. Thank you for the comment.

    2. Thank you for your detail reply to let me understand more about the purpose and characteristics of Buddhic Column in mediation.

      But why emphases '9 miles' in your instruction although you advise that it can be personalize by us? Why not 8 miles or 10 miles instead?

      Grateful if you can share the original idea of the instruction about that '9 miles' for reference.

    3. I would assume it's because that's just outside the area of the veil for the planet.



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