Emergency Meditation Update

Here is an update on Emergency Meditation on the following topics:
  • New: Severe flood in Japan
  • New: Demolition of Palestinian villages at West Bank
  • Current: Volcanic eruption at Kilauea
  • Topics that can now be excluded from the Emergency Meditation

New: Severe flood in Japan

Torrential rain has caused heavy flooding and landslides in south-west Japan. At least 51 people have died and many more are missing.

Image:Kurashiki submerged in the south of Japan Source: https://news.sky.com/story/japan-flooding-dozens-dead-as-torrential-rain-triggers-landslides-11429191

Hiroshima Prefecture was hit the hardest with numerous landslides that killed at least 15 people and authorities have warned that the death toll will continue to rise.

Almost 5 million people have been told to evacuate as homes have been destroyed and cars swept away.

Rescuers search for survivors in Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, after torrential rain triggered landslides in western Japan. Photograph: Asahi Shimbun/Getty Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jul/07/heavy-rain-floods-and-landslide-leave-more-than-a-dozen-dead-and-50-missing-in-japan

Some areas have been hit by more than one meter of rain, while almost 48,000 soldiers, police and firefighters have been deployed for rescue operations, said the chief cabinet secretary, Yoshihide Suga. Another 21,000 troops are on standby.

The rainfall has hampered rescue operations in Hiroshima, Ehime, Okayama, Kyoto and other regions.

Water levels reached five meters (16ft) in the worst-hit areas, forcing some residents on to rooftops and balconies to attract the attention of rescue helicopters.

Image: Residents stranded in southern Japan Source: https://news.sky.com/story/japan-flooding-dozens-dead-as-torrential-rain-triggers-landslides-11429191

Although a weather front had settled between western and eastern Japan, there is a risk heavy rains would continue as warm air flowed towards the front, stated the Japanese meterological agency, with already-saturated areas facing more rain on Sunday.

New: Demolition of Palestinian villages at West Bank

Israel is intent on destroying the homes of the 173 Palestinians who live in the small shepherding community of Khan al-Ahmar, along with the school that serves 150 children from the area. Last month, Israel’s high court of justice removed the last obstacle to this barbaric act of demolishing an entire community in order to forcibly transfer its residents and take over their land. Israel has announced that the land from which these Palestinians will be evicted will serve to expand the nearby settlement of Kfar Adumim.

Now, the authorities have stepped up their efforts and issued demolition orders for all the structures in Khan al-Ahmar.


Israeli security forces intervene as Palestinians try to save their homes from demolition in Khan al-Ahmar. Photograph: Issam Rimawi/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images Source: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2018/jul/07/khan-al-ahmar-west-bank-bedouin-village-facing-destruction

This tiny Bedouin village is home to once-nomadic families who settled after the Israeli army expelled them from the southern desert seven decades ago. Some residents work in nearby factories owned by Israeli settlers. Others herd sheep and goats on the scorching rocky terrain.
Khan al-Ahmar bears significance to many Palestinians as the keystone of their struggle for statehood – a community whose location is so strategic that, if they were removed, it might crumble hopes for a future country.

Security forces declared the area a closed military zone and blocked journalists and diplomats from entering. Bulldozers with military escorts rumbled in and began leveling the ground.
“We sleep afraid; we wake up afraid. They are serious,” said Tahreer Abu Dahouk, a mother of four children all under 10, as border police in grey uniforms patrolled outside.

On Wednesday, when Israeli forces first entered, they wounded 35 Palestinians and arrested others, according to the United Nations. One Israeli soldier was also reported injured. “It was war here,” continued Abu Dahouk, who married into the village 14 years ago.

Fortunately, Israel's top court suspended on Thursday the planned demolition of a Bedouin village in the occupied West Bank whose fate has become a focus of Palestinian protests and international concern, a lawyer for the residents said.

The Supreme Court injunction, issued a day after Israeli security forces sparked scuffles at Khan al-Ahmar by moving in bulldozers, gave the state until July 11 to respond to the villagers' contention that they had been unfairly denied building permits, lawyer Alaa Mahajna told Reuters.

Therefore, please include this recent Japanese flooding and Demolition of Palestinian villages at West Bank in the daily Emergency Meditation at 3:00 PM UTC for the next few days, if you feel so guided.

Current: Volcanic eruption at Kilauea

There are still ongoing tectonic activities at Kilauea. The volcano remains active and huge sinkholes are opening up near Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.


Over the next two months, there could still be frequent and damaging tectonic activities that could affect the area.

Therefore, please also continue to include this in the Emergency Meditation if you wish, so that the damage can be reduced as much as possible.

Topics that can now be excluded from the Emergency Meditation

Here are a number of topics that can be taken off the Emergency Meditation as the situations are no longer urgent.

You can found the up-to-date list of the topics that can be included in the Emergency Meditation here:


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  1. I would like to express my thanks to Japan for meditation.
    However, the report that 21,000 soldiers were dispatched to the site is a lie.
    Actually it is less soldier.
    Also, there are more victims.
    And the dispatch of soldiers was intentionally delayed.
    Meanwhile, the prime ministers enjoyed the party.
    The scale of the damage will be reduced by the press and the prime minister will bring soldiers into the military parade of France.


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