New Moon meditations on Friday, July 13th

The next new moon will be on Friday, July 13th. Before patriarchal times, this day was considered a day of Goddess when people will gather to worship the Divine Feminine, as well as a very powerful day for manifesting, honoring creativity and celebrating beauty, wisdom and nourishment of the soul.

Moreover, Friday is the day of Venus, which is named after Freyja, who is the Anglo-Saxon goddess of fecundity.

The dark forces know the true spiritual power of Friday 13th, and they have tried to make us fear it, which resulted in the Christian vilification of this trinity.

As suggested by Untwine,  Friday 13th is also related to Templar timeline for the final and complete Return of the Light on Earth.

On that day, both the Sun, the Moon and the asteroid Isis will be conjunct in our skies with the star Sirius, which is Isis's and Ashtar's origin and main anchor. At that time, the moon will also be near its closest point to Earth (Supermoon), and there will be a partial solar eclipse.

This would be a great opportunity for all to once again connect with their higher self as Light is anchored to the physical plane with our coherent meditation and inner silent practice.

At the exact time of the new moon at 2:48 AM UTC, it is recommended to do the Return of Goddess Meditation and Goddess Vortex Meditation

as well as the Sexual healing meditation which can be found at the bottom of this page.

You can also do these meditations with your local Sisterhood of the Rose group at a more convenient time during the day if you wish. You can see if there are any groups close to you from the link below: 

And gather with people around the world using this event on Facebook:

Guided audio for the combination of Return of Goddess and Goddess Vortex meditations in English can be found here:

And the guided audio in more languages can be found in the link below:

You can also do the New Moon Peace Meditation at 2:45 PM UTC on the day.

Guided audio for the New Moon Peace Meditation can be found below:

Victory of the Light!


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